Jan 052017

 Beginning of a New Era in Human History

by Stephen J Cocconi © 2017

People divided about the Dominance Aggression Paradigm or the Conscious Awareness Paradigm

{MC} A decisive split in the consciousness of the human race has opened up a chasm between groups and world views (Soul Age orientations). We will term the Baby and Young Soul rationales and operating beliefs: the Dominance-Aggression Paradigm. Opposing it is the emergent, but temporarily thwarted, new paradigm of Mature and Old Soul values and principles we term the Consciousness-Awareness Paradigm. This divide presents you with two equally unappealing options: collapse and fall-in or take a flying leap-of-faith across it toward a horizon you cannot see and one where you have never been before. Because it is a divergent energy, and fueled by enmity, those models will compel you to choose sides. Believing that you can be neutral will set your default emotions to fear. {/MC}

Prologue: Intent and Definitions

Some of you are looking at Michael’s Overleaves Forecast presentation for the first time. Or, perhaps you have never read the Consortium’s, or my, Stephen Cocconi’s experience of The Michael Teachings before; in either case, welcome!

My emphasis is presenting the Michael Teachings as the foundational vocabulary for understanding our shared humanity from a comprehensive metaphysical system. My approach is broadly explained by several premises which I hold as preeminent for, and about, us:

  1. We are already Spirit; our journey is to walk the Human Path.
  2. We are Citizens of Earth first! All life sharing one planet!
  3. So called “spiritual enlightenment” is less important than feeling enlivened by your involvement in life. Not to have risen above it, but to have fully immersed yourself in it.
  4. The more words you know to define ideas, explore concepts, and name the nuances of your emotional reactions the greater the ability you have to liberate yourself from the false belief that “ignorance is bliss” and truly grasp the notion that “knowledge is power.” Self-awareness comes from being able to know thyself.
  5. Ego and Essence vie for effective control of the Personality. i.e. govern beliefs and behavior. A person may have a strong Essence and weak Ego, or vice versa. Authenticity reveals which one.
  6. All real advancement in life comes with the expansion of knowledge, both personal and worldly. The Knowledge Acquisition Process (KAP) begins with the ongoing identification of things and ideas then articulating them with words. The next step is to test their effect and affect through the mill of your experiences. And finally, performing the most important task which classifies the “truth” as you come to believe it, is to assess how they made you feel… and why? Once that series of steps has been assimilated, you inculcate that learning and move to the next phase of existence with new understanding. Each step in knowledge expansion provides growth for the Personality and advancement in Soul Age for the Essence. And potentially, personal maturity and wisdom for an Ego as well. Individual development contributes incrementally to the evolution of the whole.
  7. All that I teach is framed by these principle guidelines because they expand awareness and empower life. I have come to place these studies under the umbrella heading: Soul-Ciology. Comprehending the structural metaphysical influences upon the material creations of the Physical Plane, and how those underpin the psychological structures of human institutions, social groups, and philosophical movements.

I acknowledge that what you read here seeks precision and thus is longer than the Cliff Note® synopsis style of writing. For those under 30, it is more than a Tweet, it is a symphony of ideas. Unfortunately, more people are being taught to believe such “brevity” will convey useful knowledge. In an age of greater complexity, unfortunately complicated by rationalizations and misrepresentations of facts, what people often accept is mere information. They come in the form of memes, aphorisms, slogans, cartoons, PhotoChoppedBM images, misleading graphs, clichés, proverbs, quotes taken out-of-context, or the catchy sound bite like: Make American Great (or Grate) Again! ;-). Adding to this list is the resurrection of an old-new pathogen on thought: fake news with it use of “alternative facts” i.e. lies and propaganda.


In Milton’s day, men really meant people. So women, know I hold your opinions in as high esteem as any male. Gender does not determine intelligence, though it is likely to add pomposity.

By comparison, genuine knowledge is born of actual experiences and contemplated reason. It has a context nested in historical events and repeated occurrence. Information is just content; opinions that may be well-formed and well-written but still does not mean they are logical or hold to scrutiny. In the age of social media, information is crafted or spun to serve an agenda: to entertain, distract, persuade or emotionally manipulate. It is accomplished with a distorted mixture of data, dogmas, and narratives about a thing. Today the Internet and the morass of social media have made this agenda simple to carry out and easy to find, but even more difficult to discern from knowledge. Hence, what you read is my opinion; seasoned with intuitive input from Michael’s Consortium. But I do not claim truth. Except that these thoughts have been woven together by me, and I have sought to substantiate them with citation of fact and built upon logical progression. Within it, I hope these elements of knowledge and information, helps you arrive at a more well-grounded and factual truth, that liberates you from emotional credulity, or at least helping you to expose it to the light of rigorous analysis.

2017 Overleaves Influences are:

Role: Priest

Cast: Sage

Goal: Submission

Attitude: Realist – “This shit is about to get real.” Fear Factor: 7 of 10

Mode: Power

Chief Features: Primary: Greed on Realist, Secondary: Stubbornness on Submission

Centering: Higher Moving  – Emotional Part

Body Type posture: Saturn

Frequency: 55 – Slowing down to sense your own spiritual and physical rhythms is a better approach this year. Rest and Pleasure

Masculine/ Feminine Energy Ratio: 45/55

Axis: Inspiration

Scope: Ordinal

Energy Side of Truth, Love & Energy – Fueling, Motion, and Body Awareness

Direction: Inward but forward. – Look within for guidance, and then move on it.

Realm: Fairy: Parallel participants in Nature. Their streams of “magic” act as agents of subtle intervention which with can called into action with intent. The trick is to present a sense of adventure and mischief especially when thwarting a hostile or malicious spirit. They are unpredictable but can assist, or run afoul of, your desires. They do not like mean-spiritedness. They are most prevalent altering moments at times of Nexus.

