Nov 022011

Inspiration and Education about Soul Satisfaction

Could you imagine Abraham Lincoln deciding to let the South secede? How about not proposing and signing the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery? What would America look like now? Famous cases such as these bear witness and provide illustration to the notion and practice of Life Task and how it is facilitated by what Michael calls True Work.

In the following form, I invite everyone reading this blog to submit a story about themselves or someone whom they have personally encountered, or a historical figure, who they consider living a life on purpose, as if on a mission to achieve or give something. Who was that person and how have you seen them attain it? What qualifies as living life with purpose and spiritual directness? Describe as clearly as you can what they saw as their Task and how did they go about implementing it? Include as much of the obstacles, within themselves or as set by others, they had to overcome to advance their agenda. In the case of famous examples, please use the full name. Otherwise, the person’s initials or first name will do fine.

Submit a Story about someone living Life Task

Since we all tend to relate to stories of courage or inspiration, we might best flesh out this topic which for many people might seem vague or to sterile to relate to. Educating ourselves as to the many ways that Essence might choose to learn a vital lesson for the Soul or provide a huge karmic contribution (as was the case with Mr. Lincoln) enhances our understanding of the topic and empowers us to look at ourselves with a fresh perspective.

Enjoy! (Please know that these submissions will be moderated. Do not expect to see them immediately appear.)

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