Jan 012018

Introduction by Stephen Cocconi

I employ an intuitive source using terminology defined in the Michael Teachings. The highlighted words have contextual definitions that broaden their meaning. You might find it interesting to peruse them to grasp their additional aspects and implications. Yearly commentaries and predictions originate from differing points of view. Amongst Michael Channels, we who are proponents of these teachings, there will be unique variations and even contrary indications. Just remember that we Channels are individuals processing our own human journey with all our own predilections, brilliance, filters, and blind sides. I personally believe that whatever I write here for you is invariably applicable to me. If any of this information resonates with you and assists you to successfully navigate 2018, then I am gratified. Please feel free to comment below.

2018 Overleaves

ROLE: Warrior

Casting: Artisan

GOAL: Growth

ATTITUDE: Pragmatist – influenced by Skeptic

CHIEF FEATURE: Greed (much of the year) & Martyrdom (second half of 2018)

MODE: Power

CENTER: Moving/Emotional Part

FREQUENCY: 29 – Time will pass quickly but conflicts/issues feel as if they are dragging on.

Masculine/Feminine Energy Ratio: 79:21 – (The killer instinct comes out)

Axis Orientation: Action

Scope: Ordinal

Direction: External-Down – (operative sub-conscious estimation) “The world is crashing.”

Overarching Theme: Know what to fight. When to engage in Conflict and Conflict Resolution

Review: the end of 2017

We saw Wall Street have a robust year as many regulations were rolled back, enforcement ignored, and green lights given to monopolizing mergers by the score. The Greed year account for much of this phenomenon as well as the haranguing of incessant interplay of the negative Poles of a Priest cast in Sage clothing spreading “fake news” while claiming absolutes of doctrine as truth. It was the triumph of the Will using the repetition of Stubbornness to distract or bludgeon people into psychological Submission. Compassion fatigue overshadowed the presence of compassion itself. People were just too tired and overwhelmed to do much caring for anyone or thing but themselves.

The high Feminine energy (not female energy) proved a motivator in the Higher Moving Center/Power Mode substrate, to compel many women, but also men (the actor Terri Cruz for example) to come forward and out sexual predation particularly in men of positions of power. The #MeToo movement was the outgrowth of these influences. Unfortunately, the all-or-nothing mentality of the negative pole Priest, created a guilt-by-accusation mentality, where the mere assertion of wrong doing was grounds for harsh reputation destruction. The legitimacy of the expose carries with it a questionable Sage oriented tactic, cast a finger of blame, let the mobs of Facebook take over – guilty without benefit of due process. Most of the “outings” are legitimate and long overdue, and ironically the impetus was triggered by the extreme misogynistic antics of the current president. The ways that women primarily have been put into subordinate positions. And like so many things you will encounter in both public and private spheres, the movement was laced with elements of Martyrdom. And high Masculine energy resents being called on its victimizing others. That tends to diminish the power of those movements and open them to the counter attacks that will escalate under the increased bigoted and chauvinistic regime and social elements dominating the US.

The Warrior Year

In Michael Teaching terms, the Warrior Essences’ nature is about action and interaction. It wants to feel competent to handle whatever is thrown at it. They often like challenge either to conquer or to subordinate it. The natural energetic function of the Warrior is to assert and stabilize the dictates of a leader or of principles of conduct they hold as vital. Such standards can be very terse or survival-based, but also framed at sustaining physical security and sensuality. Historically, the rape and pillage behavior of “to the victor go the spoils” model of rewarding soldiers for battlefield success, was a Baby and Young Soul expression of this innate primal drive. Like all the 7 Roles, the Warrior is the “ruler” of 6 subordinate qualities that are part of its nature. (See the Warrior Column on the Overleaf Chart). Even when these subsidiary characteristics are not emphasized in a Profile, they are woven into the fabric of that Role. Thus the Warrior has Submission with a natural desire to be governed by a leading person or force. They can by ruthlessly blunt to the point of Cynicism. Warriors are natural doers and as such Persevere and keep in motion as they move toward achieving some objective. And yet, and irresponsible Warrior can suffer that terrible sense of isolation or having been abandoned by comrades and thus collapse into a feeling of helplessness which attends a belief that that are being offered as fodder, a martyr only worthy as a body, and thus a victim to fate itself. A viewpoint of Martyrdom which can giveaway to a masochism or fatalism and when directed toward others malevolence or indifference.

For a Warrior Personality there is an emphasis on physicality and sensuality of the body, and by extension to feel in control over tangible material objects or territory. Warriors evaluate relationships with others on the basis of allies and opponents: loyalty, strategic benefit, and commonality of purpose, i.e. whose side are you on? These innate filters equips a Warrior Ego defenses (Chief Features) to detect and size-up friend or foe for their value, or the strength of opposition and threat they might pose. Thus, to grasp how your inner Warrior nature operates, notice how much trust or distrust you accord someone (Skeptic) but also if and where you let your defenses down when you do accord trust. If a Warrior cannot relax, they are edgy, irritable, and tensed to strike first no matter how unwarranted it might seem. It will be an important lesson to be clear of heart and head with whom to pick up your sword and be ready, and who you lay it down and welcome. Honoring those loyal and loving to your principles and to a common cause will be crucial in building meaningful new bonds for tasks that lay ahead in the years to come.

