Assessing a Channels “Accuracy”


What are we talking about?

In the many of Michael Teaching books, one interesting source of discussion regards an early statement of Michael saying “we are approximately 80% accurate.” Where a thinking person must go with this assertion is: How does one assess accuracy?

Channeled readings, often lumped together with psychic readings are, for most people, indistinguishable. The only difference for me, is that the Michael “identity” is the shared source of the information that comes through me.  But for all intents and purposes, no one would know it unless I stated it out-loud.

Thoughtful Consumer: Consultations of any sort

Additionally, like so many other forms of knowledge consultation, I use both a system of defined terms and specialized methods to frame an issue and also to point to possible outcomes related to it. In the world today there are many you can consult. Those who use including mathematical methods or historical precedence for the basis of prediction. Some are based in the temporal realm like: stock brokers, actuaries, or bookies. But some like myself use a metaphysical system. I apply and describe my feedback to clients using the Michael Cosmology and Personality Trait System called Overleaves. Whereas an Astrologer might use a Horoscope or a card reader the Tarot, or Palmist the lines on your hand, the Michael System serves as the template against which I frame your situation, questions, or energies. (Fortunately, it is a fairly clear jargon that doesn’t stray far from traditional meanings).

Assessing Channel Credibility and Information Applicability and Validity: i.e. Accuracy

dice-yes-no-maybe-371x254One question that should occupy your thoughts about the validity and credibility of any professional source, but in this case a Michael Channel, is this: “What constitutes accuracy?” There are several components that comprise “accuracy.” And since most of a Michael Reading does not center on Michael reporting on your childhood or predicting your future, the measurement is more subjective than a statistical. Here are several criteria to assist you in deciding what value, if any, you might derive from me or another Channel. Considering these will help you to clarify and sort your assessment to gain the greatest learning. Which might even be, to state in complete honesty:  to conclude that the experience was a complete waste of time and money. That too is useful learning! (Some of these questions are equally valid to apply to any Psychic or Adviser)

Assessment Criteria

  1. Fluency – Do the Overleaves, Soul Age and other Michael Teaching concepts conveyed to you by the channel seem to fit you? Or the person’s you’ve inquired about?
  2. Consistency – In relaying Michael’s viewpoints and terminology to specific questions; do the responses sound congruent to the meanings relayed in other Michael publications or sources? If not, was the opposite true – they seemed unclear or misrepresenting the material?
  3. Life References – During the session, were there references to your past or the past of someone you knew;  verifiable by you or were corroborated by someone who would know?
  4. Predictive References – Were any of the predictions given actually occur in a way that were reported? Or, did the prediction cause you to take a different course of action than the one you inquired about? If so, if a change in outcome occurred, do you attribute it in any way to what was forecast? The former is objective, the latter is subjective. Both, can be accurate to you at the level of spiritual validity or truth.
  5. Clarity and Completeness – Were your questions answered, directly, in terms you understood, that had action steps to address your concerns?
  6. Presence – In your opinion, was the Channel professionally attuned to you? Did he or she display appropriate boundaries and yet conveyed a genuine compassionate manner?  Realize that being safe and treated with respect are two valuable experiences; which you might or might not have had in the presence of that provider.
  7. Agreements – Did you sense that your reason for choosing this person was for the Michael Teaching alone, or are there connections you have with the individual Channel? Remember, karmas and agreements exist for Channel’s and clients alike that are sometimes independent of one’s attraction to Michael or intertwined with it. For example, several of my Channeling clients have become my friends over the years and we have interacted in other ways than this Teaching. And like all personal biases or loyalties, this too might color your perception about accuracy.
  8. Energetics – As a result of your session did it provide you with any significant sense of liberation, empowerment, revelation, revitalization, or healing that translates into an overall increase in well being? Basically, was the event one that led you to greater peace, understanding, or vitality? Experiences like these are very significant and influential in assessing the overall quality and value of your session.

Channels and Psychics are People too!

Michael Channeling with Stephen CocconiA channel can be in-sync and sharp or as “out-to-lunch” to the same degree that anyone might be on a given day. We can have “on days” and “off days”. If you are attentive, you will be able to distinguish incoherent ramble from genuine feedback that might be cryptic or fragmented. When Free Will and Karma are involved, some information might be either inappropriate or simply blocked from us to receive and thereby not be allowed to convey it to you. Because of it, if you wish to make the call that the channel or psychic is wrong, or inaccurate, that is one interpretation and is as valid as any. Evaluating your own body reactions, noticing your level of defensiveness, the tone of voice on the tape in response to a statement made by the Channel are key indicators to the validity of what has been said to you. As you assess the value of a session, these factors will help you know whether you are minimizing what was said to you because it was either inapplicable or insightful about you. Michael always stresses “self-validation.” For me, I have no other agenda than to perform the function and service for which I find most gratifying; and receive part of my monetary sustenance from it. Guru-ship is a drag! Selling cheapens what I do. And proselytizing makes me furious!

My History and Experience as a Student and Channel

Over these years I have spent time refining my skills: like a martial artist, surgeon, or painter. Psychic ability is a trait that we all possess; but the combination of pain, our compelled conformity to collective reality, cause us to quash that resource in ourselves out of fear of reprisal or rejection. Whether you refer to psychic ability as: channeling, intuition, sixth sense, or ESP, the foundation of the process is to listen with emotion to emotion. The E-motion (Energy-in-Motion) is substrate of thought that is inhabited by Spirit. I listen to both to you the client and to Michael who relays a reply.

What I do and how I do it

In this regard, I am very skilled! Over the years, I have been present with over 3,000 clients from across the US and Canada. I have had the honor of receiving their trust. In return, I give them 100% of my attention, compassion, and neutrality. These principles I hold very dear. Whatever Integrity I might have as a human being is founded upon them. Like all of us, I fail occasionally, but my efforts are afterward redoubled.

Final Thoughts from the Skeptical Psychic

For 30 years I have been a student of the Michael Teaching, and 29 of those I have been Channeling. It become clear to me that my main motivation for this study was the expansion of my personal awareness. I call myself the Skeptical Psychic because I am aware that I, like every human being is prone to despair, delusion, hopeful fantasy, avoidance, denial, rigid idealism, and other ways we abdicate our powers of observation and discernment. I work hard to keep on eye on myself and pursue truth, whether I like it or not, agree with it or not, with rigor. So the higher I set the bar, and the more often I hurdle it, the greater confidence I have in my ability to recognize reality for what it is, rather than what I hope or think or believe, it should be. That to me is the greatest achievement of any so-called Enlightenment!

I know that I’ve not reached any sainthood, nor do I claim any kind of superiority over you or anyone else. As a Citizen of Earth, I believe us to be spiritual beings on a human path, just like every one else here on Terra-Firma. I have never claimed to be “divine” just because I channel. As a matter of fact, my definition of enlightenment entails a continual process of hard work and rigorous self-honestly. So contrary to popular notions, enlightenment is not a place to live, nor even a destination, it is a vibration of perfect harmony we aspire to hold for lengthening periods  of time. So if you are looking for Nirvana, here with me, instead of wanting to live life fully and joyfully; then you might want to change the Channel! 🙂

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