Theme: Key Ideas and Events

  • Share Hope. Surrender to purpose. Restore yourself.
  • Find your voice. Make it count. (Even if it is in just your own life!)
  • In Numerology it is a 1-year and in Chinese astrology a Rooster Year. Both exert a personal “new beginning” and “fresh start” quality for this period for you to bank on. It stresses looking forward and keeping track of what you accomplish; rather than what you did in the past by comparison. Don’t worry about past failures or resting on the laurels of previous achievements. Don’t forget them either! But actions taken now should be aimed to where you want to go from here.
  • The Rooster energy is more straightforward than the erratic Monkey Year which preceded it, but it can be fiery, temperamental, pompous, and ostentatious. (See Body Type Posture  below).
  • Due to the destabilization of Chaos Nodes (Councilofone.org) forming openings in all arenas of life, individuals may make great strides in changing their own fortunes. Many of these will arise from the perceived “freedom” from regulation that has arrived under the ethos radiated from this new administration. A number of resourceful persons will see their prosperity increase. Some may experience surprise, luck – both good and bad, and thus painful challenges. Either can be met with intention, dedication and a willingness to feel.
  • The combined influence of Submission, Greed, Power, and Higher Moving Center, create a confluence where the topic of money will be very prominent. Ways that you draw it to you, how it might confound you, where you feel it having control of you or confidence because you control it, are topic areas up for review in people’s consciousness.
  • Priest and Power will challenge you to notice who you consider credible authorities. Notice how often you “take things as gospel” no matter who is speaking them? Realism requires you corroborate what is asserted.
  • Find Beauty and balance wherever you can tuning into Higher Moving Centering: Dance, listen to Classical or instrumental music, play an instrument, sing or tone or chant. Use your hands to make art or crafts, but engage your senses in the process for fullest satisfaction and exhilaration.
  • Plans Change – Delays will happen. Be ready to pause and resume as situations demands.
  • Stay Flexible – physically limber, emotionally fluid, and ideas adaptive – but not principles!
  • Sensuality and possibly sexuality – Locate pleasure deficits and excesses – balance them. Remember the health and bonding qualities of non-sexual touch: hugs, massage, body closeness.
  • Laughter – Priestly + Sage=Spirit with Humor! It can activate the Higher Moving Center healing process when you recognize absurdity and find levity. It can take one out of the negative pole of Realist which is to objectify a person or circumstances. Becoming numb to it and disconnecting one from Compassion responsibility. Beware of hate pollution. Understanding comes facing your own projections onto someone else, but also remembering your shared human nature: pain.
  • Ranges of Energy: Learn your boundaries and thresholds. – Share your time and energy with others wisely. Invest in those of truly high (emotional) significance ;-or economically interdependent with you. Eliminate as many distractions that you can.
  • Begin focusing on resource trading rather than requiring money for an exchange. Explore different methods to get what you need. Clarify what has value to you and expand your definition of abundance. High havingness is a measure of someone truly appreciating and putting to use what they have. Otherwise, the accumulation of things is a mark of lack and unfulfillment.
  • Make distinctions between the tangible materiality and worth of something and then separate-out its abstract and sentimental aspects. You will realize you have stockpiled too much that does not make you happy. Realism and the Higher Moving Center favor Minimalism. Rid yourself of stagnant energy. Greed and Stubbornness both can impede that process. Find out what hooks you to keep, or acquire, something. What is enough? Exchange, transform, or release the stagnant energy stored in stuff you do not use. Yet get things or habits that provide you vitality.
  • Scarcity and Deprivation- For a majority of person’s resources and opportunities will feel much scarcer and lead people into an eventual panic. By 2018-19, many more countries will have vast refugee problems, including the US in terms of “the homeless”.
  • This Profit-ocratic administration will unleash an economic feeding frenzy that open the way for big banks, large energy and defense industry firms to run-up massive profits, giving Wall Street the boost over the 20,000 DOW mark. As property prices climb, middle-income homeowners person should be careful how they use their real estate as a store of value. Pay it down. Reduce debt. Do not believe that cashing-in your equity to get into stocks, is a good move. On paper the economy will seem robust, but only for the top 20% of wealth holders. For the working class economics conditions will seem more tenuous, erratic, and costly, with feast or famine moments. If you are a lucky gambler give it a try.
  • Those who voted for Mr. Trump will be singing his praises for most of 2017. Yet during his tenure, the Republican legislative actions affecting average Americans – repeal of ACA, increase in withholding taxes, a stop on funding job training, decreased consumer protections, will not hit until 2018, and their reactions will fall into despair and panic. Already, newly deregulated increases in fees and interest rates will make credit more burdensome than ever, but the working class will require it more than ever resulting in greater indebtedness. By the end of his term, look for a not-so-subtle push to reinstate the institution of debtors prison.
  • Income inequality will skyrocket! Only a few new blue collar jobs of decent wages and benefits will materialize for the working class. Eventually, their adulation will be turning to bitterness and a dread of the future.
  • Largess from the ultra-wealthy will be distributed with much fanfare and public homage, as it creeps into control “public works” Most will not realize these gestures were intended by the 1% to destroy many of the gov’t programs that kept society equitable and solvent in the first place.
  • You are in this together. Form both primary partnerships (business, romantic, deeper friendships) and affirm tribal affiliations for committed support of purposeful works and carrying out both mutual and individual Life Tasks. When one dedicates their personal power a greater good by banding together en-masse in a shared effort (like Mature Souls do), it re-establishes progressive social movements hastening Soul Age progression.
  • Love and Sadness mix to author a desire for purpose or collapse into a feeling of helplessness.
  • Epigenetics and Evolution – Realize that what happens to your bodies and your environment is passed onto future generations: in philosophical legacy and biologically in DNA. Train yourselves to be more adaptable. Or, as you allow continual reliance on convenience, passivity will overtake you, and you will fall into greater incompetence not awareness.
  • Stay Alive, Awake, Aware, and hopefully Enthusiastic. If the latter is difficult to feel, find excitement by getting engaged, it may grow from there.

