Jan 302008

2008 Overleaves & Forecast

by Stephen Cocconi with collaboration from Holly Coleman

Stephen’s Introduction

Before I turn the dais over to Michael I thought it important to issue a bit of Stephen Cocconi with a serious and personal messagean editorial comment. This year’s energy is both contentious and distorted. Being self employed and a man who is wealthy in people and love but not in material possessions, I want to say it is not easy, nor desirable for me to have received the contractive and somewhat dire economic information. that I have channeled. Trust me, I am one of the last people to wish to have a rough financial period. In fact, I hope that what I have received from Michael this year is “off the mark”.

Why would I say such a thing? Two major reasons: first, I am not a “doomsday personality” nor do I believe that we as human beings have to “crash and burn” to make collective changes. Yet, as you read on, many in the United States will have a difficult year primarily in economics. Yet, there will also prevail an overtone of blistering self-realization as the intense contractions of a country and the psyche of its people are put to the test of “getting real.” Yep! This is very likely to be a tough year! Even those who do not experience tightening of their own budgets because of lower income will feel the pressures of those around them. Not begging, mind you, but exuding disorientation and doubt.

But Michael assures me that in this year those Men who embrace their inner Warrior and woman her inner Amazon and be prepared for what is ahead from now until 2012, will thrive in the face of adversity.

Message from Michael:

Symbol of the Michael EntityFor those reading these Overleaves, you might have the general impression that weakness or frailty somehow belies the energy of this year. Don’t be fooled. The energy of this year is about as helpless or weak as a starving tiger backed into a corner. In other words, it is even stronger because it is hungry and sometimes desperate. It also makes the energy of this year more unpredictable. At one moment you might be experiencing some sort of stability and the next: chaos.

The Spiral nature of the TAO indicates ongoing creation and destruction in what for us might seem a chaotic pattern. However, as physics as shown us, the other end is complexity and elegance.Chaos, contrary to popular belief, is not bad! In fact, it is the maelstrom of destruction and creation itself. Without it, stagnation and inertia would rule everything. Over the next 5 years, Chaos will rule the Economic system of the world, most certainly the United States. Very little will change as to who has the money or how much fossil fuel is left, but what will change is the lethargy and resignation that many people have exhibited over the last 25 years as the world shifted to monetization of all life, the rise of the profitacracy and the almost complete control of the corporate monopolism. Many people will have their frustration and anger shifted into grass roots efforts to make a difference. This energy has already started in places like Pakistan and Argentina.

Oveleaves ImageThis is a Warrior / Priest year.  The tone of 2008 will begin with people wanting a change and demanding inspiration to do it! The Priest will deliver the Inspiration, but the Warrior will deliver the means to implement them.

Goal: Re-evaluation – Many deeply divided internally, by what they know intuitively/instinctively and what they have been taught. There is useful information on both sides. Analyze with clear intent to know what you can implement and even defend as true. Learn to make alliances of mutual benefit. Later sliding to growth after a deeply introspective but sometimes rancorous inner struggle as to what really serves you and your immediate group of loved ones.

Attitude: Realist – Much of what people are doing now is looking for inspiration but are doing so based on cynicism. This is not realistic, but the sliding is happening.

Mode: Caution – Slide to Power when you have thoroughly reviewed your options and are ready to make a decision. The Warrior in you needs to step forward to declare and defend what you value.

Chief Features: Self Destruction and Impatience – For those people willing to eschew all other considerations for what they know to be true and work tirelessly, + sacrifice, they will be vindicated for doing so in the long run. Others, rigidly holding onto some hoped for delivery of promises made by old allegiances, the experience will be one of battle, struggle, and exhaustion. In any case, much of the feeling of the year will be “time is moving, hurry up.”

2008 Themes – Battle between the validity of people’s emotions and intellect. This will be true inside of you and in the world validating emotional truth over media sold rationale. Earth is waging a war on humans with toxic agents like molds and viruses. Instability. flip-floping, and even chaos inside of themselves and institutions.

Masculine / Feminine Energy – 73 -27. This will refer to a harsh year on emotions with lots of people wanting to their opinion to dominate.

