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The Discovery of the God Particle

The conversation between God and Man. Or The Universe and our Awareness of it.

The conversation between God and Man. Or The Universe and our Awareness of it.

Welcome to public awareness Mr./Ms. Higgs-Boson Particle. I say public because in the erudite realm of physics the concept has been known for 50 years. A mathematician by the name of Peter Higgs had a vision postulating (prophesying) the existence of this infinitesimally minute particle. And, that it could be the common foundation we’ve been looking for which explains: “life, the universe and everything!”

Only instead of chariots and trumpets formatting his revelation, his was visited in the form of symbols and equations. God, after all, has never stopped communicating with us. As we understood more of the complexities of ITS vast array of languages, then it could get down to the nitty-gritty. No more burning bushes, now it is onto sub-atom particles. Cool, eh? 


It’s a grand day for human knowledge. The basic significance of the particle is, in its most elementary explanation (if that is possible), the substantial omnipresent link between all matter and energy in the Universe. Additionally, it was certainly present at the time of the Big Bang; or in Michael Speak the TAO having an AHA moment. However, it also suggests that this minuscule little nipper may have been around before the Big Bang. Now, what would that mean?

Now onto this set of events, superimpose the Attitude of Spiritualist. 

Interpretations abound! And so do the myths of how Higgs Boson received its nickname the “God particle.” Not to throw water on us the metaphysicians who will embrace this little critter as proof of the existence of an Almighty Presence; but those darn physicists, ever at war with religious oversimplifications, actually named it the “goddamned particle.” First, since it was so hard to locate, and second because for them it was further proof that there was no need for an Intelligent Agent like God to design our whole hullabaloo we call existence. Now that they have found the Higgs Boson, its very presense would further disprove any notion of God. Fiat-a-compli, mission accomplished, science wins! Right? Well, for this article at any rate, let’s take a step back and suggest that what has been presented is a scientific fact(oid). But does it bring us any closer to the truth of our existence? And it raises the specter of a question which has haunted and compelled man for millennia: Is what I comprehend with my mind or senses all that is? Or, is what I bring to it: my interpretation, my attitude toward it, and  the meaning I make about it which gives something significance, and thereby designates it as a truth of my life? All these questions and concerns would fall under the aegis and are motivated by the Spiritualist Attitude.

Telling any of those physicists that they have found their Holy Grail might be taken as a cardinal insult considering it is a religious reference. But the search for truth was the same motivation that took these scientists into Universe’s nooks and crannies as it did Percival searching the countryside for the Sangreal (old French for Holy Grail). The search itself gave each a sense of purpose and of meaning to their lives. Human striving to arrive at some semblance of personal meaning about one’s life is the motivational impetuous embedded in the Spiritualist Attitude.  And the solution to that questioning results in clearer communication with Essence.

The Spiritualist Attitude & 2012 Overleaves

It is a wonderful synchronicity or coincidence (again choose your meaning) that the announcement of the Higgs Boson discovery should resonate and illustrate the elements present when one is looking through the lens called Spiritualist Attitude. Particularly, since this King, Growth, Passion and Spiritualist year is currently emphasizing the focus upon honing our relationship to our truth, rather than blithely accepting or deferring to some doctrine or belief. And since all of this is being rendered in a vat filled with emotional broth, the flavor of this deconstruction will be toward determining meaning which gives us reason to hope, or justifies despair. At the basis of the Spiritualist Attitude is a choice of having an open or closed heart, and a employing your mind to pursues the truth rather than defend that somehow you possesses the truth.