Scope of 2017 Ordinal:

The Ordinal Quality in the Michael Teaching

While all Overleaf qualities affect both individuals and groups, the size and scope of those effects can differ. In spite of 2017’s predominance of Exalted or Cardinal qualities, this year’s elements target individual’s internal opportunities for adaptation and re-calibration. Ordinal influences are experienced by a person and present themselves in idiosyncratic, informal, terse experiences, or in small scale events. By contrast, the effect of an Exalted year’s ramifications weigh more on institutions, mass movements, or prevalent cultural mores. Yet, no one fully escapes the emotional undertones of their social groups or the overarching policies of governing bodies. For instance, if you live in a community where people have enough food, opportunity, and safety; and experience neighborly interdependence with respect for one another, one is enveloped in a social climate where life seems loving, supportive, fair and connected. But when a group has suspicion of each other’s motives or beliefs, or hostility is brought on by competitive struggle for limited resources; an atmosphere of oppressive fear descends, robbing a group of trust, thus destroying cohesion and cooperation. Karl Marx called this effect alienation (a negative pole Inspiration experience). The stresses of living that one is bathed in, or drowns in, lie somewhere between these two extremes. So as you read the descriptions below consider how the effects might be appearing for you specifically or those near to you. Their influence happens from the bottom-up as a shared group-mind impacts institutions, nations and racial identity.

Inspiration in the Michael Teaching

Inspiration Year:

+Intention, Hope, Infusion, Direction, Propulsion – Despondency, Dread, Despair, Density, Crushed, Implosion

Positive Inspiration Axis energy becomes useful when an Intention is set. Failing to contain the emotional thrust that infused-spirit can ignite, will dissipate its potential and likely leave one feeling burnt-out. When that happens hope is sapped from any desire. It leaves one stranded in the negative pole experience of Despair. The secondary quality of Expression implies that you are best served by speaking or exemplifying your intentions. Clarify your values, be open with them will awaken others to their own. In either case, the building of new partnerships and networks will mean sharing your direction attracts those of “like mind.”

The Priest

 + Compassion, Unifying, Guidance, Diplomatic – Righteous, Zeal, Smug, Superior, Intolerant

The Priest Role in the Michael TeachingsThis archetypal bearing on 2017 stands at a threshold overlooking a great divide, yet it carries the determination to bring about reunification. The positive pole of Compassion holds a desire to end suffering by bringing healing and resolution to circumstances viewed as morally reprehensible. Thus, the entire meaning of compassion is under review and how one interprets it might be as varied as tough love (more masculine) vs nurturing and enabling (more feminine). Getting in touch with what intrinsically guides you, or draw your spiritual values from, it is essential to connect with it now. Whatever you understand a conscience to be, it will be knocking at your door, will you heed its message?

The negative pole of Self-Righteousness can fuel a zealotry that allows for the infliction of pain upon those persons deemed obstructions to achieving someone’s divinely inspired “final solution.” (Reference intended.) Intolerance reigns, and forgiveness will be a sentiment practically non-existent regardless of Soul Age. As the world views, seemingly “choose up sides”, each with their own hallowed beliefs, traditions and historic foes, notice where yours and theirs have some common ground. Because the divides between individual persons need not be as extreme as they will be between political ideologies. When people are one-on-one and personal openness is more likely and dialogues can begin. Whether one declares Power from, or Devotion to, a traditional religious doctrine no matter Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu or Buddhist, those tend to be the justifications for extreme behavior.

In this political climate more people, and indeed the incoming American administration itself, are falling back to a familiar fervor of religious righteousness ready to demonize any enemy and designated them evil. Be aware of this tendency in yourself! With a Sage cast, the means by which attacks are levied will fall under specter of “How dare you say that.” Or “Make the bastard shut-up.” The reactive blame/shame activity is characterized by Baby Soul mentality which has not yet faced the fear that “other” is a reflection upon one’s Self. The emergent standard of the Mature Soul era, indeed one asserted by this Teaching, is that your emotional reactions begin with a fear in me! Thus, it is up to each person to choose to deal with their fears first, but then ask the question: “is their fear similar to mine?” And, if so, how? This is making a conscious and deliberate choice rather than an instinctively reactive one. It sets an example what you believe. Some Baby Souls concerned with propriety and kindness, will respond to these overtures, but be sure there is no trickery or you will make matters worse. Then you would be to blame for botching the contact! Blaming is a fallback position, and it perpetuates conflict.

Legitimacy founded in the adherence to a doctrine of faith reflects the operation of the negative pole of Stubbornness i.e. Obstinance – intransigent and irascible. Amongst groups vying to assert the piety of their “pure truth” and to destroy opposition, will be most evident and severe from those whose belief structures are based in past traditions. That is why the vision and methods of your goals must be proactive and forward seeking, not a return to anything prior.

Another avenue of Priest orientation present this year is a call for a holy crusade or jihad upon anything that is deemed unholy or improper…in their judgment. Sound familiar? Some will recognize that the religion of the Young Soul, Wealth, and its’ God is Money – and the primary virtues are Greed and Acquisition! The fusion of the notion of free enterprise with hegemony of Capitalism, has been as successful as cleaving intolerance into the religion of Jesus. The fervor of the Capitalistic belief-system has engulfed the halls of democracy; and Congress will be used for a staged Inquisition to demonize its’ enemy, the evil Socialism. This philosophical confrontation makes any other interfaith debate inconsequential. Any time someone words are declared as law, right, or absolute realize then you are witnessing the negative Priest habit of casting the fire and brimstone intolerance, because their beliefs are threatened.

Though Western governments and Islam will both continue and escalate their propaganda war and violent dehumanization of each other, they are not the only venues where zealous hand-wringing will avail. Every Baby Soul “moral agenda” item including: repealing gay marriage, criminalizing abortion, forced prayer in schools, and even seeking to declare Christianity the American religion, will be employed to emotionally mollify a voter base with hollow victories. Yet, those reversals will only serve to antagonize those who they punish.