As a Sub-personality that everyone possesses, one that is activated by the Instinctive Center’s fight, flight or freeze reactions, the Warrior/Defender is especially active when on high alert, perhaps ready to attack first; even at the slightest provocation. But a paranoid, crazed or terrified Warrior may have been shamed into weakness trained to retreat at the merest hint of conflict. They fear fear itself. The lesson here is knowing when to stand your ground and how to pick your battles.

Despite the rhetoric of the pacifist, fighting does have a place in human existence and can bring issues to a head, and motivate a just and equitable settlement. That is a major choice in dealing with conflict this year – whether to seek resolution or exact revenge. Contention is the method of the Action Axis but the Power (Mode) will be necessary to weigh-in with your claim, your principles, or even when to launch an attack. When one faces opposition, it pushes your convictions and your fears to the surface of your awareness. It will demand your best upon whatever battlefield; whether it is an intellectual argument, and emotional confrontation, a physical skirmish, or an inner struggle with a spiritual principle. Make use of the above parameters by forming questions for discovering the shape of your own Warrior nature. Not only will you find your actual limits (and yes, everyone has limits by design!) but also if they are truthfully part of you or if you have adopted them from someone else (Imprinted). Then, like a Mature veteran Warrior, you can decide how to use them to your advantage. The key element is to notice where you lack a sense of self-preservation, not ego-defense. If that aspect of self-love has not been nurtured, the compensating strategies of Greed and Martydom will be very apparent in yourself and others. Both can be brought under self-discipline, the method of Practical self-respect and esteem, by learning what is enough, when to fight, and a willingness to confront your own hot-buttons, making you a Samurai rather than a Berserker. You can train yourself to become your own best ally instead of your own worst enemy. Getting strong by learning to challenge and trust yourself, will make you calmer in the face of fear, and indeed help your ability to achieve objectives. In a Growth year, it is best to take risk and engage your forces. This requires knowing when to take responsibility for your forays, charge when an opening appears, and conquering obstacles without surrender. Defeats may come, but you do not have to stay down. Get up, change tactics if necessary, but continue your campaign until you have triumphed. There is little use in “offering up to spirit” what is clearly the responsibility of your Personality. Sometimes, that deference to a “higher power” is a tactic for abdicating your personal power i.e. responsibility to act, or even enter into battle. It is a lofty motive drenched in a spiritually sugar-coated layer of cowardice. Remember when Luke Skywalker saw his own reflection in the mask of Darth Vader?

Lessons for the Warrior-Tactician – With the Inventive/Improvisational qualities of the Artisan

Though solid and generally tough, Warriors grounded frequency tends make them more stodgy and uni-dimensional in thought than Artisans. However Artisans can bring the ability to quickly change tactics when required but need the Warrior steadiness to prevent more capricious, quixotic, or showy actions. Use this combination of energies as you choose your pursue your goals. Just remember, that the Pragmatist/Skeptic will want them to be ACTUAL-REAL-EXECUTABLE plans, and not too complicated. Overly complex or hinged strategies or “pie in the sky” romantic notions will lead to your downfall. Why? because of your own lack of clear reasons. Confusion is the negative pole of Growth.

