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The Michael Tarot Deck is the latest derivation of Applied Michael Teachings.

Overleaves and Forecast for 2013

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Jan 132013

Theme- A Year of Synthesis and Symbiosis

Key Concepts – Teaching, Media, Collaboration, Concentration, Speculation, Discernment, Sorting, Sacraifice, Elimination, Clutter, and Rationalization

Role: Sage

Casting: Server

Goal: Discrimination>Acceptance (7 months) Growth (4 months)

Attitude: Realist (6 months) – Idealist (next 5 months)

Mode: Observation >Power (6 months) – Aggression (next 5 months)

Chief Feature:  Self Destruction

Centering:  Intellectual (5 months), Moving (middle 4 months), Emotional (last 3 months)

Frequency: (Pace) 44

Dominant Quality: Expression

Direction: Outward (into life and living)

Realm: Corporeal (Earther) – (Supported in addressing issues material and physical well being)

Note: The greater than symbol “>” infers sliding from one Overleaf to another.

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