The Goal of Submission

+Devotion, loyalty, allegiance, dedication –Subservience, subordination, servitude, burden, obligation,

The Goal of Submission in the Michael Teachings

In the positive pole, the motivation is to focus on something “greater than oneself.” A drive that is as likely to occur sub-consciously as consciously. Yet, either way there will be a deep disturbance compelling a person to notice their lack of involvement and get behind some effort or dedicate themselves to a cause; either with potentially religious fervor. Some may realize a deeper inspiration to take a stand to assert or protect a principle. But quite often it is simply devoting themselves to the well-being of a specific person. Submission is the Warrior’s Goal and is built upon the same commitment to being in the trenches even when under heavy bombardment. When positively manifest this way, it stands-up for whatever it has deemed worthy. It can be valorous and noble in its courage. Famed anthropologist Margaret Mead exemplified this motive stating devotions power this way. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” That holds true in this year’s goal.

Beware the protestation that “it’s not my job”, as leading one to conclude that attachment to something outside their own interests might chain them in the negative pole of Subservience rather than true service. Some may find the idea of such devotional loyalties as an unpleasant sacrifice; leading them to feel loss or have resentment toward any obligatory duties. Remember that the recent half century has emphasized individualism and personal achievement. They would deem it a self-subjugation, one that would fly directly in the face of their needs. Yet that sentiment reveals the Greed-bred selfishness at the heart of “me generation” ethos in the late Young Soul era. Distrust of unwanted burdens triggers a stubborn rejection of the idea.

The opportunity here is to willingly surrender to a higher power or purpose. Paradoxically, it means being freed from the doubt of uncertainty of what you stand for. Submission means surrendering some of the chaotic freedoms of no constraints with chosen obligations. Structure, rules, customs, habits, laws, or principles effectively constrains total variability providing a freedom from having to decide life issues, because you already have.

Submission’s negative pole offers an opportunity to grasp what freedom is and what it provides. The ultimate expression of freedom, many have never considered is chaos. Totally unconstrained, with no controls, everything is variable, and as such all decisions are entirely left to you. That means total responsibility for establishing structures beneath you. Politically, they term it Libertarian, but in actuality, it is an-archy: absence of government replaced by a total self-governance. Upon brief consideration most would realize that the type of “freedom” would require a level responsibility so all-consuming, that NO human could actually function in a modern world. That kind of Power is a fanciful notion asserted by the Rebel Sub-personality. Thus, despite whatever dogmatic hyperbole about freedom one professes, the realization emerges that effective individual liberty only comes from a degree of mutual participation in creating a shared structure where all can receive some benefit: like laws, infrastructure projects, and a syRebel-Sub-Personality-Purposeful or Purposeless-without-a-causestem of exchange based on common standards. In essence, duty and obligation aren’t such a bad thing and ironically yield you much more prerogative with your time and resources. Going from a ME to a WE orientation is exactly the transition characterized under the process of moving from a Young Soul orientation of life, toward a Mature Soul orientation of life. One may come to be grateful the mutual participation Submission offers.

Still there are those who will choose not to choose an outlet for commitment, or they will simply acquiesce to a course set by a dominant mindset, without any forethought or sense of alignment. This abdication of mutual participation will foster those feelings of alienation mentioned earlier, and cause those persons to fall into depression. That despair will engender bitterness and diminish the Realist to fall into Cynicism.

Attitude of Realist

+Objective, factual, equitable, measured, evenhanded –Speculating, subjective, opinion, reductive, objectifying

In the positive pole of the King Attitude, you are being asked to assess what-is, and not what you believe it might be. It calls for grasping the difference between the substances of material reality compared to how those items or circumstances affect you; personally or projected outward by your speculation about them. Assessing the parameters, constraints or options that are present and actually available, give this Attitude the task to strip away ones personal biases and take stock of what is present. One might need a car, but does one need a new one every year? Or an SUV? Or, a Lexus? What is asked of you, as the central purpose of this Overleaf in 2017, is to take responsibility for your own opinions and world view. More simply, what are the things that you physically and economically need for your bottom-line requirements? What is truly enough to reach ample satisfaction?

But the trap of the negative pole of this Attitude is one can get lost in speculating scenarios of what-if, or imposing one’s interpretation on facts, instead of looking at current conditions or physical parameters as they stand. One’s imagination comes on board and presumes any number of conditions; some of which are only partially present or merely inferred by the observer. But because of your subjective history you feel assured they will influence what you are looking at. Realism is about understanding ramifications and consequences clearly, without embellishment. A psychological concept describing the tendency for our minds to seek evidence for our own opinions is called confirmation biasConfirmation-bias: A negative pole Realist psychological strategy to allay the fear that we might be wrong.

While some are recoiling at the resurgence of Baby and Young Soul mores and fears, they bring with them the stark reality that you cannot tell somebody what is, you must demonstrate it or model it for them. “Put-up or shut-up” is an aphorism that applies here. One recent historical example to note was a crucial mistake the Clinton campaign underestimating fear and anger of the “red states”, and ignoring them. Trump showed up! The American heartland’s predominant Baby Souls ethos is rooted in the reassurance of concrete action, not idealistic promises. Citizens there needed to feel heard, not the patronizingly smug words of ‘we know what’s best for you.’ The embrace of Mr. Trump was spawned by a much a needed acknowledgement and outlet to vent their backlogged emotions, he gave them hope! Even their skepticism about his antics as a “loose cannon” took a backseat to the enormity of their frustration. His mockeries were there mockeries, as they had come to believe that financial, technological, urban Americans had abandoned them. That is the truth of their reality that many of you missed! However, as you can see from the fanfare of his election and now inaugural victory, they designated you as the bad guys and he their Hero. Remember, a motto of the Realist offers as a meta-perspective that is profoundly simple in its admonitions “it is what it is.” Now, it is time to reassess, hopefully with more grounded clarity and less bias of your political ideologies, then form your new strategies from there.

