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There are several topics which stand as key trends or ongoing processes, which, in current vernacular, are: tipping points of human evolution and “canary in the mine” warnings of planetary health. Remember, evolution does not specify, let alone guarantee, advancement or improvement. The next step in time may be one culturally in reverse. If you’ve ever waltzed, you know that the dance continues even when one is backing up.

The following list we term the 7 Warning Trends and the 7 Adaptive Trends; or the 7 & 7, for short. The first set of 7 explore what Michael signals as contracting the race into a fearful state and ruining the planet’s capacity to support diverse life: especially human life! These occurrences are spurred on and sustained by the World View III, an emotionally adolescent attitude based on the drive” “as long as I get mine.” This motivational stance is known in Michael circles as the Young Soul Paradigm. 

The 7 Warning Trends

1) The accelerated melting of the polar ice. In early 2013, the atmospheric content of carbon dioxide reached 400 parts per million; a volume of greenhouse carbon not seen in over 2 million years. Usually these events happen rather slowly, on the level of geological time, rather than human time. As the planet warms, ice melts. The environment effects on shorelines from rising tides will have an impact huge as economically damaging as it will biologically. Flooded coast lines may not submerge human dwellings and buildings as devastatingly as that of bird, seal, and fishery habitats. But imagine some cities having streets like Venice (e.g. New Orleans) Additionally ocean ingress onto the land will cause massive brackish backwash into fresh (drinking) water supplies, everywhere there is a coastline. In case the implications escape you, many of the great world capitals of commerce, population, and political power are built on or near shorelines (like encroachment into the Great Lakes, Hudson Bay, Mediterranean), that are impacted by oceanic events. (Does anyone remember the Fukushima reactor disaster?) All oceans are interconnected, so the effects will be felt globally. The hyperbolic striving for economic dominance drives the fossil fuel industry to block competition from other energy sources and thus continues dependence and green house gases. Fossil Fuel use is the primary culprit behind the climate change events which led to the global warming melting the caps in the first place. Those who argue against the effect, or whether or not humans “caused” it is irrelevant. All human energy and commerce could be geared toward slowing it and mitigating the effects from it. Little of either is happening and the economic engine of the energy seems to be traveling full speed, business as usually, unconcerned that the direction it is heading is right off the precipice. Forget the fiscal cliff, we jumped and nobody died. The climate cliff, on the other hand, it lands on us and we all…well, you get the picture.

2) The expanding presence of computer driven protocols and robotic thinking. The digital age, heralded so for its advancing human knowledge, has people away from manual and motor development with the reduced need to perform rigorous physical activities. Using your body to replicate tasks shared by humans over centuries is an important function both emotionally and in socialization. Decision making algorithms, shadowing and molding people’s behavior; continually routine and limit the ways people can perform. Uniformity may be efficient to machine thinking, but it is not organic, nor creative. Convenience “saves time” only to put more demands on that time elsewhere. It is addictive but also stifling to creativity and problem solving. The byproduct of automation is the displacement of human labor with computers such as the ATM, automated phone tree “help lines” or web based “knowledge databases” now exist where human operators or customer service representatives would once assist you quickly and help deconstruct a problem. Now it is up to you, and it is your valuable time being used to fix their products or get help for something you paid for. Then there are “virtual stores” vanquishing actual retail outlets where human beings once earned a livelihood and interacted in their communities. Robot manufacturing has taken away many high paying jobs as well. And now even Google has cars that drive themselves. The resulting surplus of labor, widens increasing income inequality, and leads further into human obsolescence. Consumer submission and capitulation to machine processes tend to shield their owners, by furthering the obstructions the average consumer (or citizen) must pass to resolve grievances and thus stifling access to either big businesses or big governments.

