Nov 122012
Is anyone else glad that the election is complete? I am. Even with Michael’s assurance from every Channel in this teaching that President Obama was going to get re-elected, and delay a leap backwards to the Baby-Young soul taint represented by the current, plutocratic Republican party, it is a relief to have it behind us.
The day before the election, I got this input from Michael.
[Michael] Worry over the progress of the Mature Soul advance is not necessary though understandable for you as Personalities. The rate of change and the direction it might take in its implementation is a function of the interplay between intention, dedication to act from it, and finding ways to erode the fear of change that has so plagued this election year. Remember that Stubbornness, the primary Chief Feature of 2012 that has been acting upon you, is the fear of the unknown and fear that one cannot cope with change, as much as it is a recalcitrance to remain fixated in some perceived secure place. Across the world, the mentality that money=worth=deservedness has dominated as a central theme in financial capitalism. Many, still do not recognize that a full structural change to the economic system of your world must occur. Starting with a rejection of this belief.

Consumerism, a Young Soul approach to organizing aggregates of people is still the dominant mindset in all the world’s leading institutions. China, Japan, the European Union and the United States operate upon the mistaken belief that a transaction and the fees earned or charged are exactly the same as creating something tangible or employing a person at a job with a wage that allows them to purchase all the goods and services being thrust upon them. It is quite impossible to continue to debt funding (which is an abstract concept) when what is expected in return eventually relies on the tangible real estate or natural resources of a country or world. And, since most of the emphasis is on the production of technology, which replaces human labor in the work place, there is a coming collision of realities. When production is done mostly by machines making machines, it becomes increasingly difficult for workers to purchase those items. It cannot continue, not for any moral imperative, but for simple mathematical impossibility. This confluence of inevitability is not the issue per’se. Rather, it will be the way in which entrenched interests react to the transition to a new system. Whether it will be met with further deadlock or with creative exploration of new ways of keeping energy flowing throughout the population, stands as the factor that will govern the pace of progress or stagnation.

While Mr. Obama does represent the less fixated mindset and Mr, Romney the entrenched, the lion share of developments of this breakdown and eventual reconstruction are yet to come. With the President’s re-election in the US and the appointment of the new leadership in China, combined with the European debt crisis inflaming citizen sentiments from Spain, Greece, Portugal, Ireland, and soon to be Britain, Germany and France, the entire world is set to confront the Mature Soul reality that no one is immune when economies fail. What can emerge from this is the Mature Soul understanding that you are all in this together. The end result will still be the continued entry into the new paradigm, but the collective choice as to how quickly and how seamlessly will depend greatly on the forces brought to bear by those advocating more equity amongst income classes and those who continue to cling to power and wealth. The fear of the wealthy is based upon the same concerns as those who suffer from lack. Ultimately, the question that must be confronted is: “What is enough?” That will be a centerpiece of 2013’s lessons for everyone. [end]

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