Scope:  Ordinal, Internal and deep – Big events do not make this year exceptional nor exalted. Resoundingly, the most important things you will notice are the effects that things have on you and how difficult it can feel to take a stance on anything. Establish a spiritual regime: PRAY! And form a relationship with your own guides and higher self.

Axis Influence: Inspirational – Action

Body Types influences:  Saturnine – Pluto –– Discipline or disease, strengthening and alignment with unique needs or tendency for injury to make one get to care

Masculine/Feminine: 73 – 27

Chakra: 3rd – Feeling and breathing down into your “gut”. Find your personal power by touching in with your center.

Subs – Red Alert, Authoritarian, Nurturer, Kamikaze, and Saboteur

Themes: Decomposition of our historic ways of habits or glamor, Arguments over position, rigidity or die.

Degrees of Neutrality – 10% (means people and institutions are polarized. Very little room for resolution. Meaning victory, defeat, or deadlock

Realm: Earther

Direction: smaller, inward  (small is beautiful)

Platform: Security/Truth

Coping with the Year: Go locate beauty. It puts us in the higher parts of all of our centers. Don’t confuse desire or lust with appreciation.

Overpopulation: The biggest problem on Earth! Why? The more people, the more demand for food, water, fossil fuels, real estate and land to raise crops and houses. All of these things crowd-out Nature and strain the planet to support humanity’s continued survival.

Warrior / Server energy asks us to develop a plan and take action. This is a year of working hard, putting your back into it. Problems arise in overworking ourselves and health issues involving the third chakra, gut area of the body.

Server energy will cause us to ask not what the world can do for you, but what you can do for the world. These are the times that finding a niche to cling and exploiting it is the way for survival and perspective. Ordinal years mean people are in the trenches working hard. When you speak of a Warrior Server year that might even be doubly so. 2008 is a year that for many will feel like battle. Some it will be to slay dragons of the past and press onto new heights and riches. But the landscape is not so much filled with dragons as skeletons. Those of the past and those of institutions dying of old age.

So many Americans will feel this vibration as beating a retreat rather than making advances. For the small time entrepreneur with a little idea, you will find that there are many opportunities to fill the growing number of market niches that are otherwise being unused by large companies.

Roles and the Year

It is always impossible to say that any unique person regardless of role will react the same way to the gravity of a years influence. But here is what we see about this year. Some of the qualifiers for this year will be how they react to the frequency. Low frequency folks or those capable of coping, will tend to manage this year’s energy better than high frequency. Masculine energy person’s, but ironically females more so, are more likely to balance the urge to jump up and do something.

Artisan:  Can be a year of productiveness or of making drama for this role. It will depend upon the spirit of the individual within and the Essence Twin and Casting. Either way, this role is libel to feel weighed down.

Server: I f the Server knows how to use his/her masculine energy and not fall into martyrdom, then he or she can do some powerful work.

Kings:  They’d better get themselves grounded or they will be overthrown. Look out Donald Trump, your time at the top of fortune and fame might be stale. These folks want to be leaders in a time when ideals are not as sought.

Scholars:  Lots to learn if it is applied and practical. Female scholars are more likely to fare better than their male counterparts this year. Many will have the need to explore something completely new in their lives. This is likely to mean innovation for the rest of us.

Priests:  One can already see the impact of a Barrack Obama and now martyred Benazir Bhutto will have great influence upon outcomes but will not be the leaders of that change. As we might expect from exalted inspirational roles, they will have a great deal to say and be very influential. Yet, be careful about where you allow them to take charge.

Sages:  Wise Sages will find this a time of great reckoning. Without knowing it they will be called upon to listen and speak with all the seriousness they can muster. To offer words of insight and counsel. But the “big-mouth” Sage will simply be relegated to the level of fool. Sages the choice is yours.

Warriors: The crazed warrior can become the mercenary. They can also become the mob or brave soldiers, either happen in the presence of fear but the first with occurs because of no leadership. Warriors need to choose this year: will they pick might or right?   They also have a way of innovating just as Artisans do. However, they do it a bit differently. A warrior will just push through a problem until it gives way to his/her force. Along the way, an new approach may emerge.

Re-Evaluation: What do I value? What do I really need? What supports me?