3) The troubling evidence of a return to a paradigm that “might makes right”. It can be seen in: terrorism and its counter – the Patriot Act – data collection, surveillance, and the suspension of Habeas Corpus. Then there is the rise of bullying: playground and internet. Economic intimidation in markets: reductions of services and increase of prices with decline in competition. There is growing “acceptable” use of hate speech and inflammatory rhetoric by politician and in the media. In both “war zones” and now on the home front, we see the use of drones to kill anyone with impunity. A reemergence of mercenaries now called “private contractors” or security; what they used to call hired guns. They replace loyal and accountable soldiers or civil police forces. On the law enforcement front, especially in big cities around the globe, there is a troubling world-wide trend toward the militarization of police forces. Wearing black gear and masks and carrying automatic weapons during “crowd control” and using tactics like “stop and frisk” and beating bystanders who capture their activities on video. In the US, another aspect of this reassertion of fear-based aggression accounts for the meteoric increase in gun ownership continues to keep the USA the number 1 position for gun related deaths in the world. And on the world stage, hiding beneath the energy and financial industries, are the death dealers of the very lucrative, and taxpayer supported, arms industry. Yet, perhaps of greatest concern, is the disposal of injustice related to citizen on citizen violence. For example, the Attacker-Victim Monad that was played out in the George Zimmer (Server) – Trayvon Martin (King) episode (only a King could draw this kind of attention and polarized sentiments), depicted this theme, getting world wide attention because of the racial overtones underscoring it. The verdict reinforced the message that, if you are of the privileged group, your claim of being afraid, no matter what the provocation facing you, instantly transforms whatever you do under that veil. It will provide you the immunity of a victim in self defense. Accountability, justice, and sanity are tossed under the juggernaut of rising intolerance, continuing to erode social stability.

4) The increased concentration of economic power within corporate entities. How this is most evident is this absorption process and control of physical resources by the acquisition or claim to real property. Banks, not people, ACTUALLY own most homes and businesses in America vis-a-vie: mortgages. You saw the reality if that in 2008-2010, when the housing bubble burst. The primary forms these take are nested in three major issues: the wide spread involvement of financial venture capitalism, the again increasing student, credit card, and mortgage debt, and the growth of the legal chimera that is the transnational corporation: consuming all, taxed little, and with scant regulatory controls. An insidious Trojan horse trend of modern finance is that it equates real goods and services to money and credit. Both are abstractions made into tokens to fool the user: cash, credit cards, and financial instruments like derivatives and hedge fund. A statement credited to a Native American chief of the 19th century aptly reminds us of this point, “when all the water, food, and land has been used up, then try and eat your money. You will find that you choke on it.” It illustrates the problem of monetization of everything. The confusion between what is tangible and what is intangible, and of course that which has substantive value versus speculative worth, delude most people into thinking their bank statement or stock portfolio means stability. The last 3 major stock market crashes resulted in people losing homes and businesses, and much of their pension values as well.. No matter what liquidity you try and wash it down with, these distinctions are what’s at issue.

5) The pollution of oceans as the primary food source and cooler of the planet. Whether mentioning the “plastic islands” floating in the oceans, pollution caused directly because of toxic blooms of algae, or the increased dye-off of coral reefs (the old growth forests of the sea); or the devouring methods of fish harvest in many of the major fisheries around the world by of factory trolling fleets; all these pale in comparison to the likelihood that as ocean temperature increase much of the solid methane on the ocean floor will rise to the surface and be loosed into the atmosphere. The spike in the greenhouse gases could be devastating. Fresh water supplies alluded to earlier, have been abused by pollution and because of overconsumption for entertainment (e.g. Las Vegas fountains and swimming pools in Dubai), and because of unproductive farm practices emptying rivers and aquifers. Aging or failing or non-existent water treatment of, chemical or human, waste pollution make water reclamation more vital to address. Fresh water mismanagement in industries like: oil used in fracking, mining slag lakes, and in agriculture – where salt laden chemical fertilizers not only poison the soils balance, but also cause it to dry and erode more quickly. These events, which are already happening, are largely kept from public awareness because of the power of vested interests to suppress or punish whistleblowers. (See the new farm law. Alone, any one is a serious environmental and health concern, together…well. On a related subject, one almost laughable if it wasn’t factual (see NYTimes article of July 9, 2009); the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has higher purity standards for tap water than bottled water, which is “regulated” by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). And most people pay anywhere from 20 – 50 times more for bottled water than if they just filled a container from the faucet. Typically they, buy the bottles erroneously believing that they are actually getting purer water in bottles. This propagandized meme is a way that industry has capitalized on the pollution it is chiefly responsible for. When comes to business, no body gives you the business, like business. Profit trumps morality almost every time! Not micro, small, or midsize business, mind you, but market dominators like conglomerates who face little nor significant consequences, other than fines which they quickly pay and then write-off of their balance sheets as “a cost of doing business.” Earth is, in actuality, is the only organization, “too big too fail.” If she does, humans do.

