The Michael Motivation Cards

39 Higher Moving

39 Higher Moving
What this card means... A card dealing with harmony, synchronization, and seemlessness. When this energy is active it is primal, sexy, and stirs the soul for intimate physical contact.

In the groove of peak experience!


Card messages in the Illuminated position.

+ Harmony

(Union, bliss, integration, unification, synthesis, fusion, flow, manifestation, sex, embodiment, creativity, quintessence, epitome, kernel)

  1. Orgasm can transcend mind, body, and emotion and remove the boundary between self and other. A perfect cord is struck and a harmony with all things is present. When energy peeks, use it full throttle.
  2. Harmony is a state of complete integrity, leading to emotional ebullience and physical vigor. Such states often occur during tantric sex where both people are completely bathed in the Essence of one another.
  3. The runner’s high triggers this same feeling of oneness. The groove is available now. Get it on!
  4. Few moments in life deliver that sense of total integration. An experience of complete fluid motion where there is no effort, no friction. This situation has that potential.
  5. Their can be no greater sense of creation than birthing. Whether a man or woman be a vessel


Quotations illustrating the Overleaf
  •  “Peak experiences are transient moments of self-actualization.” Abraham Maslow
  • “Ancestral recovery was a peak experience, an extraordinary moment that took my breath away, liberated my spirit, and gave me the confidence to soar like an eagle.”  Judith Land

Card messages in the Shadow position.

– Lust

(Obsessed, degraded, debauched, hollow, stimulation,)

  1. Lust is Eros, life force that captures attention and takes you for a ride. The opiates of good feeling seduce one into a demand for repeated exhilaration at cost of other action. Rather than a pinnacle reached it is a high that is sought overruling attention to other things. Have you been distracted by indulgences?
  2. Have you been chasing energy through indulgences? If you are looking to prop up what seems to be a hole in your heart, using sensual pleasure to fill it at best short lived.
  3. If you are not aware of your body, then pleasure falls away. Someone might be using sex energy to connect and get what they need through seduction.


Quotations illustrating the Overleaf
  • Human beings do not realize the extent to which their own sense of defeat prevents them from doing things they could do perfectly well. The peak experience induces the recognition that your own powers are far greater than you imagined them. Colin Wilson


Overleaf of the Michael Teaching

Ecstacy as related to the 2nd chakra or the Higher Moving Center in the Michael Teaching

If you look carefully, they are both clothed and participating in a Tantra workshop.

The Higher Moving or Kinesthetic Center, which refers to the 2nd Chakra in this teaching, emanates the power of transforming energy into matter: the ultimate form of manifestation. Also called the “Sexual Center” in the earlier Michael books, it signals to humans the longing for Oneness which is the reunion of yin and yang. Embodied, yin energy is carried in the female gender and yang in the male gender. As such, the most primary mechanical means to stimulate this Center, and thus physically engage all the bio-chemical and emotional elements, is sexual intercourse.

The 2nd chakra, of course, is at the genitalia area of the physical body in both genders. The drive of reunification is equally part of the yin and yang connection as is the drive to reproduce offspring. Orgasm, is the epitome of the momentary merger with all that is. Bliss so potent and encompassing, that it is inescapable not to feel a sense of connection with the other person, or to lose oneself into a total letting go into sensation. But the end result of carnal sex does guarantee a connection that is broader than mere pleasure, but it is a glimpse. Thus, in a crude and blunt way, the urge to merge is satisfied even if through the vehicle of lust, which represents the negative pole of this Center.

In the Positive Pole of Harmony, one is captured by a complete lack of time and space when in union with a physical, creative, or vibratory experience like total involvement with a loved one in sex, dance, or sensual touch.  Books like the Kama Sutra show sexual practices which are designed to open all the chakra’s and maximize pleasure. It shows one facet of the practice of Tantra yoga, which seeks to explore and connect to this Higher Center through the body bringing a fullness of spiritual, emotion, mental, and physical integration into play.

The perfect union - merging of sperm and ovumPregnancy in both the literal and metaphoric sense obviates the outcome of a union between yin and yang. Whether giving birth to a child or an idea, the alchemy present is just as potent in a metaphysical sense as the chemistry of sperm and ovum. In both cases, the formation of something or someone new is an expression of the ability to be creator, to bring a new form into being.

When a person opens all his “higher centers” the mingling conjoins the person with the Universe, releasing the belief and emotional ebullience that anything is possible.  However, when there is a sense of lack or desperation involved, a person may try masturbation as a way to unilaterally evoke the state of unity by themselves through orgasm. Of course, it most times falls short of longer term satisfaction, since a well cannot fill itself.

