The Michael Motivation Cards™


Card Context… TAO, the Universe, God (TUG), is that irrepressible inner drive. Often termed Spirit, it is trying to get through. It is the Original Motivation, not sin. Something profound calls!

1 Server

Card Context… Servers are the common folk. They fill every niche and assist all other roles in their progress. Drop all airs and be of service.

2 Artisan

What this card means… The Artisan possesses the gift or creativity more so than any other Role. Every one is a self made expression in themselves. A reinvention or makeover is called for.

3 Warrior

What this card means… Challenging, dynamic, terse, and willing to be confront life. The Warrior Self holds the perspective of life that it is a battlefield.

4 Scholar

What this card means… Our Scholar self immerses into study and assimilating knowledge for the sake of wisdom and understanding.

5 Sage

What this card means… The Sage Self calls you to teach by telling your story. Sometimes a wise cracker or a laugh might reveal some potential wisdom.

6 Priest

What this card means… The Priest Self, climbs upon a pulpit for their power. They seek to find and relay the best way to achieve the righteous path. You are looking to be on the right side of the issue…as you define it.

7 King

What this card means… The energy of sovereign rights and personal power. The King/Queen is that Role that defines and holds a domain.

8 Discrimination

What this card means… Choices abound.! But this card requires discerning the differences. In extreme it leads to rejecting some options or people.