6) The obfuscation of factual information and the misapplication of proven knowledge. Overwhelming quantities of information can deluge a person. It makes one want to simplify, often overly and reductionistically so, or just tune out completely. Everyone forms an opinion and end up sharing incomplete thoughts and then adopt those thin narratives as fact. But what is their agenda when they offer it? How informed or credible someone is, possessing verified facts, is getting more mired by a “talking heads” culture and the “blogosphere”. (even this article could fall under that heading) Whether it is a New Age guru or talk show host like Oprah or Rush Limbaugh, increasingly the most glitzy production values or loudest voices, a person’s attention is captured and deceived into believing whatever is being delivered. Partial or thin narratives get introduced and repeated like mantra, and then the meme created becomes coffee klatch talking points. It is the “everybody knows” syndrome – a term I adopted from my colleague Morningstar. The increased cost of higher education, the growing trend try and “dumb down” curriculum, with the replacement of news with infotainment, decrease the individuals ability to know facts, learn to think critically, but worst of all mistaking emotionally exaggerated presentation of commercial news as equivalent to the important issues of the day. All of these are perpetuated by monied interests, working to manage the “groupthink”. In the US, the Conservative propagandist media is driving that steamroller. If one merely tallies the names of the corporate giants owning media like: TV, radio, and newspaper outlets; then must conclude that the pejorative term “liberal media” is a farce. But that meme is very useful to continue the allegiance of a misinformed public to believe that what they hear is negatively biased against them. And it is, yet in ways that actually delude them away from the culprits. Yet, whenever a power broker appears in the mainstream media, most of what is said is a usually a sufficient smoke screen to keep citizens grumbling, but not acting. The strategy is to rile people into conflicting or offsetting emotional currents which result in: overwhelm, apathy, then a gridlock of behavior. Managing the emotional content of information has become an art form. The purpose, for those in control of that programming, is to preserve the status quo. That is why you see such a huge backlash against any and all “whistleblowers”. They might actually raise attention and raises red flags. Remember, this is not about human intelligence: our species is at the top of the food chain – the capacity is there, just not utilized due to fear of discovering the truth, or comfort with the status quo. Intelligence is of the brain and stupidity of the mind. Noting this state of mind, it is noteworthy that regardless of where the source of “disturbing information” might come, the strategy adopted often is more self defeating than what was revealed: when a messenger brings news you don’t want to hear; blame the messenger. (or persecute them.) Like abusive parents the underlying attitude is “do as I say, not as I do.”