For the next several months, the influence of the Spiritualist Attitude makes its declaration of faith upon its principles or genuflects to a reinforced dogma. Spiritualist musings is by no means limited to filling your minds with questions about spirituality, God or religion, but of the need to attach oneself to the certainty of what is true, for you. The emphasis of the Overleaves at this the period of 2012 raises to the surface of our minds, either through direct contemplation or disturbances to our status quo, a “stress test” regarding the strength and viability of our assumptions about life. The act of testing your beliefs against reality is Verification which is the positive and expansive pole of Spiritualist. Its motivation creates a need to see if what one holds as true, actually holds water. Or said another way, holds your psyche together in a fashion which enables you to cope with and adapt to change. But in the negative pole, the pressures of outside truths seemingly contradicting ones spiritual world view, will force it to defend its own canons with denial, rejection, or attack. The fear of the unknown or disconnection to what one once thought meaningful holds the terror of uncertainly. Doubt then, bringing with it the demand to reject ideas it once relied upon for safety and emotional identification, drives one to cling more fervently to shore up its allegiances and reject more viciously anything which offends it orthodoxy. The negative pole may not appear extreme in practice, but the emotional tempest within the person tossing about their ship of conscious perception, does make the choice to be reductionist, a safe port in the storm.  Such a strategy will justify adherence to maxims creating a decidedly implacable psychological outlook. KISS – Keep IT Simplistic Soul could be both the description of this mechanism and a motto for the negative pole of Spiritualist. Superstition and group think are relied upon rather than facts or personal experience.

In itself, being certain feels very stabilizing, even when it is a belief that is devoid of any factual or experiential evidence or exists only in the realm of speculation or dogma. Anchoring oneself to a belief, and just calling it done, no matter how suspect the premise, acts like a tonic of self-pacification which cause a person to feel more confident, relaxed, and even happy. Check out this NY Times article on that very subject as an illustration of the public responding to this Spiritualist energy in the air.

Reviewing ones beliefs for credulity and substance is a task which is necessary but can seem daunting. Why? Because questioning ones beliefs is like temporarily removing the bricks from the fortress that protect your world view. In which case, the only stable anchor upon which to tether is the Self! And of course, if one is identified with ones Ego projections like: social status, job title, gender, physical appearance, or any attribute which provides something you call “my truth” then such an examination will feel very disturbing and in many cases create a crisis for the person in review.

At this juncture of human affairs, and more poignantly this calendar year, the Spiritualist motif is present not only in the US where elections showcase contrasting ethos’ of Mature Soul and Young Soul paradigms, but in other countries as well. There is a swinging pendulum from progressing-forward to backlash-into well entrenched so-called “traditional values.” The elections in countries like Egypt, Libya, and recently in Russia, all underscore an interesting issue in these respective cultures: that the Spiritualist motivation acts differently upon a person or culture of a specific Soul Age paradigm. The mechanical process within the Spiritualist Attitude may operate consistently over all Soul Ages, but the intellectual and existential content being mulled over varies considerably. With Infant, Baby, and Young Souls, the concerns tend to be more concrete and related to issues of power. And the beliefs they formulate usually enjoy a sanction of power granted to the individual from whatever the dominant authority to be obeyed might be: secular science or religious hierarchy. But with Mature and Old Soul Ages comes an innate depth of awareness from numerous past incarnations; effectively expanding the purview and nuance of the subjects considered. Ironically, with maturity comes learning to live with uncertainty or ambiguity then to find some peace within that paradox.

Beginning with our predominantly Old Soul audience, the Spiritualist Attitude for you will be a deepening exploration of your connection to what you consider sacred: whether that comes under the heading of divine and mystical or is more philosophical and principled. You will feel the need to further clarify, reconcile or realign your place in the world. Invariably, it means that as your own inner Sovereign King, wanting to expand beyond your limitations (Growth), express yourself with vigor and focus (Passion) the culmination of this review will eventually lead to a clearer recognition of your unalienable rights and responsibilities to life and those toward yourself (Spiritualist).

Remember, that no personality is completely aware of all the agenda items Essence has in store for it. However, part of the self-validation process, is to note where your attention, behavior, and opportunities seem to be leading you! Doing so can act as a compass showing you the direction of your growth. And as you walk the path, how you decide to negotiate the twists and turns will, by contrast or hindsight, show you what operating principles your decisions were basing your decisions upon. Sometimes a person backs into a path and confusion arises. Not to worry, as noted before, dramatic events serve as the “test” of both character and values and will draw them both to the surface as events unfold.

