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Have an Experience of Endarkenment

darth-vader-dark-side-force-shadow-selfHave you ever felt the pull of the Dark Side of the Force? Are you aware of the Shadow Side of yourself? Does it make you anxious to think about turning to face those parts that you deem: weak, frightening, ugly, wounded, immoral, or dangerous? Or maybe, just out-of-your-control?

Enter the Dis-Comfort Zone!

Explore inner realities you’ve hidden, buried, or are trying to be birthed.

And, what if it could be fun?

We begin by using the tool by NT Times Ethics columnist and author Chuck Klosterman called: the Hyper-thetical Cards™. A method to side-step the defenses erected by our minds, and begin the process of dissolving the emotional glues which have closeted aspects of ourselves out-of-awareness and into the twilight shadows we call our Subconscious. These exercises are enticing, scintillating, and challenging; yet provide one a safe bridge into the Dis-Comfort Zone.

Why we fear fear itself?

{MC}It is not the light that one usually seeks, it is our fear of the dark that makes you run toward it.
Whatever you have labeled evil is only because you have not acknowledged or show it enough love.

The fear that most people harbor, and then paradoxically fall prey to, is that if they are aware of something, they will somehow have to act it out, or experience consequences from it. Yet, that belief itself preserves those very emotions boiling below our persona’s and keep them venting outward in our worlds, like steam vents near an active volcano. So we enter the volcano, consciously cool and vent some of the heat in a contained and accountable way, then draw out the precious substances each contain for us.

Bring all of them onto the stage and into the spot light.

Give those shadow parts a place in the spot light. Enter the DIscomfort Zone!Become safe within yourself in the presence of dark or light. Search out the Boogie-man or –woman, hiding in the dark places within you. They hold part of the energy of who you are! Stop denying them, and stop running from them. Embrace their positive intent and their knowledge. Make peace with them and thus tame them. Don’t worry, giving parts of you attention does not mean giving them free reign to run you!

Expand yourself beyond the duality of inner separation and fragmentation. Even learn when and where to utilize their skills or insights for greater effectiveness in your world!

Everyone is welcome!

But rigid, smug or self-righteous people are especially invited! You’ll get to see if what you believe or claim as “principles” are nothing more than intellectual positions, verbal prognostications, or emotional pretenses; that in actuality are social identities you prefer, or defensive postures you assert to stay guarded and feel secure.

Medusa-before and after we remove our projectionsThe only requirement:

Face your shame! When you do, you will find out what is real and what is false. And, what you feared as a threat was only a misunderstood part with a misinterpreted intention. What if Medusa actually looked like this, when we remove our projections?

  • Have an experience of Endarkenment on Non-Judgment Day!
  • Walk down to corridor of your thoughts and feelings
  • …and enter: The Dis-Comfort Zone!

This Seminar will have the effect of causing you to view your Overleaves and Soul Age in a different light! After all, we wouldn’t call it the Dis-comfort Zone if it didn’t. Come one, and bring all…your hidden aspects that is!

Available in 1/2 Day, 1 Day, and Weekend variations.

Stay-tuned for dates and locations in 2017.

For further information: Call Stephen @ 209-768-4956 or Email –

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