7) There are simply too many human beings! Under the Dominance Model, reproduction is a right; and for religionists, a duty. In the Consciousness Model, it is the first urge that must be reevaluated and curbed. Population pressures lead to an effect known as “crowding-out”; of each other and other species which keep the environment a balanced ecosystem. As farms become mass corporate monocultures, employing machines and transitory, migrant labor, people, once from those rural areas, flock to the cities and then a phenomenon called crowding-in occurs. But the number of Souls present in the world today is not increasing, instead it is shrinking. So how are there more people? In our teaching, we have offered an explanation for this: single Essences occupying several bodies, overlapping in time. We refer to this a parallel selves.” This is not “multiple personalities” in one person, but rather several independent persons who are all energized by the same Soul. It is not that several “Steve’s” walking the planet, but alternative forms which an Essences spawn concurrently. If you are wondering why the answer is like this time of history: great opportunity for growth! They can sponge in much diverse and available learning in this period of concentrated experiential happenings. Thus, they get more evolutionary encounters in a shorter period of time. On the level of spirit, when their can be a reduction of actual bodies would yet the number of Essences active in the human plane won’t change…they will have to be more focused. Conflagrations, and other mass events, are the rich krill of diverse trials and encounters, which and Essence feeds upon as it sends its offshoots into the milieu of adventures, intrigues, episodes, and tests. Each time growing in Soul Age as it harvests knowledge from these experiences of fragment of Essence. Factors which will come into play contracting physical population, will engage soon after humanity enters a period of stagnation about half way through the 21st century. Over the course of this period, you will see a paradoxical event: a return to greater rates of mortality amongst the poor of every nation; and a corresponding offering of more lifesaving and life-extending technologies to promote the longevity of those who will have access. It simply means those who can pay the exorbitant prices demanded by the medical and pharmaceutical industries will have their temporary immortality. Interestingly enough, a new movie Elysium, portrays one variant on such a dystopian future. Remember, as you will be reminded in the next section, the 7 Adaptive Trends, ALL of these events are chosen. It is up to humanity to collectively decide, by individuals one-by-one, to turn away from these 7 Warning Trends which are ultimately destructive. Thus steering your race and as a byproduct the state of Earth itself, toward a more beneficial and sustainable future.

The 7 Adaptive Trends

Though less developed and still to be adopted by larger segments of the population and institutions, these represent compensating forces laying the seeds for future transformation. Happening in parallel with the Warning-destructive trends, The 7 Adaptive-reconstructive trends are beneficial and inclusive behaviors showing how a more balanced an determined approach, working to close the extremes of inequality and bring about sustainability, is a more wise and thus adult approach to dealing with the issues of the day: both human and environmental. Terming this Worldview IV, it is the emergence of a realism consciousness, one offering mechanisms and motivation for personal involvement. But it is a mindset and political will that solves large problems in meaningfully local ways, in concert with national and even international policies and initiatives. In our teaching, a paradigm with a view of collective action noted by “were all in this together,” is that of the Mature Soul Age.

A) The rise of micro collectives focused upon specific interests and causes. Because of modern communication, groups can form quickly, as things go “viral” and involve direct action with problems either locally or globally, but outside the channels of traditional or large scale institutions. Granted, not all of these interests seek to advance the whole: the Tea Party, Al Qaeda, and the NRA are examples of groups driven by fear and hate. However, many of the types of groups we refer to include the formation of cross geographic and cross cultural social networks…students of the Michael Teaching are an example of this type. There is a breakdown of the old standardized precept of “becoming an individual”, having less concern about fashion statements and the need for “new” or to “be healed” from something. Emphasis is on finding ones place and how to experience participation while getting what one needs. This attitude reduces the addiction to consume or to show or prove worth, and therefore diminishes the drive to compete against others so viciously. Self directedness and entitlement now instead move persons toward contributing their talents to philanthropic, volunteer, and entrepreneurial activities, not merely for self reward but also greater social benefit and welfare. Ironically, it is the disposition of unaccounted for labor, as mentioned above, that is creating the pressure for these opportunities and projects to emerge. At the outset of a paradigm shift within systems, novel ideas and forms springing forth to fill niches appearing as conditions change. Not all of those new inventions, trends, fashions, beliefs, or experiments will be useful, complete, or successful in their current structure. But nonetheless, they will introduce new seeds of possibility which can cross germinate and produce viable hybrids for new growth. If you have ever heard of something called Facebook, or the microlending, crowd-sourcing or-funding, the Occupy Movement, flash mobs, or the principle of self-organization; these are emergent forms of niche variants, mutating, adapting and recombining to evolve human attitudes and possibilities.

