Ministerial Services and Marriage Officiant


Stephen Cocconi is a Spiritual Universalist and Humanist Reverend ordained in both the  Universal Life Church and Spiritual Humanist Church in 2003. He was licensed by the state of Hawaii in 2005 and performed several marriages on the Big Island of Hawaii.


Getting married? Have a fun and reverent ceremony officiated by Stephen Cocconi.What kind of ceremony is right for you? Stephen works with you to understand the deeper purpose of vows, (personal promises you actually can keep) and speak them in words that hold both personal meaning, relevance and significance. Together, we create a ceremony that is truly a celebration that you will relish and remember.

Mixing reverence and fun to make the occasion both joyous and sacred is my specialty. Working with other professionals I can insure a smooth and successful performance of the officiating ceremony.

Same Sex Marriage – I believe in the principle that any two people who are deeply in love and wish to commit themselves the the rigors of matrimony, deserve equally the opportunity to do so. Now that it has finally been sanctioned by the U.S. Supreme Court, the Ceremony of Bonding is a powerful public statement of devotion and a covenant of great personal meaning. Until the time when Americans recognize that every human being is equal in the sight of God, whatever IT might ultimately be, I shall pray for those whose rights are being denied.


A sleeping baby is precious!There is no more important a greeting than the one that welcomes us into this world. Baptizing a child into the community of souls is both an honor and a sacred duty, for me, but especially for those of parents.

Whether you hold to a particular religious faith or recognize the profound importance of experiencing a sacred moment with ones’ offspring; the anointing of Baptism is an experience for you and your community to share.

Ceremony of Dissolution

Ending a marriage can be seen as a tragedy or a right of passage. While celebration new-life-old-lifeof an ending of a nuptial might seem a misnomer; a ceremony recognizing the profound importance of releasing the other person and blessing their contribution to your life. Releasing animosity, anger, and pain is a quantum leap toward healing and sends the other person off with goodwill rather than ill will. After all, you chose them. They showed you something about yourself that perhaps you didn’t like.

Land and House Blessings

Where we live is held to be the most important and grounding place we have in our lives. Rootedness to home or a piece of land is as ancient as all of humankind’s senses and needs. Being deliberate with any place that is sacred to you makes Blessing and Gratitude and Invocation of Protection a potent force for securing the grounds of your

Consecrations and Dedications

Christening a ship or an enterprise is recognizing and inviting the spirit of good fortune from the beginning. Whether you have a venture to dedicate or a blessing of an object important to you, it is worth the time to anoint it.

Memorial Rites and FuneralsNeed Memorial Service? Reverend Stephen can help.

Loss of a loved one can be produce emotions deeper and more profound than any we have ever known. The effect of other lives upon us is often incalculable but the imprint unmistakable. Closure, completion, and even rejoicing for the effect a loved one has had in our lives is appropriate and necessary. Whether a person or a beloved pet, a memorial service can serve to bring you peace.

Pastor: The Human Path Congregation Church

My Daily Appreciation and Invocation of Great Spirit

  • May all living things know peace.
  • May all people experience feeling abundant and appreciation for what they have.
  • May your divine masculine feel respect and kinship and turn that into right action and empowered service.
  • May your divine feminine experience your dignity honored and your love received and cherished.
  • May all children know Nature, feel safe in their surroundings and have parents and community that love, want, and nurture them.
  • May the Earth we share be abundant for all living creatures and evolve with glorious diversity.
  • Blessings, Amen

These are the blessings that I beseech Great Spirit for every day of my life.


For Information and Discussion Contact Stephen @ 209-768-4956

Updated: June, 2016

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