A Realist Comment for Old Souls: We have often reminded you to have Compassion for earlier Soul Age mentalities and not be too smug about some perceived advance Soul Age wisdom. Because, during the Baby and Young stages of human history it was you who were the souls present shaping those events and mores. But there are several essential realities that are different for their stage and yours. First, there were far fewer bodies sharing the planet and there was a seemingly endless array of resources to exploit for your lessons. Technology was much simpler and the types of learning “mistakes” could be digested at a pace where the race could assimilate those lessons more thoroughly with less degradation of the playground i.e. the planet Earth. Baby and Young Souls today face shortages of and overcrowding. They also face issues of complex technological societies to cope with that all of you only ran into from you late Mature stage. They do have it more difficult in some ways, predominantly dealing with complicated social circumstances that make your interaction much more difficult than what you encountered at those same stages. In effect, this calls upon you to realize something that may be uncomfortable. You will have to resort to using their tactics to get through to them. That will mean doing things that you hoped to have evolved beyond. Remember what Morpheus told Neo about the people in the Matrix, “The Matrix is a system Neo. That system is the enemy. When you are inside what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, etc….the very people we are trying to save. But until we do these people are still part of that system, and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand that most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And most of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, they will fight to protect it…If you are not one of us, you are one of them.” Dire as it may sound; evolutionary leaps between Soul Ages have not progressed passed the use of confrontation or the need to defend against it. If fear grips you know that it is natural for your Soul Age. Nonetheless, the assessment stands.

In a year where the resurgence of negative pole Young Soul precepts stands at their apex, confronting the onslaught of this energy as broadcast by them can, and probably will, feel daunting and intimidating to most of you Old Souls. Know, that contrary to several decades of New Age adages of peace and love, we might quip that current conditions suggest you stop singing “Kumbaya”, and learn the words to the song “No More Mr. Nice Guy.” Evolutionaries are seldom seen as nice by those at the top of the Power heap. Yet, they are even more viciously scorned by the apathetic and obedient masses submitting to the status quo. Their favored strategy is “don’t make waves and maybe they won’t bother us.” Everyone else is a trouble maker.

Most people are not only stuck in fear, but they have fear of fear itself. Make peace with the realization that: fear rules the MAYA of the Physical Plane, so stop pretending you don’t have it. Build courage instead! Courage is the conscious decision to act in the presence of fear, defying, or at least testing, its dictates. When you can stop fearing fear, you have a place to begin reclaiming your power. If you continue to hide from that fact one is not exercising courage, but cowardice. Courage derives from the Love of Truth empowered by the force of Energy to act in accordance with it. To face ones default mental hiding place is one source for recapturing your personal Power. However, it is seldom popular, because conformity does makes waves for stable beliefs or outer systems of power that affect you. Too often, Old Souls assert their neutrality when it is actually a fear-based strategy that justifies inaction and non-involvement.

Chief of Greed on the Realist

+Desire, appetite, striving, ambition – Hunger, voraciousness, gluttony, hoarding, avarice

The Chief Feature of Greed in the Michael TeachingGreed especially when augmenting the Attitude of Realist, can be summarized as “I need to get mine while I can”, and Greed feeds upon itself with a “more, more, I need more” orientation. In 2017, Greed will run rampant in both poles. Greed, being the need to fill an emptiness for something a person with this CF deems lacking or in short supply, makes it a potent motivator. If you embrace the popular sentiment in the US right now, and you place no limits on how you are going to achieve what you want, this could be a banner year for you financially. Because the world has embraced the abstraction of money, as the fluid substitute for all types of transactions, acquisition of it will be at the top of most people’s agendas. In our final synopsis of 2016, we mentioned that as individuals you must stop worshiping money. It is the epitome of an abstraction running rough shod on material existence. The hopes most people placed in voting in a “radical business man” was to share in the feeding frenzy of  unleashed commerce. What they will discover is that only a few will be gorging on the the resources his presidency was supposed to liberate.

In the negative pole of gluttony, any movement toward economizing and feeling secure in what you have, will likely be difficult. Both the need to “hold onto what I have” and the sentiment of “its time to get more”, are both in play. Those optimistic about these new economic times, may just help the initial phase of the new administration economic numbers by indulging in purchasing new luxury items. This has already happened in the stock market. On the other hand, those feeling deeper insecurity but predatory will act in ways that eliminates any sort of compassionate or ethical behavior; declaring “it’s just business” and “its a dog eat dog world out there.” Meaning that people get ruthless when terrified of loss, and liable to engage in even more invasive, intimidating, or deceptive practices. Distilled from many combined negative poles including Power, Submission, and Higher Moving, yields a complete feeling of powerlessness in the face of an aggressive economic playing field. It is a face, for those who struggle to makes ends meet, likely to get uglier in the years to come. It will not stop until people mobilize. Those in positions of power have declared all their actions as a mandate from the “people”. They will move to accelerate their own acquisition (Greed and Power) while dismantling what remaining securities and protections are left to those not in power. But their success depends greatly on people remaining fragmented and believing that peers of their own economic level are the enemy.The Addict Sub, seeking to fill the hole created by unfulfilled havingness and a thirst for the balanced feeling of strength they receive from wealth or status, might just go on binges of overindulging in whatever whim they deem to numb insatiable feelings of meaninglessness. At that point you are not exercising power, power is exercising you.

Externalized Greed has an aspect that perceives its desires as an exercise of “freedom”. Laizzes-faire Capitalism promotes this perspective in an effort to maintain a deception over those workers and consumers they need to exploit for its unregulated accumulation of wealth. If you here yourself saying “well, I have a right to ___” think again. Be certain whether you are not just asserting your privileged advantage over someone else.  Rights are an aspect of freedom guaranteed to all, not just those with money or wealth.

Mode of Power

+ Authority. Self-Directed, Declaration – Oppression, patronizing, intimidating, apoplexy, condescension

The Mode of Power in the Michael TeachingsPower is the Sages Mode. And, as you might guess it involves talking and making oneself heard! In the positive pole, Authority means write your own script, be the final arbiter of your decisions, and exemplify what you know to be true; live it by example. The most common phrase about this pole of Power is personal responsibility. The more one embraces doing whatever they can, whenever they can, they are owning their power.