B) The rising awareness of and concern for food security and movements to preserve and cultivate basic stocks and micro scale supply chains. Been to a local Farmer’s Market? If you are reading this article, chances are you have. Perhaps, you even make it primary source of fruits and vegetables? Frequently displayed at these small local markets are the wares of local artisans, where one can see the micro-industries in action as previously mentioned. Restoring more direct market connections to food, might, not in some cases produce pure economic (cost & price) efficiency, but to be certain, its efficacy enhances your nutrition and sense of connection to neighbors which improves one’s overall sense of stability, control, and well being. The precursor to these efforts include the protection of organic stocks of food plants and animals while educating the public about synthetic ingredients and addictive additives like: various sodium compounds, hydrogenated oils called trans-fats, BGH (bovine growth hormone) and other additive enhanced animal feeds, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, phenols, and chemical color enhancers and preservatives, their side effects. It has been only in the 20th and now 21st century where any notice of lactose or gluten intolerance was recorded. Arising, some speculate, because of industries exorbitant use of cow’s milk and wheat byproducts in so many commercial foods, these allergies to once nutritious substances have become epidemic, and disturbingly – even poisonous to some. A growing number of voices against GMO (genetically mortified organisms) is raising consumer awareness of the issues, and has set the stage for a showdown about industrial farm policy, in the US and abroad. Many farmers in India have returned to more natural practices using animal waste and water management techniques to return soils made sterile by chemical fertilizers to health. This in spite of a massive effort by agri-business Monsanto™, supported by the Indian government’s move in the late 1980’s, to guarantee its monopoly. This citizen revolt offered examples along with large scale institutional efforts like the stringent requirements on GMO imposed by the European Union. It is people power that has demanded, and in several cases won regulatory concessions to create standards for such pro-consumer requirements as: listing ingredients and nutritional information on food labels, standards for foods using the term “organic” in their labeling (though not perfect), and now appears the Congress might actually require labeling for gluten content. While consumers are not spared from exposure to some of the aforementioned products or additives; at least you now can make a reasonably informed choice about whether to consume them or not. Caveat emptor, or let the buyer beware, is only viable or enforceable when the buyer has access to information. After that, it is the buying public’s responsibility to decide what to eat and what not to. Obesity is evidence that many in highly consumer driven (v.s. producer) economies have lost track of their own feeding frenzy. Pressure to “get thin” is progressively being replaced with a more balanced and beneficial messages of “get healthy and get fit.”

C) The steady improvement of solar and alternative energy technologies. Around the world, more countries, under pressures from their citizenry, are slowly move to implement large scale use of solar power arrays. Yet, these moves still face a propaganda and policy counterinsurgency from the Fossil Fuel industry, still heavily promoting the “need to develop all sources” approach. The advances in this technology (though they do use mercury in the process) make it possible for individuals to cogenerate and even earn money with privately owned (or leased) panels placed on homes, garages, or outbuildings. At many schools and public buildings, shaded cover structures support solar arrays which reduce their direct costs, and in some cases allow them to cogenerate back into the power grid. And, in case this benefit has not been made clear to you, it will create less pollution while offering greater energy independence. Additionally, autos with self charging battery technology are dropping in cost and improving in luxury features (e.g. the Tesla.) But the pressure of population on mass transit systems and the great addiction to the single person vehicle, continue to challenge consumer tastes and preferences while offering price affordable mobility without the highly detrimental environmental effect associated with combustion engines of both highway and air travel. By the end of the 21st century, it will be the ideas and technologies of Nicola Tesla, who died financially broke and emotionally broken, which will push the world into new paradigm energy; and he will rightfully be vindicated and replace Edison as the father of the electrical age.