In the energy of Reevaluation, once called Retardation, the energy will demand one reducing the shear number of inputs and getting down to what is simple and manageable. Simplify baby! This Overleaf is based upon the emotional center would have you reconsider yourself, your present life, your values, and your priorities. To do this will take an act of sliding to the positive pole of Growth. It will mean declaring a life purpose that has actual meaning for you.

Read the article called Year of Personal Knowledge and without glamour define your 7 Truths and use those to support yourself! In larger sphere of influence, this Overleaf will add to pressure that many already suffer to doubt the stability of institutions. Caution will influence the types of changes being made but being conservative, will be seen a sound move regardless of your political stripe.

Humanity is still using the “struggle model” vs the “joy model” of creation. Reevaluation is a mechanism that causes us to reconsider the components of our lives and do they facilitate a way of living that makes us feel expansive, peaceful, and hopeful about the future of our own being and our collective. Re-evaluation is an inspiration goal that forces us to choose “the way” (TAO) that our consciousness creates the future. Will we as individuals decide to make our lives move from the Mature Soul way which says “creation is an opportunity to make your own destiny.” Or will there be a continuation of the Baby Soul “struggle model” where your fate is in the hands of other forces. With luck, force, and hard work one might be able to impact their own lives. By the way, the Young Soul model of creation might be called the “negotiation model” of creation. Wheel–deal your way into any and all fortune you might encounter. There are choices one makes that are odds-on better bets to work.

Working with the energies of 2008

Get a reality check regarding what works and doesn’t work in your life. Create clear, concrete goals regarding what you want to manifest. Use your guides and gardian angels. Commit to a disciplined plan to implement your goals. Yes, it must be on your calendar. Develop a daily regime of taking care of your body.

Challenges of 2008

Emotionally –Depression and Hopelessness (connected to Cynic) • Conserve Resources – while this includes natural resources, it also pertains to conserving your own financial resources by getting out of debt, as well as conserving the energy, or mana/chi, of your own physical being. Some Astrologers have spoken about the fact that Pluto and Saturn have not been in this configuration since the Summer of 1777. Less than one year after the Declaration of Independence was signed and the Revolutionary War began. Does this portend something like a revolution here in this country again? It is difficult to say how people will act or if there is a “powder keg” within the American populace. If there is a revolution, just remember that it was the wealthy, educated and professional class of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and John Addams who were the instigators and not the average working folk. So how would it look this time? Who will be the leaders? Who will be the followers? What would be the provocation? The next 4 years will be the beginning of a radical and hopefully miraculous turn around for not just America, but for the world at large.

Realist and Cynic

Confucius advised that if we hoped to repair what was wrong in the world, you had best start with the “rectification of the names.” The corruption of society begins with the failure to call things by their proper names, he maintained, and its renovation begins with the reattachment of words to real things and precise concepts. Realists are driven to call a “spade a spade” and not confuse it with some other confusing or distortion. The politicians of this next election will be battered by citizen comments and questions thanks to YouTube and other direct media that will put candidates on notice the that only Truth talks and BS walks.

Where there will be a fight is between those who still maintain, “don’t say bad things lest they might happen”, who value their own security by hiding their heads in the sand will be in for a self destructive meltdown. And those who are screaming for justice to be done especially when related to the hundreds of ways that banks and financial institutions have made being a consumer akin to corporate cannon fodder. The realities of this year will trigger your Instinctive Center fears, causing you to become more cautious and alert for your own survival. Your emotional, physical and financial security will become important issues. For those in the U. S., you live under the umbrella of the media; which itself will come under increasing criticism the electorate. And none to soon. View this You Tube video and see for yourself.

With Realist teaming with Warrior and Masculine energy, it is better to look at things square in the face. As Baby Soul Server, President W might say, “the cows have come home to roost”! This mixed metaphor, actually uttered 3 years ago by said Chief Executive couldn’t be more accurate when it means the wealthy are going to come into the hen house of the working poor and crush the nest eggs they have worked long and hard to collect.While the overall stock market will look like a roller coaster with 2500 point spread, no matter where the DOW will hit, the total and actual value of this and other European nations GDP will be slipping and in a big way. Why? Not China, and in the short run, not even oil, but credit card debt! Everybody owes and a great many people are just about maxed out! Those folks will be hearing Red Alert sound in their ears as they come closer to the limits of their purchasing power with fewer jobs on the forefront. nations housing market continues to shrink and more people are forced to try and sell, loose their jobs because of contraction of business, or go into foreclosure or bankruptcy.

