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The Citizen of Earth Newsletter combines ideas from The Michael Teaching as related to modern life from Stephen Cocconi.

Sep 192012

Mitt, Mohammed, Teachers, and Tension

Hasn’t it been a tumultuous 2 weeks? Anyone reading this article and keeping an even a sideways glance on world events, presented in mainstream and alternative media alike, knows that the Arab Spring has become the Arab storm. And, in the US, the controversy about a home made film depicting Mohammed, the founder of Islam, as a lecher and pedophile, which ignited tensions and religious intolerances ready for such a spark, has also brought the discussion of America’s First Amendment guarantees of freedom of religion and freedom of speech into poignant debate. While teachers in Chicago assert their rights of workers to bargain collectively for fairness, members of the powerful seek to stifle their rights to free speech denigrating the strike as a blow to children. What a shaming? Then, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney employs a New Age-ism as a slur about half the population of the US, calling them victims who feel entitled to government support. Unfortunately for the rest of us, Mr. Romney apparently has never heard of the historic concept of the social contract. Apparently, the only contracts he concerns himself with are the ones he breaks with employees of the companies he gutted at Bain (bane?), or those oaths of allegiance to his has pledged to his ultra-wealthy constituents. Continue reading »

Half Year Update…Sacramento June 15th

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Jun 042012

An Evening with Michael:

Friday Night,  June 15th  – 7 – 9 pm.
$20 (limited seating best to RSVP if possible
Healing Roots Center in Sacramento (Click to Google Maps)
2701 Cottage Way, Suite 35, Sacramento, CA 95825
The Nexus of late April has reset more than a few of the karmic balances causing more than a few anxieties and some profound course changes. During May, and arising for the next few months, many will sense these. Know that the “juice” is everywhere and try not to pin it onto one source event or person. There are also some instabilities in the both the physical Earth, some quakes to be exact (already had 2 moderate ones); and the wildcard of global financial shake-up, that broadcast a disruptive and unsettling energy around the globe and through the whole of humanity. In other words, it ain’t just you and it may not even be about you!

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2012 Update – Michael on Passion and Growth

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Apr 162012
[Michael Assessment]
“Growth does not always attend acquisition or expansion. Sometimes, the betters angels of one’s nature arise, and as a result induce strength and improve integrity, when hardship or adversity seem to be the dominant theme. Summing up the year to date, many have found a rather slow coming to terms with that one can still have trust in. The King demands for itself a reliable source of trust before it ventures into something new.

Love Will Prevail…More on 11-11-11

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Nov 162011
From the November 15th Newsletter

Spiritual pronouncements and metaphysical interpretations can vary as much as flowers or as bugs. Case in point, the analogy I just used. It was a choice on my part (and for all of us) how to frame a set of circumstances and then form a perspective about them. Continue reading »

Tell Me your Story about Life Task, Mission or Life Purpose

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Nov 022011

Inspiration and Education about Soul Satisfaction

Could you imagine Abraham Lincoln deciding to let the South secede? How about not proposing and signing the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery? What would America look like now? Famous cases such as these bear witness and provide illustration to the notion and practice of Life Task and how it is facilitated by what Michael calls True Work. Continue reading »