Questions to Ask in Channeling


Questions you may wish to ask in a channeling session.

General Notes:

When asking questions about another person, state your relationship to them. Give the channel any background information about the relationship that might be useful. Be specific about what you want to know about them. Asking predictive information is less useful than asking what qualities you have or may develop, to create a desired outcome. It is also useful to ask whether a desired outcome is helpful to you from the perspective of the Essence. If you are using these while you are learning to channel, focus not on your guides, as yet. You and the channeled being need to establish confidence that what is being relayed is being interpreted correctly.  Practice making, keeping, and strengthening the contact, first. Than focus on the content. A guide may or might not be able to tell you an answer. Your life lesson might be improperly interfered with and they would create karma with you. Also, for most of you, one important lesson to learn is for you to trust your own feelings and intuition about a situation, not putting all your faith in a guide alone.


What am I learning in my relationship with ___________?
What lessons, opportunities and challenges does this person offer me?
How can I deepen my relationship to _______________?
What must I change in myself to get more out of my relationships with others?
Do I have agreements to meet my essence twin?
How may I attract my essence twin? Have I already met my essence twin?
How can I get what I want in my relationship with __________?(State what you want)
How can I be more open/loving/intimate with __________?


What can I do to better maintain my body?
What food/drink should I avoid or have more of?
What exercise would be good for my body?
How can I love my body more?
What can I do to lose/gain weight?
Do you see anything about the cause of my present condition: disease or weight?
Do I have any beliefs about aging that I ought to release?
How can I have more energy?
What can I do to feel more health and vitality?
Are there any nutrients, minerals, enzymes, vitamins, or supplements that I am low?


Do I have any beliefs about money that help or hinder my ability to get it?
What is keeping me from being more prosperous?
How can I attract more prosperity to myself?
How can I create greater prosperity at my present job?
Are there any past lives which influence the way I handle money now?


Do I have any issues going on about security and risk taking?
How can I feel more secure? Do I need to take more risks? If so, what kind?
How can I feel more loving? How do I experience getting more love from others?
How can I be more positive? How can I be more assertive?
How can I stay more centered and balanced?
How can I use my emotions more positively? (anger, sadness, & hurt, etc.)
How can I improve my inner dialogue and be more self-supportive?
How can I release fear about __________? Or fear in general?
What things are opening up in my life? How may I accelerate this?
What can I do to enhance my creativity?
What can I do to improve my effectiveness in communicating to others? (Ask for specific methods, attitudes to adopt or change, personal blocks, or about karma’s.)


Why do I feel a desire to move to __________?
Am I in the right house/location?
Is there a place that is more compatible with my energy?
How can I find the right place to live? (Discuss terrain, cities, states, countries, etc.)


When discussing career, what you would like to do, etc., ask what you are learning about work this lifetime? How you may resolve it? How you may bring in more light in this area?
What can I do to increase the profits of my present company?
What am I learning from being self-employed?
How can I improve my relationship to my employees?
Any questions about specific issues with the company?
How can I get the position I have been seeking?
What skills can I develop right now to get the right occupation for the future?
How can I get more out of the job I’m in right now?
What life growth is my present career offering me?
Can I develop a particular skill/hobby as a career?
How can I improve my relationship to my boss/employees/co-workers?


Why did I chose my parents? (Give their names.)
What did I want to learn from them?
Why did I choose the lifestyle they would offer me?
What of their beliefs, their programming, their, race, family, or genetics, did I want?
How can I improve my relationship with my mother or my father?
How can I assist my mother/father in their process right now?
Why have I always had difficulty with my mother/father? What pain is between us?
What communication needs to be completed between us for me to experience peace?
What can I do to evolve the relationship and experience more love?
What positive and negative imprinting from my parents do I still have?


What am I learning from my relationship with my brother/sister named___________.
How can I assist him/her in his/her growth?
What are they teaching me? Or am I teaching them?
What motivation do they have for acting this way? (self-karmas, or karma with you)
What are they learning from acting this way, or creating these particular actions?
Are any of my siblings: entity mates, essence twin, task companion, monad or any other significant relationship to me?


How may I assist my son/daughter __________ in his/her growth?
Why did my children choose me as a parent?
Do you see any child agreements around me?
Are there any children that were my agreements, but were born through someone else?
Will I allow any children to come to me as parent?
How may I attract a child to me? Can I choose the soul that comes to me?
Why is it that I feel so fearful/negative/indifferent about having a child?


Why did my cat/dog/pet choose me?
What good qualities does my pet bring out in me?
Is there anything that my pets’ essence wants to communicate me?
What kind of animal would be a good support for me, if I were to get a pet?
Am I someone who is capable of taking care of an animal?
What are my Power Animal totems that I chose this life time?
What Power Animal or Nature spirit energy might serve me best at this time and how do I utilize them?


How may I better connect with higher guidance?
In general, what is the direction and focus my life was originally designed to take?
Have I been able to follow my life task as set by my essence?
** Give a specific event(s) in your life that you would like to understand more about — what lessons, challenges and spiritual growth opportunities does it/they offer(s) you.


What psychic abilities do I have?
How can I better follow my inner guidance?
How can I develop my psychic/intuitive abilities?
Am I overly effected by the emotions of others?
How can I use my sensitivity to help others?
How often would be good for me to channel to improve my channeling?
How can I work with my doubts about my channeling?
How will being a channel change or affect my life?
How can I get my mind out of the way and become a clearer receiver?
What can I do to develop my channeling after this course?
How can I have a better connection with other guides?
Do I have agreements with other energies, beings, entities, etc., to channel them?

ENERGY AIDS: Gemstones, Herbs, Devas,

What gemstone would be useful to me right now, and why?
Are there any minerals or plants I should have around me for well being?
What kind of environments or activities would be useful for me right now?


(Originally published in The Michael Game — article by Simon Warwick-Smith)

If you have a generic question that would aid people to hone in on pertinent information, please report it.
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