Nov 152011

The Michael is still in Beta formatAloha!  Welcome to my BLOG! This site is my perspective on and understanding of The Michael Teaching™. It serves as the philosophical frame-of-reference and lens through which I view my life and collective reality. As the title states, I am a Citizen of Earth and thus all my spiritual learning, musings, postulates and services are geared for us to live with more love, truth, health, creativity, and potency…in this lifetime! The afterlife will take care of itself! If you are a thinking, compassionate, active, and concerned human being, who seeks out diverse viewpoints to inform, stimulate, and enlighten yourself; then I believe what you find here will do that for you. Join the VIP conversation! And, ask Michael a question using The Michael Tarot Divination Cards which are integrated into this site. This site is an ongoing work in progress.  So come back often!
Enjoy your tour… Stephen Cocconi

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