Sigmund Freud recognized that sexual energy, as we consider the negative pole, undirected but craving a meaningful outlet, recommended something he termed Sublimation for channeling ones’ sexual energy into a creative endeavor. Higher Moving Center connected to the Buddhaic PlaneThus, by doing so, the current flows into something taking tangible or meaningful form and thus shifting a person up to a positive aspect like integration.

At the other end of the psychotheraputic spectrum; Wilhelm Riech pursued and explored “orgone energy” which could be derived and ‘accumulated’ by a series of exercises, including sex. Chi energy is the eastern name for this same central life force or prana, as the Hindu religions refer to it;  represents the main spiritual power power source or life force, which can be fortified by breathing and such activities as Chi gong, Tai chi, and yoga. Notice all of these come through the body.

The Higher Moving Center is aligned with the Buddhaic Plane. Yes, it’s name is derived from the same word given to Siddhartha Gautama, THE BUDDHA. Yet, the tranquility, peace, and stillness which originates from this plane is ultimately received and distributed by the 2nd chakra.

Famous Examples

Buddha, runners high, orgasm, ecstasy,


Cultural Relevance

Higher Moving Center as defined in the Michael TeachingThe body is enjoying a living regeneration of its importance to our well being. Exercise, yoga, stress management, slow and organic food movements all portend a growing reality that the “temple of our soul” is also petri dish of our moods.

We hear people interviewed about being “in the groove” where what they are doing seems effortless because their body functions in such perfect rhythm, that they are suspended in an ongoing moment where nothing can seemingly go wrong. Runners, dancers, swimmers, scuba divers, relay stories of such instances where they felt a moment of perfection, in their step or form or motion; that it was better than any orgasm they could ever have!  

This blissful state of total envelopment comes through the body and is most likely to be revealed when an attitude of play is present. But when it does occur a serene surge of sensation washes through them as if bathing in a puff of wind.  And at that moment, they are kinetic energy: potential realizing itself.

This type of striving has a byproduct heretofore not present in a world where creation is not limited by thought or energy, but is very constrained by a lack of time most do not have  enough of it to apply themselves to calibrate their creativity. What is offered to people rushing about trying to rise higher and gain more freedom actually looks like compulsion gone mad.  Every type of entertainment or activity is now for sale approximating experience of play, but lacking the creative aspect which makes true fun real for the individual. For fun is something that a person has when they are directly engaged not just seductively distracted by entertainment.   Since it is inherently lacks meaningful or personalized fulfillment, like eating junk food only making you more hungry and less fit, one is in a drive to forage for ever more seductive pleasures to fill the void.

Is it any wonder why people turn to pornography for greater stimulation? A lack of meaningful connection drives people to have sex more casually in hopes of capturing a moment of ecstasy. Even the drug by the same name MDMA can artificially launch a person into the throws of a synthetic body sensation which excludes anything that might be remotely about reunification, but more about self alienation.

Separation and individuality in the IpodSeparation may be a foundational element of the Physical Plane, but continuing it is a choice which human beings carry on.  With more and more gadgets that quickly and conveniently take us away from each other warping the virtue of self-reliance into the shelter of self-containment and then into the perversion of self-exclusion; the hole created by not connecting grows ever wider and emptier. Even when people congregate, the intimacy which is at the cornerstone of this Higher Center is almost completely absent, favoring instead the ability of one to withdraw into a narrow chamber of sensual delights: IPod, virtual reality, sporting events, work cubicle, automobile, or simply home or room staring at the world through a window or through a window onto the world with the Internet.

Thus having replaced interactive human encounters, our ability to mature in intimacy is stifled by the artificiality and superficiality of these pseudo experiences. Is it any wonder why many feel removed or awkward when being confronted with another person in a revealing situation?  The fear of intimacy can be as much a sense of being unable to contact. But also the reverse is true, as a means to cope, numbness replaces the overt sense of distance and things like sex can become mechanisms for “getting off” or “getting high.”

When we return to genuine play, reinvesting in the sublime, which only we can create for ourselves, will we begin to slow down enough to remember to commune with each other, and perhaps remember the mother of all sensual experiences: Nature herself.

You are having a Higher Moving Center Experience when…

  1. You body is moving and there is no strain in doing so.
  2. What you experience you liken to orgasm.
  3. The sense of “I” disappears and you feel oneness with yourself and those around you.
  4. You are so into the motion of what you are doing, it seems effortless.
by Stephen Cocconi © 2012

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