D) Breakthroughs confronting sexual exploitation, gender discrimination and oppression. Remove a reason to hate or oppress in one arena, and the protected outlets for exploitation of others shrink across the board. Gains in legal rights for Gays in the United have been great victories for true equality, but their advances have revealed the extreme emotional and religious persecution still existing in many parts of the world, Russia being the most notable. The great demand for online pornography worldwide, for all its tendency to exploit the female gender, has served to dispel the pretence that only a few “sinners” or “deviants” partake. The abuse of children, particularly sexual, tacitly ignored or in same cases actually condoned by extreme religious authorities is a problem that is like the tip of an ice burg under which lies a sadistic side of human nature. Catholicism, like radical Hinduism which has seemingly turned a blind eye to rape, blaming the victim for her subjugation to gang violence, is losing its status and being forced into public accountability. The need to flesh out (pardon the pun) and demystify sexuality, and to openly acknowledge the deep and not so hidden masculine insecurity to impose dominance, must be addressed openly and humanely. Having compassion and tolerance for what another human being feels is appropriate. Yet, the many kinds of abhorrent behaviors some may choose to act out upon those fears and insecurities are not to be tolerated. Reduce the shame of self loathing that attends sexual trauma and role stereotypes and open the doors of dialogue by addressing issues head on, and there will be a shift for the less violent. Putting a stop to such practices as: female genital mutilation, the abuse of children by adult authority figures, and the use of rape as a technique of war, would go along way to heal both the suppressed and terrorized feminine and the widely erratic and inferiority complex driven expression of macho, seen in men across all societies. The Europeans, despite Catholic standards about sex, in fact tend to be far more open and nonchalant about the human body. That detachment reflects a maturity that a highly sexually suppressed but United States, not only lacks, but blatantly spills its unconscious desires into titillating images in advertising, professional sports, and in standards of beauty and sexual desirability intoned to girls and boys. It is sex education that brings down the tendency for both sexes to “act-out”. Fortunately, there are many movements afoot to acknowledge sexual power but bring it to the surface and confront those tensions directly, rather than channeling that energy into beauty contests or demonstrations of sexual conquest, as is now the norm. A women’s right to choose her reproduction, stands head and shoulders as the most insidious power struggle with the old paradigm of “women as breeder” still facing much of the world today. As women world wide find more power and less need to gain worth or status through the act of motherhood, there will be more opportunity and empowerment for them to make other choices. Female sexuality is not a mark of illicit deviance or sin; it is a gift of selfhood that progressively continues to makes its voice heard.

E) A return to manual skills building by use of experiential immersion exploring the body and awareness of the senses. The body is what makes you human. It is the “seat of the soul” and the soul is meant to be seated in the body. When humans “get in their heads” they disconnect from their physical prowess deemphasizing historic manual kinesthetic dexterity, strength and endurance activities, (digging, kneeling, lifting, throwing, running, – even distance walking), they disconnect from their abilities to sense and perceive. A feeling of deep confidence possesses a component of neuromuscular coordination and control. Having children sit, as adult office dwellers do, is both numbing and dumbing. Reintroduction of tactile activities in the classroom, during course work, (Hemmingway wrote while standing) will engage non-visual learners as much as physical education add much to getting children “back in their bodies.” Montessori and Waldorf type curriculums incorporate the Moving Center, integrating the senses and reversing the trends at many levels of education toward memorization in a fixed postured and erudite learning of abstractions. A secondary part of competence and self esteem only comes when one accomplishes a creation. Building something in shop, cooking something tasty or nutritious, or being able to see a series of natural and real world events and know how to engage with them. Meaning is learned in layers and the metaphors we use to convey ideas often have basic physical tasks or skills that many children have no grounding in. That is beginning to return. Things like shop, home economics, and scouting for boys and girls serve this function. While funding for and time available to kids and parents has declined, these activities and skills are being reintroduced in innovative ways. Related to these issues, are the ongoing battles in many states and countries over curriculum and standardized testing. Combat efforts to (increase) propagandized materials with misrepresentations of fact, is at a watershed moment in American history. (e.g. efforts in Texas to rewrite the history of slavery in their curriculum.) A free people cannot exercise full liberty unless they are exposed to, can comprehend and critically discern know facts, first hand. Thank the introduction of Emotional Intelligence into the picture with offering another dimension in this debate. Whether it is the minimization of slavery or the denial of (publically known) Nazi Concentration Camps during WWII, or more close to home, events in Viet Nam like the Mi Lai Massacre, or the tactic of napalm and Agent Orange scorched earth inflicted on the not only the civilians of the North, but a major environmental decimation as well. History, relayed factually, offers the listener not only events, but evokes emotions which temper and influence how those who receive it then operate on the lessons of the past. As children are exposed and engaged in tactile experiences like how to coordinate their hands, body, and movements, to refine their dexterity and sensory control, the brain is sharpened, cultivated, and seeks useful and accurate connections to the abstract principles or mechanism governing those experiences. Emotionally, tactile events connect the past to the present and bring a more meaningful and complete verisimilitude to the implications of ones future actions. It is how we feel: joyous, compassionate, empowered or horrified, shocked, or frightened by what we see or hear in history, that makes it alive and current. Life is not virtual, as much of the machine based world of those in the computer industry would ensnare you to believe. It is actual reality you create where you are the Avatar of your own choices, not a two-dimensional simulacrum on a screen.