Chief Features

Stubbornness will manifest itself in an unwillingness to make any changes in ones position and lead many people to the brink of extreme pessimism, an expression of the negative pole of Cynic. If you stand here, no one and no thing will change your mood accept other people’s failures. Misery loves company. Be careful where you make a stand. The real dilemma many will have to face is this: the beliefs they accepted and supported as “true” just aren’t, and were not! But rather than risk the shame of an about face on a subject, many will hold onto beliefs for the sake of being right. Such rigidity is the hallmark of the negative pole of this chief feature.

Self Destruction will show itself by revealing the foolish and arrogant slipping up and falling upon their own confidence. But, if you can remember that Sacrifice is the positive pole of this Chief Feature. Living by giving and fighting for what you believe makes a Warrior of conviction, endurance and willingness to give for what he/she deems precious. These folks will be tireless and give much to their causes.

Mode, Chief Feature, and Frequency

Reevaluation Goal, Caution Mode, and a frequency of 32, will tend to have sobering effect on peoples’ habits. Spending will decrease and shift into necessities. This last Christmas was the last consumer binge on technology products for some years to come. When many of us either cannot or will not buy new phones, iPods, electric gizmos, Vista OS, or many other of the techno-based devices. Don’t be surprised if you begin to reconsider an item that works with gas or electricity and find and older manual method to accomplish the same task.

The sputtering state of the American economy, global climate change, and shrinking financial opportunities will make most people take a re-evaluating hard look at the way policies and practices are being conducted. In Washington, Wall Street, and the board rooms of big business. If you are going into business for yourself, make sure to take PayPal, credit cards and every other form of electronic funds you can. Business that will accept them and who sell products that accept them will benefit greatly.

From disintegration, comes the possibility of new creation. This is a credo of our teaching and of science itself. What “matters” derives from the intention we have to form something and then the attention we put to our vision to make it into something real. In the positive pole, Self-destruction is one of the hardest working, most dedicated, and selfless motivators there is to be used. Many people taking this energy to it fullest extent will find themselves pealing away pounds, giving away stuff once thought valuable and be happy about doing so. The poor will get noticed!

Soul Age Contrast

Baby Soul backlash could look a lot like the need to assassinate potent political figures that they disagree with. This can and will happen in any part of the world. The rigid holding onto “the good old days” can harden people into instinctive psychosis. However, these outward manifestations are nothing more than ways that Baby Souls, many of whom are in undeveloped countries, will have great effect only through violence.

Old and Mature and even Young souls can and will enjoy the greater connectedness to being physical and reconnectedness to the Earth. Indeed, it will be the way that any real spiritual experience that will be of any consequence or concern. It is time for the return of ”gut instinct” and conscience to return. The days of cold logic must be subordinated the awareness that growth for growth sake alone is nothing more than cancer.

Both the Baby Soul and Mature Soul orientation can be said to be concerned with the group. For the Baby Soul that concern focuses on hegemony and ones place in the scheme of prevailing dominance. Are you for me or against me? That will be the attitude of the Warrior and Server mentalities of the Baby Soul. Most will want to defend the status quo while hoping to either advance in it or at least not be punished by it. On the other end of the scale, the Mature Soul orientation is more concerned with control from the bottom up. Thus, the conditions stated here in this article would indicate a time where a sense of “we the people” will return or devolve into an “us against them” confrontation.

If anyone learned anything in the 1960’s it should have been this: “Paranoia strikes deep, into your heart it will creep; It starts when you are always afraid, Step out-of-line, the Man, he come and take you away.”from the song: For What it’s Worth. The message from this popular song by Buffalo Springfield is the same as historic American abolitionist Wendell Phillips who said: “”Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” And Benjamin Franklin “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

In other words, this year of will be of confrontation and not of compromise. The new and revolutionary ideas will come from outside the status quo even as hard as the Baby Soul mentality might seek to preserve or defend it. Get ready to say NO to what you have put up with along time. Stop doing those things which you merely capitulate in the name of being compliant.