Mature Souls are facing a choice in many ways more difficult than most. The emergence of spiritual introspection feels burdensome to those of this developmental stage because they no longer have the childlike or youthful confidence that attend the simpler assumptions in earlier Soul Ages. The “existential angst” as Mature Soul Søren Kierkegaard termed it, arises when one comes to grip with the idea that you are the guiding force of your life. This liberation from the beliefs of perceived limitations or obstacles prevalent to earlier Soul Ages, puts one in the seat of choice and right up against the fear of taking a risk but as if to contradict and confuse, also the fear of standing still as well. This can be as uncomfortable as walking the razors edge with a “damned if I do, damned if I don’t” trepidation. But now is the time for that fumbling to be put aside and a stand be taken. Hell for the Mature Soul would be wrestling with indecision about spiritual volition.

The Occupy Movement was the first rumblings of the Mature Soul Spiritualist Attitude deciding upon a few principles and asserting them in defiance of the status quo. For the Mature Soul, the challenge will be to pick some possible options you wish to learn or assert and aim yourself in that direction. It does not have to be all at once, nor do you need to know specifics. Arrive at what is important for you and for your world, find their overlaps and begin to think, invest your heart, and behave in alignment with those values and the rest will fall in place. Otherwise, the debilitation shadow tendency for depression and vacillation gains a foothold and overwhelms them. In this segment of the population, their stagnation in quandary will further cripple the already slow process of change. But the slowdown will add to the pressure building beneath the collective consciousness. The Universe wants a shift to a Mature Soul paradigm. If necessary it will initiate transformation by use of drama or crisis. Consequences like these result from a person avoiding or denying their deepest spiritual truth.

Young Soul Spiritual Attitudes cluster with emphasis on power. They are dual satellites of “winning the game of life” and contrasting with “not losing the game of life.” Young Soul’s therefore will be locked in a mental tussle deciding which power is the one to align with. Many Chinese, in a country which has emerged as the newest bastion of the Young Soul paradigm, embraces the pursuit of wealth with a vigor to rival any of the American “rugged individualism” credo. The Young Soul’s answer to everything is just “be smarter, work harder”. The review for many of them will be coming to grips with the evidence that under this edict a vast many calamities happened because of the short cuts permitted under such a lax standard. Probably the major premise attached to by the Young Soul is the idea that “I can have it all.” In philosophical absolute this is a truth which comes under the heading “anything in possible.” But the constraints of the physical plane, imbalances of power, self deprecation and abdication of personal aspiration, expose the holes in this assertion rendering this spiritual precept more as a fantasy rather than an emdowment.

Examples of the Baby Soul Spiritualist review will have a distinct “circle the wagons” mentality driving it. In the Middle East, paragons of virtue like Islamic Sharria Law will be blended with democratic process in Egypt and putting to the test whether people can choose submission on a country wide scale or will it be imposed by the Muslim Brotherhood. Note that is Brotherhood!  Masculine dominance at this level may not subside, but an advancement would be a newer view where women’s rights and are equally respect, even if social roles do not change. One of the other major themes is the status of women and their deservedness of respect. Females too will be mulling this over since many traditional women in those cultures have often willingly believed and participated in their second class status.

The major leap of faith facing Baby Soul is whether a familiar set of beliefs, especially those that have produced little real advancement, should continue to be followed. The rut is clung to by those who feel allegiance to agree with their culture, neighbors, peer group or family.  A step forward in being accountable to ones own choices. Deciding on a higher standard of verification in stead of fearful obedience to line up behind the top dog heads your local pack. It would mark a huge advance in actual accountability instead of what is done now: blame. Since Baby Souls represent over 1.4 billion people 20%, just a tiny tilt in behavior or attitude in the majority of this group could result in more accountability from governments, corporations, and religious denominations or traditional values. Yet, what has been prevalent in many countries is the opposition to change, visa vie, affirming tradition, instead of advancing it through collective action. On the contrary a collective passivity still seems to rule the day in many places in the world. However, in the Arab Spring and the Tea Party movement you do so some attempt at belligerence as a Baby Soul expression of defiance.