  • Reason is a method, it is not the enemy. Rationalization is the more accurate negative pole of the Intellectual Center, and it can be a problem when trying to justify inner distortions with excuses, instead of confronting them. Using the primary-secondary model of reality assessment, creating a rationale for anything one does or believes is part of human nature. There is the primary event/experience/thought/or emotion, and then there is a rationalized secondary reaction concluded about the first. In some schools of psychology this is known as “secondary process” or “associative states”.) Yet, knowing one is lying to ones-self about a deep need or truth, and express a narrative that falsely justifies it, is to lie about your lying i.e. lying about your primary need and then compounding it by denying the inner conflict.) Lying about what is, and doubling-down with personal actions or institutional policies which exacerbate those denials, is where the world is stuck now. For example, Climate Change is a fact! Calling it false, or saying humans are not involved, or that the consequences are “out of our control” are rationalizations to continue to be helpless victims, willfully ignorant passive perpetrators to perpetuate a comfortable status quo. To do so is to live in a terror of reality itself with all the boogeymen such fear spawns: i.e. conspiracies, aliens, race superiority, hyper violence, oppression, silence in the face of injustice. And these become real as fear is compounded.
  • The Millennials generation are not bums, nor lazy, nor prodigies; they have been shaped by a deliberately diminished educational system, given the misleading idea of immediate gratification which emphasizes consumerism, and falsely told that rights are economic entitlements instead of social sovereignty or philosophical principles. It is the Baby Boomer generation who has cast this social karmic net and will be bound to return to Earth over the next hundred generations to correct the consequences of their greed, self-deception, and exploitation of both the Earth and ‘average working people.’
  • Aliens are not our problem. Alienation from each other is. – The December well publicized citing’s of UFO’s has once again fueled speculation and fear about Earth being ruled by a secret cabal of alien infiltrators. Let us assure you that while aliens’ space faring races do exist and visit this planet for many reasons, they are not the cause of human travails: humans are! Human beings have all the greed and animal cunning to have created every problem they face! You are not victims! They also have the potential love, intelligence, and imagination to rectify, or at least cope, with all of those same issues on their own…without asserting that aliens either doomed or rescued us. The Strong-man, Benevolent force, Outside intervention, Messiah Model is the mistaken existential-assumption that people cling to when they perceive themselves as individually without power. The US, now at the nadir of survival as a nation-state, struggles to emerge from these simplistic and disempowering unspoken social maxims. The reality is that it institutions may not continue to insure the freedom so many claim they desire. Instead, liberty is often subjugated under the purview of economic acquisition: they are often diametrically opposed! A functional democracy means people work together to solve problems and lending their personal power to the discussion and then implementation of those solutions. Forces of manipulation and willing collusion to the ‘strong man hypothesis’ (also called the benevolent dictator or as Plato called it the philosopher-king) citizens look to saviors with virtual superpowers – like wealth, charisma, and aggression, to take over and “fix” problems they themselves don’t, won’t or even perhaps can’t.
  • It is never too late to change. But we have to act to change. And, the changes we make may only have a marginal effect. Timing is everything! In any given situation, the opportune moments for correcting the trends that are continuing to build destructive momentum, may have passed. You will have consequences either way.

21 Considerations for 2018

  1. How do you deal with conflict? Confront, deny, avoid or run? Try thinking “I got this.”
  2. Learn when to choose brute force or finesse when you enter a conflict. Kicking ass may work.
  3. Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. But ask and receive help from your allies. If you don’t have any, what can you change/enact to become a person that people want to be loyal to?
  4. Do you allow yourself enough creature comforts for genuine relief/healing/enjoyment? Or do you just suppress pain (Martyrdom) or indulge your addictions/Greed, as a compensation?
  5. Don’t over think things. But realize that most people do know what is relevant. They just want to deny it or ignore it when it doesn’t agree with their personal agendas.
  6. Find a way to play physically! Make it a fun sport and outdoors if possible. The more exertion on a regular basis you can do, the stronger and more vital you will feel. Also, just happier! J
  7. Carry a light load. Be agile in your ability to change direction or counter a situation. As soldiers are taught: eat when you can, sleep when you can, shit when you can. In other words, take advantage of windows of opportunity when they arise. Don’t pretend they might come back around just because it is inconvenient in the moment. The more excess crap you carry, the more it bogs you down.
  8. Know the difference between defensiveness vs. appropriate self-protection. (Hint: if you “take offense” it is most likely ego-defensiveness. Yet, if someone physically or materially threatens you in ways that affect life or livelihood, safeguards against slander or aggression are warranted.)
  9. Identify is your personal “sword”? Metaphorically, this may be your strength, talent, expertise, personal power, or default ‘go-to’ strategy. If you do not know it, you should ask others what they see in you and whether or not you use it well. Ask only those people whose advice you trust and will tell you the unvarnished truth. Growth requires vulnerability, not macho. Get to know it. Practice using it. Know its limits. Hone it for readiness.
  10. A weak Warrior is often as violent as they might be cowering or deferential. They are easily bribed, minimizing their allegiances while disloyal to allies. Pay attention to your desire to oppress or sabotage others. Be wary when someone is full of bluster or passive-aggressive.
  11. Where do you act as a soldier on the orders of others? Are you accountable or a victim?
  12. Can you differentiate obligation from personal responsibility? Time to learn the criteria.
  13. Locate any emotional resistance manifesting as muscle tension or illness, then resolve it.
  14. Are you getting enough sleep? Do you confuse indulgences as self-care?
  15. Which actions or inactions you do create pain/destruction/harm for other people, your society, your communities, or the planet/Nature itself? This will take courage to face honestly.
  16. Who or what will you rise up to protect and fight for? Under what circumstances will you attack?
  17. Have you learned how to negotiate? Persuasion and dealing is often more successful than attack.
  18. How do you take defeat or victory? Honor, grace, blame, shaming/shame, gloating, hatred?
  19. Know the difference between giving-up (passive) vs surrender (active).
  20. To whom are you loyal? When you break an alliance what criteria do you use? Perhaps fear, but what reasons do you tell yourself? The damaged Inner Child pouts “because I say so”.)
  21. Growth will require that you have the courage to confront your impulses. Especially those where you resist and suppress them. To stay out of the sabotaging effects Chief Features one must honor the underlying genuine needs, yet conquer their narrow habits.
More to Come after the 2018 “Evening with Michael” presentation in Sacramento, January 5th 
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