This Mode beckons that you come out and stop hiding. Power Mode is supportive of, but perhaps a bit confusing, with the Goal of Submission. One will feel unsettled and angry thinking they are just doing “what is required of them to get by.” Power, in this pole combines the deliberation of Caution while wedding it to the courage to be bold, and defy the expectations of others! This is the Rebel Sub-personality’s call to action. But for it to be in the positive pole, you it will need to find the inner power of your true principles. Otherwise, the Rebel is merely reactive, juvenile, potentially bullying, or just a mouthy jerk. In which case it stands for anything; it just complains and rejects what it perceives as a parental oppression. Some prefer to principles, values instead. Values are significant and emotionally meaningful. Principles capture more the Sage’s Higher Intellectual orientation as an encapsulation of Truth. But when they lack a heart connection, they simply sound pompous or PC. You will know when both coincide, because they will roll off your tongue automatically, with little rehearsal. When that energy aligns with Higher Moving and propels the Inspiration of your intention, your inner Priest (Guardian teamed with the White Knight) will be a force to be reckoned with.

In the negative pole of Oppression, this Mode has the disturbing quality of “do as I say, not as I do.” In this pole, some will experienced it as loss of freedom. There is a distinctly patronizing quality that makes one feel superior and therefor justified in lording their power, privilege or advantage over others. The fear embedded in this pole is one of not being seen, recognized for your brilliance (as you perceive it anyway) and therefore powerlessness. Thus, striving for worldly or social status to assuage that emptiness will emphatically strive for respect and recognition by restricting the same in others. You will know when you find the inner power of your true principles, because it will roll off your tongue automatically with little rehearsal. When that energy aligns with Higher Moving and propels the Inspiration of your intention, your inner Priest (Guardian teamed with the White Knight) will be a force to be reckoned with. Yet, without an audience to laud them, a negative pole power(less) person will need to capture others under his/her sphere of influence. Elevating him/herself as high commissioner of approval, they judge other whether they approve of you, and therefore you are OK. The aware person will realize this to be patronizing rather than respect.

To bring this motivation to heal will require an act of Sage wisdom and self-approval that can allow for someone to be equally valid (potent with their own power) as you are with yours. Otherwise it falls into a competitive struggle. Besides in reality, competencies simply differ amongst persons. Such a realization can lessen the perceived deficit by diminishing the jealousy of Greed. It may then unhinge the feelings of powerlessness spurring your urge to exert superior over another. You are being invited to find the courage based in your own convictions, and stand with others who are in alignment with them.

Centering: Energy Aspect of the Truth, Love, Energy triad

Higher Moving +Harmony, Beauty, Symmetry, Awe, Equilibrium – Lust, Hunger, Eroticism, Perversion, Craving, obsession. In the Emotional Part  Perception, Sensitivity, Connection — Sentimentality, Sympathy, Hysteria, Smothered.

The Higher Moving Center of the Michael Teachings

CenteringEnergy Aspect of the Truth, Love, Energy triad

Higher Moving +Harmony, Beauty, Symmetry, Awe, Equilibrium – Lust, Hunger, Eroticism, Perversion, Craving, obsession. In the Emotional Part  Perception, Sensitivity, Connection — Sentimentality, Sympathy, Hysteria, Smothered.

In the positive pole of Harmony, one is drawn to perceive beauty, symmetry, and life without friction. It is the experience which calibrates your mind, body and emotions causing you to feel spiritually aligned with yourself and thus act with the greatest congruence your intentions and actions. When all aspects of the Self are harmonizing together it eliminates friction, cognitive dissonance and internal stress within your Psyche (though situations can still be tense and pressurized). Under the Priest orientation one can feel inspired, or spirited, to seek connections and share their experience soul-to-soul. Sexual attraction (differing from the negative pole expression of Lust or eroticism, or sensual pleasure seeking) is the most familiar way humans apprehend and absorb these higher connections.

This year’s Higher Moving emphasis is on facing the stresses and tensions which rob a person of their vitality. Or, deny them the experience of feeling comfortable in their own skin. To experience balance in your body, activities like walking, swimming, tai chi, yoga or chi gung, are meditative, and conducive to reestablish a sense of wellness or homeostasis. Do things with others like dancing, hiking, group play (sports or games) but anything that causes you to feel part of a team and camaraderie. The need for sensual touch that has within it tactile component and grounds one with a felt/sense. However, a desire to merge can become sexual in nature. Eroticism can be the limited form of aliveness one misconstrues as connection or union.

Pain itself is not to be avoided but engaged. Clear the confusion many have where physical discomforts are misinterpreted as intuitive messages. They are directions where care is required. But the etheric body is also affected when the energy of excess people or things wear upon you just as much as a shortage of things you have too few of. Submission will invite you to surrender and release everything that keeps you feeling out-of-sync with your own life. This process may require the invocation and temporary discomfort of a new discipline or routine to hone it. But once that rhythm is found, you may find your habits and outlook has improved dramatically. Most will feel compelled to seek it other will simply medicate the urge into numbness.

This Center can also be construed as relating to manifestation at the metaphysical level, then filtered downward into physical circumstances. It is about Energy at the widest money, it is more. You can’t always control how much you earn, but you can have more power to affect how you spend and on what. Though such a statement is not intended to comment about your prosperity or acquisition of money, it is meant to dislodge the belief that your options are limited by the money you have.

Clarification of Terms: The Exalted Higher Moving Center is also termed by this source as the Higher Kinesthetic or Sexual Center, noting that its usage has varied amongst our Channels. Its Ordinal counterpart now predominantly called the Moving Center, has also been termed the Physical or Sexual Center is some writings. This distinction coincides with Higher Moving is also known as Buddhaic energy, and is centered in the 2nd Chakra, which governs the genitalia and therefore sexual energy. Sexual in the expanded spiritual context speaks to the desire to bond. The co-mingling of energy is of a transcendental nature and exceeds the narrow outlet of intercourse or copulation. It is significant to make this distinction since 2017 emphasizes the Energy aspects of communion, birthing as manifestation of Self, and experiencing beauty. Realize therefore, that part of you seeking vibrational attunement could plunge you into both sensual and sexual aspects of your nature. The sated feeling that indulgence into ecstasy or orgasm offer, is the simplest way to access Higher Centered experience, albeit in a fleeting and negative pole way. Because the Higher Moving Center will utilizes the senses and ESP (defined here as extended sensory perception), the mind is often bypassed allowing exploration of the sub-conscious.

