Channeling with Stephen


Steps You Take to initiate a Channeling Session with Stephen

  1. My standard first session is for new clients is a required 1-hour in length. (That can be extended if requested and time permits. – Additional payment is required at the end of the session.)
  2. Sessions can be prepaid at
  3. Send photos of yourself and any others you would like channeling about via email. They need not be new, but close-up and eyes revealed in the photo is most useful and preferable. If need be, take a Selfie and send that.
  4. When I receive the above in #2 & #3, we schedule a time for our session by email or by telephone.
  5. At our scheduled time, I have you call me at 209-768-4956. Sometimes, people prefer a Skype session, that can be arranged. My hour begins at our scheduled time and ends at the designated interval. So be prompt!
  6. At your request, I will record the session and send you the MP3 file via email link at *Please be clear you are paying for my time, not a recording. I do not guarantee any aspect of the session content or product. You may, or may not, like what you hear. There are no refunds. Even if everything were somehow wildly incomprehensible (this never happens – but my ethics demand I state it), you have still been given a contrasting point of view to know what is not true for you.
  7. During the session, you are welcome to put forward any question on any topic, not just Overleaves, Soul Age, or other Michael Teachings concepts. Michael and I are not shy or sensitive about human affairs so you can be as open as you feel comfortable, or go as deep as you feel able. It is your hour! I/we respect your right to guide the session as you desire. On occasion, Michael will employ Stephen’s skills as a communication coach and regressionist to facilitate you through questions that might seem difficult to access or feel.
  8. If you are interested in your Overleaves Profile and have had a Michael Channeling before, from another Channel; please list your Overleaves as best you can remember them or attach that chart virtually. We can compare and contrast what you received to make certain you resonate with what you were originally designated.
  9. At the end of the session, (within 48 hours – although usually much sooner), I will send you the recording if you have requested it.

The Channel is the Conduit. Why choose Stephen Cocconi?

Stephen Cocconi - Citizen of EarthI am very aware of the fact that no matter what I say, you must ultimately make a subjective judgment about whether or not you hire me as an adviser. The decision for some will be called guidance. Some others will call it intuition, perhaps a gut feeling. Others will be recommended by a friend. While those unsure about “asking a psychic” will defer all together and seek approval or vindication from someone else. However you get to me, I want you to know that I will give you my honest best. See my Channeling Ethics for further perspective. Michael and I treat all people with courtesy, respect, and compassion, even when the information delivered seems blunt or reactions to them unpleasant.

Why have a Reading with the Michael Entity, now Michael’s Consortium?

  • Clear. concise, answers and occasionally to your questions and concerns.
  • A comprehensive architecture with contemporary terminology for gaining perspective on your life.
  • Grounded, real world, real solutions for achieving your goals and spiritual aspirations.
  • Because The Michael Teaching is a philosophical treatise and terminology system, not a religion!  (There ain’t no priests to report to and nothing to swear allegiance to. You are encouraged to self-validate and  reject whatever seems off or inaccurate for you.)

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Contact Me by Email Or Call Stephen Cocconi 209-768-4956

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