Final note about Higgs Boson: You know it is really peculiar how artists and mystics often see and postulate the first explanations of natural phenomena. Once again, in the realm of meta-physics someone coined a word that encapsulated much of the same concept as Higgs Boson (sans the science of course). Named “adamantine particles” by the author, she asserted that they are the indivisible and undifferentiated substrait of love that underscores all of creation.  Whether you buy into the notion or not, as beliefs go, the message it conveys implies a Universe that has at its base something far more personal and wonderful to ones own existence. But the power to arrive at, invest in, and decide for yourself the truth or fiction, the meaning or meaninglessness, grant permission or set prohibition in your psyche, they are entirely up to your choosing! Spiritual evolution expands awareness into the mental sphere to assist us in our assessment of what we put our faith into; but a final assessment of the truth comes when we put our soul behind it and our hearts into it.

Hey Spiritualist seekers!

Play the: “What else could it be”? game.

It is even more fun with friends!

An Applied Michael™ technique to assist you in uncovering and reviewing beliefs you hold.

Purpose: This is a tool for verification or dissolution of Spiritual belief(s) you might have, or unconsciously has you. Review thoughts, assumptions, beliefs, and conclusions you might hold about various life situations. As to reveal these to yourself and contrast them, you will notice how your mind subconsciously knows alternative possibilities or explanations to your “truth”.  But once your belief is stated aloud or written down alternate explanations or interpretations for events you had experienced will float to the surface. If no other possible interpretation can emotionally dislodge what you know as “my truth” then you have probably hit pay dirt on the beliefs you are to be working with at this stage in your spiritual growth. Lastly, this exercise can uncover beliefs that exist below your preferred explanation. If you have avoided a truth this is a systematic way to bring it to the surface. The emotional glue which held these beliefs in place will spill out as you applied the solvent called permission.

Group Synergy and Witnessing: This exercise is particularly effective if done with someone you trust. (Usually no more than 3 others for a total of 4 people). Each takes a turn telling the other(s) their lists. All should listen attentively to the speaker and offer no input or feedback unless it is earnestly requested by the one reporting.

How to Play: Write down 5 areas of life you consider relevant or significant: some examples might be:

Step 1: Write down whatever comes to mind don’t filter, just receive.

  1. mated or sexual relationships. (could be a parent or child as well)
  2. career or income.
  3. Your place in community or your immediate society.
  4. your physical health and well being
  5. Time, productivity and relaxation

Step 2: Complete the phrase about each of the 5 “What I ideally hope is true about each is…”

Step 3: Now complete the following phrase about the each of the five “What I actually believe, but would probably not want to admit is…”

Step 4: Complete the last part “I concluded this believe because of X, Y, or Z experiences I had…”

Step 5: If you have done this alone, compare the 3 responses set to each concern. Now ask yourself “Is there any other possible conclusion I could have reached about that circumstance?” Don’t lie to yourself; you’ll know if you are BS’ing. Instead actually write down or report other possible meanings about the situation or the motives of other people and what they might otherwise have been.

Step 6: If you are sharing these with someone else and you get stuck, then it might be useful to ask what the other person(s) have heard and what came to their minds.

Outcomes: Once you have done this exercise you will have at least accomplished two major tasks: 1) you will have named the beliefs you hold about a subject. And you will have identified the events and conclusions they are based on. 2) Sharing these with yourself or someone you trust will give these beliefs a venting and thus allow them to shift. In some cases, speaking a belief directly, bringing it out of the unconscious and then allowing the emotions which attend to it to flow, can completely transform what you believe or give credence to, and have rewarded yourself by learning to intuitively trust what you know to be true.

And a hopeful 3) Self-validation can bolster your confidence and self trust. The Spiritualist energy forces to connect with what drives us at not jus the emotional level, but that of a deep state of awareness inside each of us that can never be fooled. No matter how hard we try to suppress them. And to quote a very Old Soul Spiritualist Attitude-Platitude, “take what you like and leave the rest.”


Carpe Spiritus,


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