Soul Age Confrontation;

Mature vs. Baby in the US Presidential Race

As we have said on many an occasion, the United States was formed with Old Soul principles to lead in the Mature Soul age. Though not always acting in accordance with those principles (the first being the freedom of choice). So much of the world looks to the US as the central bellwether of human consciousness. If a Republican wins, any of them, there will be a continuation of the “business as usual” politics, policies and wrangling that have made the American citizen into a cynical and apathetic stooge. But if a Democrat wins, their will be the beginning of an ensuing political revitalization (some will call it upheaval) across the world. Like all uncertainty, much speculation will hit the stock market, and the United Nations.

It is our view that Hillary Clinton becomes President. Ironically, she being a woman has very little to do with the race. The main issue is status quo politics. Even with the early wins of Barack Obama, demonstrating how the electorate is already in Reevaluation (an Inspirational goal) will not carry him long. There will be a hard fight at the Democratic Convention for control of the party and one of them, and the loser, Clinton or Obama will turn independent. The only way this will not happen is if should falls deathly ill during this campaign. (A parallel where this happens then puts Obama against McCain. Then an electorate still choosing to believe that republicanism is good for them, put him McCain in the White House.

There is one spoiler in this race on the republican side: Mike Huckaby. Many people perceive him as real as can be and no nonsense. Huckaby, a Young Soul, appears to believe Baby Soul ideas but is very practical and also holds this freedom of individuals to do what they want in high regard. Somehow, we might label him a Christian Libertarian more than a right-wing Evangelical. He stands as the only Republican to beat McCain as we see Guiliani’s star falling.

Of all of the variables in this election is who will be in control of the voting machines. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/06/magazine/06Vote-t.html?_r=1&oref=slogin No matter which political party you happen to be from, your concern over this issue should be great. This shadow is the player that could turn elections the wrong way. We believe that organized fraud is inevitable again this year with voting. It remains to be seen that it will upset the election. Whoever wins this time will do so by a substantial margin. One state will not hold the balance like Florida or Ohio. If you believe strongly in the probability of such an occurrence happening again then: http://pol.moveon.org/paper2008/ If the election is close, for any reason, look for a Republican attempt to rig the national elections by declaring the Supreme Court should step in and settle the election.

Instinctive Center / Emotional Part

In our guts, we all know this is a pivotal year for the Earth and the path of humanity. Deep down in you Soul, you know you must do something to restore balance of our ecosystems and move away from scarcity, greed and violence. Instinctive years are very reactive, often emotionally dramatic, and other times, transformational. Not all transformation happens in ways we like! Don’t be too surprised when people exhibit competitive tendencies, unwarranted irritability, and even attack you for minor mishaps.

It will be natural and understandable to want to become defensive. But beware “logic hounds” decry emotions in a derogatory way and you will see hackles rise. Showing sincere emotions in a way that is congruent to the event or value will be interpreted as a strength not a weakness. The media will continue to cast those who are openly emotional in a poor light. People are tired of stuffing to look handled and in control. They are aching to be real! Telling the truth about your emotions and locating the truth they are trying to convey is the entry into personal integrity and the expression of true values.

One of the more interesting aspects of this year is that your defenses will be at the forefront and you will have an opportunity to learn why they were their in the first place. Protecting what is of core value is useful, even encouraged. But the key point to remember is this: don’t give up on them, after many years of transformation, whatever is left that automatically flies to your protection is pretty much an authentic aspect of Self!

Your security and freedom, the two platforms being tested in this Warrior year will require all the strength you can muster on your own behalf and those who you value. The animal is always aware of its dependencies. It does not judge whether they are good or bad, right or wrong, there merely know the connection. Yet human beings, given that you have the Meta ability to observe and witness your own qualities can and indeed should evaluate the quality (judgment) of your inputs. This process is particularly enhanced in a year of this centering and with a Realist attitude.

