May 052012

Holy Hangover Batman!  The Gathering at 7 Oaks was a personal milestone for me. Seldom in my life can I recall feeling such great success at my own endeavors. Being with colleagues and fellow students some of whom were in the original MIchael Group aka Messages from Michael – vis-a-vie Chelsea Quinn-Yarbro, granted me a place in the constellation of the Michael Universe that was only a glimmer for me before.

Declaring my contribution to this teaching as Applied Michael, I felt liberated from having to know or be Michael! Each of us channels have area of “expertise” that line up with our own interests, Life Tasks, Casting, and agreements with Michael. It is too difficult to keep abreast of all the nuances relayed by every channel as if they all had to originate with a single Channel! Oy! What a relief.

But when it comes to my own work, I DO KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT! And, it makes pretty good sense, works remarkably well, and most importantly leaves you with the power to decide. And I must say, it is the power to decide, with as much self awareness as I can muster or claim, which resides on the throne of my personal sovereignty.

This is my life! And yours life is yours! I want for you what I want for me: to engage life feeling as if I am at the helm of my own ship. No, it doesn’t mean I always get where I want to go, nor do I control the weather and sometimes there is an incident with other ships, or changing currents. But, if I know my stars, can feel the wind, and take action to adjust my sails, then when I am at the helm I am bringing all under my command to steer into whatever is oncoming. That’s it!  When you come to me, you get a salty old sea dog who has long sailed on the ocean of emotion…and I haven’t sunk yet!

It is a time for course correction! A time for raising a few new sails on a mast that has been reinforced with new timber. My course is now to be refined and the order of destinations reassessed and the manifest of cargo I carry recounted. My voyage begins anew. Even now, while visiting my family in Wisconsin, I am doing more to upgrade the vessel…ME!

And I have a few new ports of call. Take a look at my business Michael Teaching page on Facebook. Do me a favor and click “Like” when you get there. I’ll soon have enough folks to do more with it in a public way.

Until then,


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