Jun 042012

An Evening with Michael:

Friday Night,  June 15th  – 7 – 9 pm.
$20 (limited seating best to RSVP if possible
Healing Roots Center in Sacramento (Click to Google Maps)
2701 Cottage Way, Suite 35, Sacramento, CA 95825
The Nexus of late April has reset more than a few of the karmic balances causing more than a few anxieties and some profound course changes. During May, and arising for the next few months, many will sense these. Know that the “juice” is everywhere and try not to pin it onto one source event or person. There are also some instabilities in the both the physical Earth, some quakes to be exact (already had 2 moderate ones); and the wildcard of global financial shake-up, that broadcast a disruptive and unsettling energy around the globe and through the whole of humanity. In other words, it ain’t just you and it may not even be about you!

When a Nexus occurs, there is an alteration of the karmic patterns, life options, and probabilities of chance encounters; while planned events may get accelerated or completely evaporate off your path.

By telling you this, we intend for you to understand the waves of emotion that have been unleashed. Thus offering counsel to you that an exercise of “fix” them or yourself is unnecessary. Instead, feel validation for sensing them! Many subtle flavors have been in the mix and drenched you, even when you could not attribute them to any apparent nor immediate cause.

Join Stephen in 2 weeks as we discuss the new options made available to you and how to advance your plans or formulate new ones. Come prepared with your questions and have some time with Michael.

See you then…

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Have a great week!Stephen
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