F) The growing trend of people to take more control over their own health. Alternative Healing modalities gain ground in dealing with issues related to energy of the psyche and subtle bodies, both of which are affected by trauma. Additionally, with the growing realization that proper nutrition is the best medicine; these factors work to discredit marketed messages that pharmacology alone can cure or arrest most painful conditions. Flipping the coin for a moment, those who have tended to completely reject traditional Western medicine are coming to realize that all healing modalities have proper uses at appropriate times. True “holism” or access to the whole person, is contained to some degree within all human knowledge, not just some preferred subset of it. The next phase of a healthy nation with a citizenry steeped in well being will not be one of available alternatives in health care, but whether citizens will have access to health care whatsoever.

G) The successes shown in restoration of diverse habitats and even artificial construction project at on scales large and small. It proves that humans can work to clean polluted areas and bring back ecosystem health with concerted efforts. Species management practices like introduction of birds of prey, like owls and peregrine falcons, into cities to reduce pigeon populations shows the capacity for inventive thinking and bio-integration (i.e. live symbiotically with nature rather than parasitically or destructively upon it.) In certain parts of the world, bold efforts at eradicating invasive species from locations where they were accidentally introduced or spuriously set loose, are having positive results on existing species and returning areas back to health. On larger scales, growing public awareness combined with new scientific experimentation prove that with collaborative action, many viable ways to mitigate, and in some cases reverse the effects of human degradation can be implemented. Active resource management however means engaging in a macro-integrative approach (i.e. dealing with the system as a whole.) This is the greatest challenge during the transition from a Young acquisition based of Worldview III into the Mature integration approach of Worldview IV.

A few will take exception to some of my remarks delivering them with some sarcasm or stinging comments. They should not dismiss the substance of the message because of it. Indeed, sometimes invective is necessary to grab attention. These 7 Warning and 7 Adaptive Trends are but a brief distillation of what Michael and I will explore in more depth in the companion book on motivations attending The Michael Motivation Cards™ (Play with them free at Whatever the contribution to collective understanding might be imparted by the cards or its companion book (yet to be published) Michael on Motivation: Applying the Michael Teaching Concepts through the Michael Motivation Cards, or other publications of the Michael Teachings collectively, it is still more important to the goal to refine, clarify, and inspire motivation to produce precise action and germane communication which compel beneficial changes. Since each of us is the center of our own Soloverse; there lies the force to decide how and what to share, offer, produce or inflict upon the multitude of others whose Soloverse’s coexist within the larger Universe. It is a choice that each of us individually makes and is accountable too. In this context, I am reminded of the old adage, “nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

My determination to see this project through, (the publication of Michael On Motivation: despite a person being in “spur of the moment” Passion Mode, is impelled by the thought that my written work just might be my input to share with the group. I offer it as a droplet of my consciousness into yours. Whether it diffuses unnoticed or uneventfully into the vast sea of humanity, or causes some small ripples, let alone my hope of a notable splash; the eventual result invariably will be, our co-creation together.

Showering you with love and hope for your well being.

This is Stephen Cocconi wishing you Good Journey.

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