Jan 232012

by Stephen Cocconi © 2012    


Beliefs are the foundation of all political interactions: whether it be considered a struggle or an alliance. Agreeing on “canons of faith” lay the common ground where people of “like mind” come together. Politics, by its very design, mean that competition, balance, and negotiating between various interests seeking their goals is a co-creation of a group: a blending, a synthesis, and delay or advance. Intentions, plus the power to move them to the head of the agenda, don’t always mean they will succeed, but it does tend to dominate.

So as I contemplate “creating my reality” and “holding my intention” my thinking comes down to the nuts and bolts of the process. And, how do I out create, those factors or factions that are creating in directions virtually counter to my own?


Well one obvious piece of tripe that need be demolished is the idea of being unlimited. So this is using the Spiritualist Attitude to verify some “canons” I accept as implications of my belief, but often fail to connect the dots to the elusive “how-to.” I mean, can anyone tell me, with a straight face at least, that they really have created everything that ever happened to them? How about chose it? – using the Free Will option to soften the implication a bit? What about the other person’s intentions and power to create theirs? How about the collective power or intention of a large group, especially one in opposition? It makes one think; at least I hope it does.


What I intend might very well meet with a counter-intention from someone else. Almost everyone has encountered this phenomenon at least once…most assuredly if you grew up with parents. The intention of a child might be single-minded,  but implementation and the power to carry out is usually won by to the adults. Even when a kid gets his/her way, it is because the parent allowed, facilitated, or made it happen. We learn inter-dependence at least, and co-dependence at worse. And the probable byproducts are either inspiration or frustration.


But we grow up! We refine our strategies or abandon them. The question is: does one keep their intention intact? Frustration is a non-motivator! Creation doesn’t stop; the direction of it shifts to those whose intent is still alive and active. Yours might not be the dominating intent, the dominant paradigm; but if you nurture an intention and it survives, your creation can come into fruition.


Kings set the intention. Warriors carry it out. In a Growth, Spiritualist, Passion Year, as 2012 is to be, regardless of how remotely possible your intent seems, if it is conjured with these alchemical elements, no matter how miniscule your power appears to you on the surface; it will be created! How and when? That is a different issue!



Put your attention on the intention that I’m betting on it! 🙂 Are you? Is this something in your control? It’s up to you to decide.

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