To ask the question: “what really serves me?” will present you with an opportunity to list items under the headings of addictions and necessities. Many of you will be stunned at this list. Others will find that while there is always room for improvement, a good many folks are zero-ing on the difference between the two types of dependencies. One important feature that will begin to enter people’s thinking is that energy, on its most fundamental level, is measure in calories! That’s right folks! What you take into your body as food has a direct and measurable counterpart in the way all of us utilize energy. The dependency on food as a substitute for many of the 7 True Support Pillars will cause us to drive our car instead of walk to the store for snacks, thus using precious fossil fuels. Indeed, the fact that we want food available to us 24/7 makes it such that we consume more electricity keeping the store open. But these are just a couple of examples.

What industry is more concerned about because it is a productivity cost, has to do with the down time and health care outlay for its workers .Resulting in campaigns against obesity. (We should figure a way to get all of that high quality fat off of peoples bodies and make into products.) So many will discover the correlation between the fiscal belt line and the physical or body’s belt line, that 2008 promises a leaner, and probably meaner population of Americans (It is our opinion both will be a good thing!) The good news about tightening the old belt line in a figurative sense is that it might lead to a shrinking of the pound line that the belt had to bolster. With food prices rising like so many other items, some people will finally just tough it out and say, “heck, I’m going on a diet.” With the popularity of America’s Biggest Loser, we can see that many are beginning to notice how stuffed they feel. Two other major campaigns like: the 50 Million Pound Challege and Discovery Health’s National Body Challenge 2008 will draw great support.

Business & Technology

Focus on small niche, easy to use, environmentally friendly, and helping people feel better about change and you will become the next millionaires.

Take stock in any substance that helps to give you peace like: rescue remedy, hot chocolate, a good story, or a strong multivitamin.

The Dow drops below 11,000.

Interest rates drop to historic lows but many people cannot refinance. However many small businesses can and will be started with expectation that monetary policy alone will revitalize the economy.

The US dollar will continue falling in value.

And gas will rise in price every time the American public turns its head. Most probably breaking the $4 per gallon mark by Summer at the latest. The congress will do nothing to challenge it.

The bird flu will hit several CA turkey and chicken farms almost causing a major agricultural panic. However, the problem will be stemmed by quick action by the Dept of Agriculture.

A new cure for breast cancer will be introduced but know that cure will also cause mass tissue breakdown in other parts of the body years later. The major pharmaceutical company will get credit for this will know about the flaw but have fast tracked it through the FDA.

Many older persons will look to going back into some kind of training or reeducation. This group will be forced to face the need for getting oneself into a new frame of mind and preparing for new job opportunities. Most will find this very painful and daunting, even though they will make the move.

People are getting more and more fed up with phone trees, foreign “support desks” and other “efficient customer service measures. Look for grass roots organizations to pop-up that attack these stall tactics employed by Big Business to slow down consumer complaints by making the callers frustrated and then hopeless.

Another year closer will bring TV, telephone (with visual) Internet and service one step closer. Nonetheless, the marketplace will be swamped with on might call: “info-pliances” as one student refers to them Look for more backlash to the “let’s put everything in an LCD reader” . The new Amazon E-reader the Kindle should be here and gone in less than a year. Why? Backlash more than anything. The kids can already read their iPods and phones or monitors for that matter and don’t want a dedicated reader for books Heck, if they read it is a blog. Many adults are tired of buying one more gadget and there is a resurgence of the public library and has been for almost a decade. . Be careful how you go about this. A new craze for these services will breed lots of scams.

Sub Personalities

The Red Alert sub which is commonly found with those on the front line of a battlefield, will be active in many people. It will stand against another sub-personality the saboteur. What does this mean on the world stage? Well, Mr. terrorist, when the average person begins to get angry at being intimidated, the your days are numbered. And that’s exactly how life can feel, that you are fending for yourself and being very wary of what goes on around you. These energies can make you feel ungrounded or just plain out of the body, which is one strategy for dealing with all the uncertainty. It’s not the fear that’s the problem, it’s how we respond to it. Because we have developed such a disconnect to our bodies and to the earth, which is an extension of our physicality, we often don’t know how to cope. Hopelessness and powerlessness can set in.


