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This question was put to the Consortium and me by a student. Here is the response. (Italics below indicate channeled responses.)

“Why does birth constitute the only way in which a Soul may be housed in a body? It doesn’t! The credo involved here, is why waste a perfectly good body with an already developed personality? The answer is simply: do not waste it! Recycle.”

Ruth Montgomery is the first person known to have named this phenomenon in her book: Strangers Among Us. While generally accepted inside the New Age movement, even there it has its detractors. Regardless of that fact, a person who experiences this identity change often feels isolated and a sense of distortion because of the core shift of perspective. The skeptic merely and scornfully categorizes these events as attention seeking, or a Dissociative Disorder, or outright deception. However, I think that those person’s who have undergone that transformation, would hardly call it a simple mental illness but see it instead as a crisis of identity and of Self.

The Walk-in Soul Exchange“The integration period can be very difficult. It may take up to seven years. Though the body and memories remain ostensibly the same, a person’s relationship to those may become so distant as to be a story of someone else’s life rather than personal experiences or memories. However, this is an extreme case. Souls often chose a personality whose history, issues, and experiences serve the new Essence’s purposes, as well. Similar to when an Essence chooses parents.

Overleaves can vary greatly between the original Essence and the new Essence although Soul Age is generally within one stage of the other. It is presumed that generally older souls tend to Walk-in to a body of a younger one. But others believe this is not necessarily so. Cat Steven’s an Old Artisan, had a walk-in of a Baby Priest and led to his move away from public life and immersion into Islam. As to the new Essence being “worse than the original” what criteria come to mind to make that value judgment? As to temporary or permanent, that too is by agreement. The types of purposes which can be achieved might vary widely and is best assessed in a Regression session where you and the other Essence consult to determine what they were/are.

Walk-in’s occur by agreement! Possessions may have some vulnerabilities that appear as “openings to invade” but there is still some learning that the Soul acquires. It is said that these exchanges occur during a period when the ‘grip’ the original Essence has over the body is most weak. Near death experiences or resurrections (see the Movie by the same name), or illnesses, or mental breakdowns, are generally the times most conducive for the original to “slip the mortal coil” and leave the body. But without complete death for the body, a new Essence is cleared to come into it and begin living anew. In a way, you might think of this as a “rebirth” or second childhood for the personality during the adjustment period.

There often is a “sharing agreement” that bonds the original and the replacement Essence. Between them, experiences are shared most specifically in the emotional center or at the intellectual level of understanding. Remember the idea that nothing is wasted. Yet, it can be the case that the walk-in is complete and decisive, leaving the personality to be disoriented. But even more rarely, like in the case of the movie Heaven Can Wait, the complete memory of the new Essence arrives in tact but no one else can comprehend the change. As to where a Walk-in comes from, it is almost entirely from the lowest level of the Astral Plane where an Essence awaits between lives. On those rare occasions when the Infinite Soul or Transcendental Soul “walks-in” a body it is from a higher plane than the Astral. But we are talking about a total of about 10 people of either over the entire history of the world. Do not worry about having to arise to that station.”

Regarding the origin of the Essence that walks-in, here again there is some debate. If you believe that alien’s exist and indeed they are an ensouled species, then it is possible that an alien source might “jump species” into a human body. Otherwise, it seems most likely that the new soul is entrenched in the Human track of evolution and as such is a member of our species.

As an observer, who personally and independently stumbles along the human path even without the confusion of a Walk-in, I can only sympathize with your plight. I do not know of any support group where other’s who have gone through the process meet or share. But in all sincerity I would suggest checking places like Facebook or Craig’s List to see if you can locate others. Also, when you visit the Wikipedia web site below, I’d advise reading some of the stories or viewing the Videos recommended there to see if you can get some insights or take some solace from the process.

As you approach family members, I suggest that you and they start by comparing what you’ve known as preferences before and what they seem to be lining up now. Perhaps you might phrase it that you are undergoing a deep re-evaluation and that you are experimenting with new ideas and perceptions and to request as much patience as they can muster. In the case of your Mom, who understands the metaphysics of the process, but whose personal attachment might not allow her to perceive the change, nor let go of the original Essence, you might just ask her to at least be neutral until time settles out.

Do you still relate to the same name? In some cases, a person feels an extreme need to change their public persona as mentioned with Cat Stevens who is now Yusaf Islam. (Please note that not all religious conversions are walk-ins. Yet, extreme shifts in consciousness or association could be an indication of such.) It is important to allow yourself the opportunity to “try on” these garments of new identity to see if they fit or if they are being forced.

Directly to the student: You’ve gone through many things in these last few years: divorce, injury, loss of job, loss of house, big move that was cut short and disappointing, all of which make one open to a Walk-in opportunity. These however are usually planned by two Essences in advance and not merely at an instance nor a drop-in circumstance as the name would portend.

Lastly, let me offer the voice of the rigorous spiritualist: really challenge in every way the idea that you are a walk-in. Only go down that road if, by process of elimination, you discover that other qualities or circumstances cannot explain what you are experiencing. I say this because the actual occurrence of such a change is so life and perception altering, that the labor of undergoing that reconciliation between old and new can be arduous. Remember, Michael nor I are perfect by any means. They’re offering you that label is meant as a observation and description not a pronouncement and certainly not a sentence.

Perhaps as I learn more, or can gather feedback from others who have actually come out the other end, they can lend greater clarification. In the meantime, I hope this has been of some use to you.


by Stephen Cocconi © 2011 – 2012

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