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Encountering Angels in the World

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Apr 242017

Michael Night Preface

What happened below is a testament to love and devotion. I was honored to have been the one who was showered with it. As a gratitude for all who made it possible, please enjoy a completely free listen to the Evening with Michael Channeling session recording that took place before festivities began on 4-21-17.

Encountering Angels in My World

My occupation regularly puts me in contact with what many would routinely call angels. As a Channel, I get to be the vehicle where advice is shared for those who ask. I confess, I don’t always notice, let alone listen, to what was given. So sometimes the messages comes in other ways.

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Michael’s 2015 Overleaves and Overview

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Dec 182014

Role: ScholarWelocme 2015 with an Evening with Michael

Cast: King
Goal: Dominance
Attitude: Skeptic
Chief Feature: Stubbornness slide to Greed (personal excess, indulgence, overdoing it
Mode: Observation – Caution thru April – Then late August slide to Aggression
Centering: Intellectual – (Instinctive Part)
Body Type: Saturnine
Frequency: 48
Male-Female Energy Ratio: 18-82

Scope – Ordinal, Microcosmic, Compact, Precise, Ordinary, Exact

Techno Realm – Mathematical precision – cold, emotionless execution produces the mechanical algorithms of the universe.

Directions – Forward and Outward

Key Words of 2015: Microcosmic, expertise, theory (proof or disproof), machine measures and standards, Improve and complete.

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Words, Fear and the Awareness of or Denial of, Knowledge

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Jan 232013

The Debate about Guns and Fascism.

For those of my friends who continue to throw around the word Fascist or Fascism, I find my anger growing since my father fought REAL Fascists during WWII, and paid a price with physical injury and depression that took his life early. I consider his sacrifice the reason that I was spared having to go to war. Thank you, Dad.

In an effort to utilize the LIBERAL education that my father fought so hard to preserve, let me give you a brief set of definitions and clarification about what Fascism is and is not.

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Sep 192012

Mitt, Mohammed, Teachers, and Tension

Hasn’t it been a tumultuous 2 weeks? Anyone reading this article and keeping an even a sideways glance on world events, presented in mainstream and alternative media alike, knows that the Arab Spring has become the Arab storm. And, in the US, the controversy about a home made film depicting Mohammed, the founder of Islam, as a lecher and pedophile, which ignited tensions and religious intolerances ready for such a spark, has also brought the discussion of America’s First Amendment guarantees of freedom of religion and freedom of speech into poignant debate. While teachers in Chicago assert their rights of workers to bargain collectively for fairness, members of the powerful seek to stifle their rights to free speech denigrating the strike as a blow to children. What a shaming? Then, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney employs a New Age-ism as a slur about half the population of the US, calling them victims who feel entitled to government support. Unfortunately for the rest of us, Mr. Romney apparently has never heard of the historic concept of the social contract. Apparently, the only contracts he concerns himself with are the ones he breaks with employees of the companies he gutted at Bain (bane?), or those oaths of allegiance to his has pledged to his ultra-wealthy constituents. Continue reading »

Aurora: What would you want if it were your last supper?

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Jul 302012

If it were my last supper, I’d want…company!

My heart sank when I read of the news about the shootings in Aurora. Hauntingly, the word aurora refers to a natural light that is noticed most in the presence of darkness. As a metaphysicist, I take the liberty to infer meaning, let alone ascribe significance to such coincidences as part of the territory of my occupation. Yet, it seems apparent to me (and commented upon by Michael) that even if the name marking the location of this tragedy has no other bearing, it will forever be singed into my consciousness. Let us hope that from darkness we can see the light.  Continue reading »

Spiritualist Attitude and the God Particle

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Jul 122012

The Discovery of the God Particle

The conversation between God and Man. Or The Universe and our Awareness of it.

The conversation between God and Man. Or The Universe and our Awareness of it.

Welcome to public awareness Mr./Ms. Higgs-Boson Particle. I say public because in the erudite realm of physics the concept has been known for 50 years. A mathematician by the name of Peter Higgs had a vision postulating (prophesying) the existence of this infinitesimally minute particle. And, that it could be the common foundation we’ve been looking for which explains: “life, the universe and everything!”

Only instead of chariots and trumpets formatting his revelation, his was visited in the form of symbols and equations. God, after all, has never stopped communicating with us. As we understood more of the complexities of ITS vast array of languages, then it could get down to the nitty-gritty. No more burning bushes, now it is onto sub-atom particles. Cool, eh?  Continue reading »

Grateful to be a Liberal American!

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Jul 042012

More than any other tangible freedom, I value the right to be “secure in my person.” But this phrase from the Bill of Rights’ 4th Amendment, for me, extends further than protection from government. It harkens back to the 1st Amendment guaranteeing my freedom of expression. And by expression, I mean the right to speak my mind and disagree without someone else, who might interpret disagreement as their right to “take offense” and then act upon me in a reactive, punitive, or even violent manner. As a Liberal, I use my ability to think as a way of liberating myself from the fear which comes from ignorance. Not enshrining it as some sacrosanct order to be conformed to and enforced upon others.


So what’s the link for me as I celebrate our Independence Day? It is not government tyranny I most worry about, though on the horizon I see extremism undermining the halls of our democratic republic, instead it is my celebration of the rights of thinking people of conscience to advance our society through the dialogues of constructive disagreement.

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Happy Post Memorial Day…

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May 292012

Remembering my Father

Memorials means paying tribute to the memory of the dead; particularly on this date the dead American soldier or veteran. My father who would have been 93 this year, was a veteran of 2 wars: WWII and Korea. The devastation it wrought in his life and the impact it had upon my mother, sister and me, shaped all of us.  Continue reading »

2012 Update – Michael on Passion and Growth

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Apr 162012
[Michael Assessment]
“Growth does not always attend acquisition or expansion. Sometimes, the betters angels of one’s nature arise, and as a result induce strength and improve integrity, when hardship or adversity seem to be the dominant theme. Summing up the year to date, many have found a rather slow coming to terms with that one can still have trust in. The King demands for itself a reliable source of trust before it ventures into something new.