For thousands of years indigenous people have known how to survive by being present in their bodies and connecting to earth spirit wisdom. This has provided them the necessary information on how best to stay alive and find a way to live sustainably. This is the lesson that can be re-learned from them. People of the Earther Realm (4 realms being Earther, Angelic, Techno, and Faerie) require the seasons to govern them.

In this year, those who follow their instinctive seasonal patterns will maximize their available vitality. Overriding the urges brought forth in each season (currently it is to sleep) will bring greater fatigue and impaired judgment. Addictive substances, particularly stimulants will be sought after to compensate. Coffee, soda, candy, sugar, and power drinks, sales will soar as many struggle to keep from surrendering to Natures more potent but less controllable demands. Body wisdom and Spiritual wisdom run parallel not contrary.

It will be necessary in 2008 to develop a stronger connection to your bodies as well as the earth by learning to listen to both. (Warrior year means an emphasis on physicality). As our planet and humanity go through the tumultuous shift during the next 10 years. The influence and credibility of indigenous cultures and their cures will continue to show a leadership role for the spiritual community and provide the necessary wisdom on how to navigate our problems. You are going to see more people working with prayer, intention setting and visualization to address planetary problems. (Progressed Sun in the United States chart is now in Pisces.)

Look for the reversal of gains that were made forestalling the over use of land and population moving in on open spaces in the world.. As drought conditions in Africa and over grazing in South America, and soils depletion in North America begin the bells tolling for use of these resources will become even loader.

Cutting Edge Changes

Globally, the group designated as “Cultural Creatives”, by author Paul Ray, must stand up and be counted. The groundswell can produce changes politically, environmentally, and socially. The CCs are the ones responsible for alternative health care, that is, 7 in 10 people paying out of pocket for alternative methods of healing, not supported by the medical model. As people to take matters into their own hands forming farming cooperatives, getting off the grid with alternative energy, refusing to over consume, choosing to live with less, purchasing fair trade and eco-friendly products, preferring locally grown foods, creating sustainable communities, and more.

Some folks will wound up by anxiety and otherwise helpless, but many more will be energized by this toughening of ourselves. Focus on what you want to have happen! Listening to those who talk about negative attitudes vs. positive attitudes should be seen for what they are: places to hide from what is! Remember that some of humanities greatest hardships gave way to our greatest achievements. It only the judgment of those hung up in the duality of childish good-evil concepts that hang onto such corruptions. Use your instincts to know what is true and right! There is little room for neither complacency nor inaction. The next decade will afford few the option of being neutral…about anything!

The Education System, but more specifically organized learning in the sense of general academia is once again shrinking. More kids are dropping out of school and with the price of college tuition on the rise people everywhere are finding the idea of going back to school unaffordable with the tightness of credit, if not overwhelming in this time of change. Actually, this is a good thing too. More often than not these days, instead of expanding people’s ability to think and the depth at which they contemplate an idea, we are focused on “skill building” and “niche learning” which so reduces what one see’s that a better word for education is training. You are being trained to be more technologically capable of running the machines and less intellectually stimulated to want to know how to make the new machines of the future. This dumbing down of Americans comes with the pain killer called consumerism and the mind number called convenience.

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free … it expects what never was and never will be.” — Thomas Jefferson

One doesn’t have to hug a tree to love one, just plant one instead. One doesn’t have to be a farmer to know that food comes from plants. But shopping from a farmer directly will make a bid difference in both your budgets and nutrition for the better. Making sure that we do the small and direct things to take care of the Earth is vital in making yourself remember that you are an animal first, in a body, and an eternal being, second! Yep, that is what we said, and have said since the beginning. “you are a spiritual being on a human path, not the other way around.”

Live your life fully from that place and all Essence needs to know and wants you to learn will be handled. If you want to see a great deal of change going on, move to Europe! The EU continues to expand the rights and freedoms of individuals and companies in hopes of stimulating Nature and Environment – Habitat all over the globe is diminishing at a rate previously unheard of. This is especially true for all the creatures of the northern latitudes like: walrus and polar bears. The amount of ice they used to roam is declining and because the sea is warmer the food sources are also diminishing. IF anyone decides to report on it, the numbers lost will be staggering.