Emotional Part – Laughter – Priest – Spirit with Humor – Sage and Higher Moving influence on the process of understanding, healing and facing something.

Factoring in the Sage Cast to the Priest, articulation of your ideas may require bold declaration; and possibly, even evangelizing. Notice the negative pole image of the Priest Card, shows someone standing on a soapbox. A metaphor, in days of old, which symbolized someone preaching at others. Yet, one does not have to be an evangelical bible-thumper or aggressively intolerant, but merely showing up and answering truthfully, with a whisper rather than a shout. In the midst of chaos or crisis that will be apparent as your new Young Soul dominated government in America will unleash, like a jihad on rational thought, you can still find a place of some internal stability. As you find moments of personal centeredness and state of emotional aplomb, use them to build or strengthen opportunities to advance your own agendas.

Chief Feature of Stubbornness affecting Submission

+ Willful, determined, steadfast, tenacious — Obstinate, entrenched, defiant, recalcitrant, avoiding

Cheif Feature of Stubborness in the Michael TeachingsStubbornness is the fear of the unknown. One is challenged by changed, because they are unsure they can cope with it successfully. It can be characterized by the phrase: “I ain’t moving and you can’t make me!” Its purpose is to provide detailed boundaries, usually against something instead of for something. For something would imply the Mode of Perseverance by contrast.

Yet, in the + pole of Willfulness, one uses that fear to bull head long into a task or into a purpose because they see it as “absolutely necessary” or “it was forced upon me”, and “I might as well get it over with.” It is very easy to convince oneself that you are backed into a corner and therefore the only way out is forward. Combine that affecting the Goal of Submission; a see-saw between resistance and defiance can deceive you into believing that actions are driven by purpose. Yet, subconsciously, they are mask ones’ fears of being overwhelmed and uncertain about their competence to cope with those changes. The negative pole likes traditions as they mark something as stable and predictable. The irony of this Chief Feature is it craves the stability of permanence. But as the Scholar’s obstacle there is no escaping that the Universe is a place of impermanence and constant change.

When Stubbornness augments the Goal of Submission it can cause some to interpret the push to get behind something, as putting on the yoke slavery. In short, the polarization present in the world has been a wake-up call and a clarion call to both sides. The effect of these together is what we might term the harnessing of resistance for a useful purpose.

Masculine-Feminine Energy Ratio of 45%-55%

TAO’s initial dichotomy is that of Yang and Yin. In this Teaching we call that duality Masculine and Feminine energies. These forces are often incorrectly labeled as Male-Female energy. Those terms designate the actual dimorphic sexual anatomies of animals on the Physical Plane, of which the human body is also. Everything and everyone contains varying proportions of both aspects. The mention of this ratio present in a given year, and also in a person’s Overleaf Chart) is meant to explain tendencies of structure and operation. These characteristics fall between the dimensions of convergent, focused, binary and linear procedure (masculine), in contrast to divergent, receptive, analog, and oscillating variation of methods (feminine). The former tries to direct make thinks happen, the latter adjust and allows steps to emerge. 

Compared to 2016, which was 87% Masculine, 2017 tips the scales toward 55% of Feminine influences, the fluid and diffuse quality, and will cause your experience of projects to be asymmetrical – in fits and starts. It will have the effect upon completing your plans more dependent on people’s situational moods and aberrant circumstances will be make a schedule hard to manage. Be prepared to work when opportunities present themselves and to divert or rest when the flow is off. Stay Flexible, especially in the face of Stubbornness.

The energy balance of a year will tend to empower, may have influence upon one sex over more than the other. Coming off a high masculine energy year where so-called masculine patriarchy was reinstated and has raised the specter of subordinating women, 2017’s tip toward Feminine Energy has energized the female sex. It has brought to the forefront the global Women’s “Gyno-macracy” Movement protesting not only the inauguration of Donald Trump, but at the misogynist and Fascist world views he espouses. It will be the women of the world, the vehicles through which feminine energy is embodied by their sex, who will have the more prominent voice in challenging the resurgence of Young Soul patriarchal dominance. Men, embracing the feminine qualities of justice and equality, incorporating them into a mature and balanced masculinity will strengthen the Women’s challenge greatly. Hardened masculinity, which is domineering and hierarchical, has felt  one too many blows to its power in recent years, is also employing the Rebel Sub, in an effort to reclaim a privilege they once had and now feel striped of. Thus, another term for powerlessness is emasculation.

Frequency in the Michael TeachingsFrequency: 55

In 2017, a more moderate, and even paced than in 2016, allows for attention to move inward to sense your own spiritual and physical rhythms. Focus your intention to better sync-up with your cycles of rest versus exertion, and when to allow and ride, rather than push and drive. This task is supported by the Higher Moving influence but somewhat constrained by a frenetic urgency emanating from the Priest’s outward influence. The Direction element mentioned above as Inward then Forward, suggests the process favored by this orientation during this time. Since it is Ordinal, it is refining your own pacing before you try and teach others to dance with you.

Body Type Posture

The Saturn Body Type in the Michael TeachingAs children, you were told to “stand up straight, shoulders back, chest forward and chin out,” as the stance that most epitomizes strength and self-respect. That is the posture of Saturn or Apollo: the God of beauty, prowess, and the leader. Think about the phrase “tall, dark and handsome” and how much appeal and deference is paid to someone who looks like this. When a body type energy, which relates to the astrological archetype, is mentioned, the underlying elements of style are projected qualities onto situations, albeit unconsciously. If you want to advance, or embody those feelings of Power and confidence, assume this stance, whether male or female, and stand tall in what you know. Otherwise, it is mere posturing. And, being statuesque, still or stiff is not a substitute for determined action. Watch out for posers! They can fool you if you let yourself get caught up in appearances.


