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Synthesis Spread (3)

Polarity and Scope in The Michael Teaching - Exalted, Ordinal, NeutralWhen stifled to make a necessary decision, but polarized in one direction, this spread reveals the aspects at each polarity. The positive elements, the negative elements and finally, the middle or neutral ground. The action perspective is from the neutral ground. If a illuminated side appears in the negative position, it is possible that an open strategy is misplaced. When a Shadow side lands in the positive position this would indicate that some stealth or contracted action is working in a beneficial way in this situation. Your action is now informed and neutral. You may proceed or choose to completely exit the situation. If the latter is not an option, a Karma may be holding your attention in place. Try using the Karma layout for further insight.

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1. Positive
This card represents the polarity which shows the positive outcome for the situation. While a Shadow card may appear in this position, it indicates something backfires as a result of your action.
2. Negative
Negative in this sense infers that what is lost or subtracted by a situation. It is possible to have an Illuminated card appear here indicating that there may be a beneficial outcome to a negative experience.
3. Neutral
The Neutral outcome refers to the fact that the summation of whatever circumstance for which you inquire, the effect, even if deemed undesirable, will not harm you in any way, just inform you.

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