Some events to watch out for: Major seismic event under Yellowstone National Park by no later than mid 2009. Media and News – More than ever this year, there is a growing disconnect with what is happening in the world and what gets printed. The Rupert Murdock’s of the world continue to exert their influence all over the globe. Even in China, where the state owns the media, large corporate interests influence even more than the Toxicity and Miasms.

The oil spills in the SF Bay Area, Vietnam, and the Black Sea are striking examples of the events called “detoxification.” Many folk are not aware that the precursor for healing is an eruption of a symptom. These spills are a reflection of America’s toxic dependency upon petroleum and other fossil fuels. Expect more cave-ins, oil related disasters, and even garbage dumps becoming sources of toxic draining traced as the polluting ground water in several states. As the Earth begins its own detoxification from Man’s misguided ways. The next 10 years will bring many people to their knees with natural and man made toxicity. It will force us to face the miasms, or the “unhealthy conditions”, that men have created upon earth.

Homeopathically, human kind has to raise its vibration. To do so, the world will have to face itself and undergo “detoxification.” The Instinctive Center is about to be vaulted forward but before it does, humans will react from their animal instincts with the genetically engrained flight, fight or freeze reactions to these miasms. The fight will be to remain conscious and deliberate is the evolutionary leap that humans are about to make…and they will make that leap! The only question will be how fast? Physical expressions of the miasms which is the mind and body work together as a unit and the disturbances are expressed in both spheres. A.- Psoric Miasm: reaction of body on exposure to environmental stimuli to ones surroundings like noise, light, and odors, producing functional disturbances like headache, nausea, and discomfort. B.- Sycotic Miasm: hypersensitive response to something specific arising from a deficiency of the normal response like tumors, allergies, keloids. Deficient feeling gives rise to an increased attempt to repair the fault. C.- Syphlitic Miasm: Not manageable, finding destruction like gangreen, ulceration. Body and mind destroy itself, give-up. D.- Tuburcular Miasm: respiratory imbalance, weak lungs, offensive, headsweat, worse with exposure to cold, re-occurring epistaxis, bleeding gums, long eyelashes, craving for salt, enuresis, bleeding stools, milk disagrees causing diarrhea, anemic, weakness, ringworm, acne, white spots on nails, nightmares.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses are commonly times when Nexus’s occur. There will be three major shifts: one in February, another in July, and the third near the election in late October.

Because the next 2 decades promise to be tumultuous we suggest that you do some self exploration of some very practical kinds. What we mean by this is: really evaluate your support circle and see who is in there and what support is not in there. Next, it is time to arrive at your 7 Trues. True Work, True Rest, True Play, True Study, True Service, True Home, and True Love. Once you begin the process of evaluation you might be shocked at how much or your Essence’s needs are really being omitted in the name of “text book” substitutes. Many will be even more surprised at the simplicity and ease of access their trues are in relation to their life and grasp. The relationships you’ve often let go of or let slip by might be some of the very people whom you should consider reconnecting with and stimulate the feelings of that support getting fulfilled. When you can access and use this knowledge and support people and activities to your benefit, the feelings of abundance will pervade your life in many ways.

It will be those who know how to nourish themselves with the right kind of energy for them will avoid the many personal collapses that they are likely to witness in others who have not monitored the same concerns.

This is the era of establishing and declaring your own Soloverse. More than ever it will be incumbent upon old and mature souls, whether having been identified or so named, to take responsibility for the vast pool of energy that is often called luck or randomness. These are the forces known as “law of manifestation” and the “law of karma” To engage your own power and contribute it to the global shift will take tying your earthly existence fueled by the spiritual power of the Astral plane. This means at nexus points and eclipses, older souls will make decisions as a collective to develop tolerance and patience, and diminish the tendency of war, violence and further destruction of our planet. During these shift points, you may notice yourself and your friends having very similar experiences, and possibly making similar choices.

There is no better way to do this that to touch into the spirits directly. Learn to make energetic shifts in unison to impact global consciousness towards harmony and balance. Learning to channel the energy of a spirit guide will be most helpful and empowering during this epic struggle between chaos and evolution. Think of this connection as making your God or guardian angel more than lip service to your community or your Ego.

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