Sub Personalities Within

Aspects of Self & In Public Display and Archetypes of the Collective Psyche

Beginning with a mention of 2016’s most important archetypal sub-personality The Angry Father; he won the election! But there were two: Bernie Sanders who bore an Atticus Finch fierceness in defending principles, while Big Daddy Donald Trump, who expressed hatred for the many, merely attacked viciously. But internally, the frightened Inner Child – expressing tantrum instead of outright fear, was longing for the security of a “strong male figure.” Despite Mrs. Clinton’s high masculine energy, she could not muster it. In 2017, there are other archetypes to note that will appear as portrayals in worldly affairs, but also as nagging inner voices, some of soothing others of conflict that will seek an audience in the courtroom of your Psyche.

  • Guardian Sub – Your inner Priest. The part of Self that wants to keep you protected by appearing morally superior. Watch for the galvanizing influences of this aspect in conversations with others. It is cautious but will tend to resist exploration unless it assesses it to add to your spiritual truth.
  • Accuser– Masculine Side – Challenges any incoming ideas. Can work with the Guardian. It may be verbally aggressive and argumentative. Looks for secure ideas. yet can be and oppressive and judgmental Father figure like the Judge. With the Priest can lash out at yourself and others in condemnation.
  • Materialist Sub – When you evaluate your real needs and actual cost of those thing you already possess or purchase, this is the inner economist making that assessment. Nested in the Realist Attitude, it helps you parse, but it may not have the “ummph” to make you change your habits, rid yourself of excess, or up your havingness to invest in things that nurture Essence expression. Ego and Chief Features try to distort this aspect.
  • The Addict will sometimes team up with other aspects to discover its real needs. But, when it cannot, they will seek out sensual palliatives for what it craves instead.
  • White Knight (Hero) – Within everyone there an aspect which stands for principle, sometimes against the odds. The Knight is the part of our Psyche that senses when an ideal is to be upheld or someone to be challenged.
  • Rebel Sub – Must team up with the White Knight to bolt free of the imprinting of social niceties and false morality both fostered by the Guardian Sub. It will mean “crossing the Rubicon” into territory you are unfamiliar with and there is no turning back. It can be juvenile and shallow in its confrontations. Taunting with snarky comments and acting contrary, rather exerting active resistance – likes its counterpart the Saboture. Many of you will have to go no further than Facebook to view the banal outpourings of this Sub in the comments you read.  Internally, be careful not to heed the “no, I don’t have too” voice, which usually comes out when it is resisting doing what is necessary.

Final Comments on 2017 and the Era of Disillusionment beginning with Trump’s Presidency

There was a battle was waged in 2016. It had a clear victor and loser. Truth lost to lies, as much as trust did to blind faith. The times ahead will stand as a testament to disillusionment: the enshrinement of lies and disabusing people of their illusions about freedom, justice and the American way. Those who had felt defeated still reel at the prospect of what they perceive will be devastating loss of their freedom. Those elated because “our side won” perceived they were finally listened to and would be empowered by the new direction of the leaders they chose.  Yet, their mistaken assessment was equating election victory with them actually gaining something of substance for themselves. They will come to realize that they have enabled the Power Class to heights seldom seen in the world. Those in elected positions of authority or who have monetary means to influence them, have been bestowed carte-blanch permission to run rough shod over the ideas, needs, and property of those who do not have the advantages of worldly power. Donald Trump’s Presidency is just the tip of a iceberg. What belies it is the deliberate expansion of fear as humanities primary operating standard.

Mr. Trump is neither a good or successful businessman. He is an exceptional King-sized con-man. He may operate in the vastly diverse arena called business, but it in no way means he has done so with his own earnings. Dressing himself in the emperor’s new clothes of self-made greatness, it amazingly hides the reality that his fortune has relied entirely his father’s money. All well documented and all available for anyone to read, Where he has had successes, has been at distracting people away from his bankruptcies, frauds, and charitable malfeasance’s. And now, most recently, discovering the list of Wall Street companies and wealthy individuals he owes money to, it adds to the list of his shams which now includes conflict of interest and nepotism – appointing his children to Gov’t posts. But, the growing specter of the cult of money that has descended upon the working class. Many drowning in the genuine fear of personal financial Armageddon morphs their insecurities into an envy for the good life; which King Trump has opulently displayed. But it is not just the King, but his court he convenes and edicts he issues which make his tenure a milestone in history. An entire ethos has descended that will challenge everyone to either acquiesce or stand and fight. There will be no middle-ground.

His Sage ET gifts him with glib retorts and a rubbery face that make his insults appealing to those who classify derision as humor. But his sense of “show-biz” has been played out in the media spotlight for so long that the public bought his shtick. So effective was his ‘brand’ that it catalyzed people’s willingness to overlook all the other attributes which he has demonstrated in his lifestyle, and imagine him the leader of great changes. But his record might call it decimation instead. And indeed he will, but those alterations in the fabric of American democracy and in the economic marketplace will but for a few, be monumental setbacks and reversals of fortune. He will save only great Americans, as he deems them. And they are not the white working or middle classes, but the same 1% that have a tightening noose around the necks of the people who elected him. In other words, the Realist attitude will present people with the bitter pill of consequences for voting hatred and emotional irrationalism into government. When governments are undermined by private interests, then in exasperation of citizens allow corporations to supplant them. The result of that coup by sabotage,  you will have less competition, fewer choices, restricted freedoms, and no input into a system that is designed not to preserve freedom or serve people, but one that is designed to subordinate them and use them. It is still possible for humans to alter human society. But it must be on an active, alternative and but parallel course; because direct confrontation now, may not work.

The gloating Baby Souls, Young Souls, and yes those idealistic Mature and Old Souls approved of a means of change that is equivalent to machetes, attack dogs, and fire bombs. Viewing these circumstances through the metaphysical lens of Soul Age evolution, know that it is now impossible to have peaceful change. With so many hostile and frightened forces in power and resisting it, you may think of this evolutionary step as one you back into. One that will happen only as the crushing weight of economic and environmental contractions force an explosive recoil amongst the Human citizens of the world. Sadly, the non-human members citizens of earth, who will have no vote and little protection, will bare most of the hardships for us with their decimation. Many who thought that election of Mr.Trump would usher the impetus for change, will get their wish. Just not in the ways, or direction, they imagined.

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