The Michael Motivation Cards

27 Arrogance

27 Arrogance
What this card means... The message is about being superior. Are you afraid of being inferior?

No one does it quite the way I do.


Arrogance as defined in the Michael Teaching

Card messages in the Illuminated position.

+ Pride

(Dignity, Invested,)

  1. Take pride in your work. Show your best and stand for no less in return.
  2. Pride generates esteem for the Ego. Aloofness or false humility may hide a shy person who uses poise and emotional detachment to protect themselves. Is someone’s pride at stake or are they just too superior to notice? Make sure to save face.
  3. Don’t mistake shyness for aloofness. Some gentle souls are merely uncertain and need reassurance.
Quotes reflecting the meaning in this pole

Card messages associated with Shadow position.

– Vanity

(Narcissism, poser, shielded, aloof, )

  1. Vanity hates to loose face. Appearances and a sense of  “being above it all” hides a deep insecurity about being vulnerable to insult. Step lightly because someone’s hiding.
  2. Vanity is ego indulgent and extols a superior air toward others. It berates what it deems <i>less-than</i> and is seldom satisfied. Highly insecure by nature, it habits can lead to neurosis. Is the integrity of the situation teetering on someone receiving undeserved praise?
  3. Avoid pedestals placing yourself, or someone else, on one. Falling off one can be painful!
Quotes reflecting the meaning in this pole

Relevance in the Michael Teaching

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Cultural Meaning

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You might have this Overleaf if…

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