Channeling as an Art


Humanity continues to walk the tenuous path from one Soul Age paradigm into another. As has been the case for the last four decades, the forward progress of the still forming Mature Soul ethos and institutions, have been countermanded and challenged by the stalwart and well heeled tactics of the Young Soul mentality. “It is time for a new generation of leadership, to cope with new problems and new opportunities” (John F. Kennedy).

The process continues in fits and starts with each reactive backlash being more extreme than the previous. It is time to get real and get prepared. One way to phrase this is to “accept what is” in the World, and start laying plans for what your world is going to look like.

No prediction is as valuable as living life first hand. Even if my predictions were the most accurate and insightful you’ve ever seen, (only time will tell), the whole purpose is not for you to know what horse to bet on, but to be able to adjust and ride the waves of fate and fortune. You still must ride!

There are many professional Michael Channels several of whom offer Overleaf predictions like these. Some of us differ in the information we receive. Why is this? Well, here is my belief. We each get a set of themes and circumstances that will affect our (each Channel’s) lives and those of the people who find this material useful. After all, much of what has been written are merely descriptions. Which ever description you resonate with, and then later check the reliability of, are the ones that will be of use to you. Have you ever known any two stock analysts or football commentators to agree?

I admire and respect many of my colleagues both Michael Channels and Psychics alike who have the guts to assert their views and risk taking flack for it. I don’t need to be right. I am not in competition with them or anyone with a strong opinion. What I do need is to be as clear and articulate as I can be in my understanding. I want people to think!! In that, even if editorial errors are present, I strive to say exactly as possible, what I mean to say.

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