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Michael’s 2015 Overleaves and Overview

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Dec 182014

Role: ScholarWelocme 2015 with an Evening with Michael

Cast: King
Goal: Dominance
Attitude: Skeptic
Chief Feature: Stubbornness slide to Greed (personal excess, indulgence, overdoing it
Mode: Observation – Caution thru April – Then late August slide to Aggression
Centering: Intellectual – (Instinctive Part)
Body Type: Saturnine
Frequency: 48
Male-Female Energy Ratio: 18-82

Scope – Ordinal, Microcosmic, Compact, Precise, Ordinary, Exact

Techno Realm – Mathematical precision – cold, emotionless execution produces the mechanical algorithms of the universe.

Directions – Forward and Outward

Key Words of 2015: Microcosmic, expertise, theory (proof or disproof), machine measures and standards, Improve and complete.

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Overleaves and Forecast for 2013

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Jan 132013

Theme- A Year of Synthesis and Symbiosis

Key Concepts – Teaching, Media, Collaboration, Concentration, Speculation, Discernment, Sorting, Sacraifice, Elimination, Clutter, and Rationalization

Role: Sage

Casting: Server

Goal: Discrimination>Acceptance (7 months) Growth (4 months)

Attitude: Realist (6 months) – Idealist (next 5 months)

Mode: Observation >Power (6 months) – Aggression (next 5 months)

Chief Feature:  Self Destruction

Centering:  Intellectual (5 months), Moving (middle 4 months), Emotional (last 3 months)

Frequency: (Pace) 44

Dominant Quality: Expression

Direction: Outward (into life and living)

Realm: Corporeal (Earther) – (Supported in addressing issues material and physical well being)

Note: The greater than symbol “>” infers sliding from one Overleaf to another.

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Spiritualist Attitude and the God Particle

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Jul 122012

The Discovery of the God Particle

The conversation between God and Man. Or The Universe and our Awareness of it.

The conversation between God and Man. Or The Universe and our Awareness of it.

Welcome to public awareness Mr./Ms. Higgs-Boson Particle. I say public because in the erudite realm of physics the concept has been known for 50 years. A mathematician by the name of Peter Higgs had a vision postulating (prophesying) the existence of this infinitesimally minute particle. And, that it could be the common foundation we’ve been looking for which explains: “life, the universe and everything!”

Only instead of chariots and trumpets formatting his revelation, his was visited in the form of symbols and equations. God, after all, has never stopped communicating with us. As we understood more of the complexities of ITS vast array of languages, then it could get down to the nitty-gritty. No more burning bushes, now it is onto sub-atom particles. Cool, eh?  Continue reading »

2012 Update – Michael on Passion and Growth

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Apr 162012
[Michael Assessment]
“Growth does not always attend acquisition or expansion. Sometimes, the betters angels of one’s nature arise, and as a result induce strength and improve integrity, when hardship or adversity seem to be the dominant theme. Summing up the year to date, many have found a rather slow coming to terms with that one can still have trust in. The King demands for itself a reliable source of trust before it ventures into something new.
Jan 162012
by Stephen Cocconi ©2012

A Hummingbird telling a rival to wait its turn.I live in the Sierra Foothills at a place I call Hummingbird House, because of the small contingent of “hummers” that visit our feeders. They daily perform a passion play for me where the actors may improvise their parts, but the theme of the story is always the same. It is a theme of cooperation through contest: confrontation for the sake of demonstrating the urgency of one’s need.

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After the Fanfare…what now?

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Jan 102012

by Stephen Cocconi © 2012

It seems that there is an element of “wait and see” in the air. If Mitt Romney becomes the defacto Republican candidate to face President Obama, then who will win that contest? Then what happens after that? And what about the Economy? Will it rebound or what if it sinks further into a slump? Have the protest movements here and abroad actually had any real or meaningful effect on policies or freedoms? Then there is the Earth…will it revolt with more radically jolting fits like earthquakes? And of course there is the European Union and the Euro? What will happen there? What about my retirement? And to cap it all off, what happens when we hit December 23, 2012? Obliteration? Transformation? Or will it all have been simply a build up which was preceded by a collective mental masturbation? Continue reading »

2010 Overleaves and Overview

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Jan 272010

Recoiling from Reality with Risky Reverie

Themes & Key words: Energy, reverie, obstruction, conflict, uncertainty, ingenuity, elimination, caution, presence, diffusion, force, and anxiety.

Introduction: 2010 initiates a new 10 year numerological cycle: The days of global future pacing need be done with because it is propelled by fear! Instead of actual data gathering from spontaneous experiences, thinking and action based upon prediction is substitution of guesswork for contemplation. Authentic, rather than reactive, creation originates with ones own deliberate intention and is guided by ones intuition. To be a pioneer means taking the risk to build without knowing the outcome. Take your energy back! Invent the future for yourself and make your contribution to the collective creation of the human family as a Citizen of Earth. Continue reading »

2009 – Forecast and Predictions

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Feb 022009

2009 – Server / Sage Year

by Stephen Cocconi & Holly Coleman

The Mature Soul Cycle has finally come to the US with the election of Barack Obama. This turn of the page of Soul Age paradigm signals many new opportunities in store for the United States and for the world. Continue reading »