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1 Server

1 Server
Card Context… Servers are the common folk. They fill every niche and assist all other roles in their progress. Drop all airs and be of service.

God – The Loving and Healing

Definition of Server in The Michael Teaching


Old Server Mother Teresa as defined in the Michael Teaching Overleaves Personality Trait SystemMature Server Stewart as defined in the Michael TeachingServer Role of the Michael Teaching Overleaves Personality Trait SystemYoung Server Role in the Michael Teaching Overleaves Personality Trait SystemAlfred Hitchcock - Mature Server -  as defined in the Michael Teaching Overleaves Personality Trait SystemServer Fudd _  as defined in the Michael Teaching Overleaves Personality Trait SystemServer facial style

Card messages in the Illuminated position.

+ Service

(Capable, caretaker, caring, competent, devoted, friendly, inspiring, loving, nurturing, sweet,  warm)

  1. Servers need to be needed. For this they must connect with others. This card declares that giving service is a source of prowess. What are you doing to contribute? You can tell because it makes you feel vital.
  2. A person will appear willing to be of service. An advantage of having such help might be in the skill they offer.
  3. You can be of service anytime you put the needs of the person you are with ahead of your own desires. Remember to acknowledge those who have done that for you.
  4. When you draw this archetype card, the general message is one of loving service to others.
 Quotations that illustrate this Overleaf pole:
  • “Teach this triple truth to all: A generous heart, kind speech, and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.” Gautama Siddhartha, the Buddha
  • “You cannot hold a torch to light another’s path without brightening your own.” Ben Sweetland
  • If we do not lay out ourselves in the service of mankind whom should we serve? ~John Adams
  • “There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed.”~Woodrow Wilson

Card messages in the Shadow position.

– Bondage

(Covert, Domineering, Doormat, Enslaved, Frustrated, Martyred, Manipulating, Overworked, Self-Sacrificing, Subservient, Victimized)

  1. When you believe that you have no choice over your actions, then you live as a slave to fear!
  2. When one believes they are manipulated by Fate life loses joy. You are in bondage! In this situation, who is manipulating whom?
  3. “Poor me look at how helpless I am.” The downtrodden believe that the only power they have is to tug at the heart strings of another. Notice if you or some else is manipulating the situation with this act.
  4. The mood carries a feeling of burden and overwhelm. Beware the immobilization of helplessness.
Quotations that illustrate this Overleaf pole:
  • “Servitude degrades men even to making them love it.” Vauvenargeues
  • Pressed into service means pressed out of shape.” ~ Robert Frost
  • “Where there’s service, there is someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice is speaking of slaves and masters, and intends to be the master.” ~ Ayn Rand
  • “Citizenship consists in the service of the country.” Jawaharlal Nehru

Server Role Overleaf Energy in The Michael Teaching

Server occupation  as defined in the Michael Teaching Overleaves Personality Trait SystemService and essence-effacing simplicity is said to have the mark of true inspiration attached to it. The Server is the individual whose native view of the essence has connected to it a need to demonstrate adequacy. The Server will always seek out the road, even reluctantly, that leads to fulfillment of the drive to take care or another thus feeling that they have a place. Though capable of great power behind the scenes, the Stoic repose. Though highly sensitive, the Server would often rather withdraw than confront. This sort of resignation can lead to a passive-aggressive way of dealing concepts rooted in it make it the most useful for future expansion.

Life Metaphor and Implied Motto

Life is for doing good in the world. Hard work. Giving to other people.

Cultural Archetype- Exalted Arcana

Perhaps called the every man, or the backbone of society, or the fabric of the community, this is the character of simply doing what needs to be done. Often with little fanfare and reward, the Server connotes modesty in action. This Archetype draws satisfaction from a job well done. Focusing on the task rather than the reward, this is the energy of “hard work” and the “Protestant Work Ethic.” Achievements are seldom just for personal gain, but somehow must serve a purpose for something greater than themselves. This may occur either with desire or under the whip of actual slavery or perceived bondage. Because this energy is not boisterous nor overly self-aggrandizing, it often lacks status or public exaltation or the wealth that accompanies great achievement. When exalted roles speak about all of the “little people who made it possible” they are addressing the Server whose “behind the scenes” efforts shores up the ability of the more extroverted to perform. Consider this comparison: while laurel wreaths are bestowed upon the Warrior as hero, the common soldier, sadly but often “cannon fodder” is the Server. Positions generally nondescript like the staff, or chorus, or workers, or laborers, or rabble, bear the mark of an Archetype that does not tend to distinguish itself for its own purpose and therefore tends not to be recognized, nor necessarily aspire to, individual self expression. Mom, is the ultimate Server caretaker.

Famous Examples of this Archetype

  1. People: Mother Teresa, Jimmy Stewart, Florence Nightingale, Peter Lorie, Anne Frank, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria, George W. Bush, Phil Donahue, Prince Charles of England, Ram Dass, Pope John XXIII, Monica Lewinsky, Emily Post, Grandma Moses, Mother Mary (of Jesus)
  2. Mythical or Cartoon characters: Cupid, BooBoo the Bear (of Yogi Bear), BabaLou (of Quick drawMcGraw), Sancho Panza (Don Quixote), Tanto (to the Lone Ranger)
  3. Institutions: Hinduism, Red Cross, Salvation Army, CCC (Civilian Conservation Corp) Peace Corp, Hospice
  4. Familiar Occupations: laborers, warehouseman construction workers, food service, prostitutes, nurses, general practitioner doctors,
  5. Animal Totems: Elephant, sheep, cows, sea urchins, krill
  6. Inventions or works of art: Plow, shovel, restaurants, hotels, toilet
  7. Cities and Nationalities China, India, Hawaiian Islanders,

Identity Statements for the Server Role Energy
(Not every aspect may be in play.)

  1. I see myself in a support position.
  2. I try to treat people as an equal.
  3. My efforts are best given in a personal one-on-one way.
  4. My attention tends toward eliminating problems and suffering that I can directly affect.
  5. Service others in a practical way makes me feel useful and competent.
  6. Though working alone is OK, I enjoy being on a team that serves others.
  7. I regard service as a noble endeavor, and at times, even a duty.
  8. I’m feel most inspired when I am needed.
  9. Like it or not, I tend to be forgiving and nurturing.
  10. I relate to the common man, the lowly, the working class, and pity the poor.
  11. When needing to get things done, I might try to exert control by being pushy or manipulative.
  12. If people would just let me take care of them, they’d be fine.
  13. My intentions are always with your best interests at heart.
  14. Since I consider meeting the needs of others my special calling, I get frustrated when I’m not allowed to serve.
  15. I notice that I am under appreciated and can be taken for granted.
  16. People see me as a caretaker, a tool, take me for granted and treat me like a doormat.
  17. My need for and sense of home and to provide a haven that nurtures everyone is of paramount importance. How it looks is of secondary importance.
  18. Careers or vocations that seem to naturally appeal to me are doctor or nurse, diplomat, public or civil servant, social worker, construction laborer, office worker, food server, doting husband or wife, PTA member, or Scout leader.
  19. Making sure that people are fed and warm is a big driver of my ideals.
  20. I assume leadership if is to serve the personal needs of others and ease undo hardship.
  21. Being less boisterous and rarely seeking to draw attention to myself, I prefer to serve the goal rather than simply serve myself for praise or gain.
  22. Friends and family would probably say of me that I am one of the first to chip-in and help; and usually good-natured or self-effacing about it.
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