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Here are some newer ideas about the Teaching and how they relate to the existing Michael concepts.

Encountering Angels in the World

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Apr 242017

Michael Night Preface

What happened below is a testament to love and devotion. I was honored to have been the one who was showered with it. As a gratitude for all who made it possible, please enjoy a completely free listen to the Evening with Michael Channeling session recording that took place before festivities began on 4-21-17.

Encountering Angels in My World

My occupation regularly puts me in contact with what many would routinely call angels. As a Channel, I get to be the vehicle where advice is shared for those who ask. I confess, I don’t always notice, let alone listen, to what was given. So sometimes the messages comes in other ways.

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Half Year Update…Sacramento June 15th

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Jun 042012

An Evening with Michael:

Friday Night,  June 15th  – 7 – 9 pm.
$20 (limited seating best to RSVP if possible
Healing Roots Center in Sacramento (Click to Google Maps)
2701 Cottage Way, Suite 35, Sacramento, CA 95825
The Nexus of late April has reset more than a few of the karmic balances causing more than a few anxieties and some profound course changes. During May, and arising for the next few months, many will sense these. Know that the “juice” is everywhere and try not to pin it onto one source event or person. There are also some instabilities in the both the physical Earth, some quakes to be exact (already had 2 moderate ones); and the wildcard of global financial shake-up, that broadcast a disruptive and unsettling energy around the globe and through the whole of humanity. In other words, it ain’t just you and it may not even be about you!

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After the Fanfare…what now?

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Jan 102012

by Stephen Cocconi © 2012

It seems that there is an element of “wait and see” in the air. If Mitt Romney becomes the defacto Republican candidate to face President Obama, then who will win that contest? Then what happens after that? And what about the Economy? Will it rebound or what if it sinks further into a slump? Have the protest movements here and abroad actually had any real or meaningful effect on policies or freedoms? Then there is the Earth…will it revolt with more radically jolting fits like earthquakes? And of course there is the European Union and the Euro? What will happen there? What about my retirement? And to cap it all off, what happens when we hit December 23, 2012? Obliteration? Transformation? Or will it all have been simply a build up which was preceded by a collective mental masturbation? Continue reading »

Nov 032011

What’s on your mind? What do you want to know?

Ask Michael, Stephen and the Consortium a QuestionSo many items confront our waking thoughts. Health, politics, environment, tragedy, weather, sports, job, money, love, spirituality, human beings (just turning 7 billion and rising) and countless other concerns large and small, concrete and abstract, near and distant. One can hardly seem to get enough time to think about just a few of them. Continue reading »

Tell Me your Story about Life Task, Mission or Life Purpose

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Nov 022011

Inspiration and Education about Soul Satisfaction

Could you imagine Abraham Lincoln deciding to let the South secede? How about not proposing and signing the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery? What would America look like now? Famous cases such as these bear witness and provide illustration to the notion and practice of Life Task and how it is facilitated by what Michael calls True Work. Continue reading »