The Michael Motivation Cards

11 Dominance

11 Dominance
What this card means... Are you ready to climb the ladder of success? Move ahead of others with style and competency. This signifies a time where allies are gained or lost.

“I Am Number 1!”


Anyone can be dominant

Card messages in the Illuminated position.

+ Leadership (hegemony, alpha, bravery, potency, liberty, champion,)

  1. Leadership calls for setting an example of how you want others to act. Directing people means empowering them to complete their tasks. Have you forgotten that the best way to lead is to exhibit courage?”
  2. “It is high time you exhibit leadership. Empower, don’t overshadow or micro-manage. Gandhi said, “be the change you want in the world.” Lead the army of one.”
Quotes signifying the in this pole:
  • “Capitalism needs to function like a game of tug-of-war. Two opposing sides need to continually struggle for dominance, but at no time can either side be permitted to walk away with the rope.”  Pete Holiday 
  • “If you are not the lead dog on the sled team, the scenery never changes.”~ Unknown
  • The real leader has no need to lead– he is content to point the way. ~ Henry Miller
  • A leader is a dealer in hope.” Napoleon Bonaparte

Card messages in the Shadow position.

+ Dictatorship (Intimidating, oppressive, ruthless, domineering, draconian, Machiavellian, )

  1. “Dictators seldom lead, they command! What they get at best is obedience, not loyalty. Fear is their tool because anger is what runs them. What fear is being covered by anger?”
  2. “The nature of subservience demands conformity. Can you see yourself under the thumb of someone or some system that is causing you to follow blindly?
 Quotes signifying the in this pole:
  • “What matters is leadership. Charisma is almost always mis-leadership, partly because it covers up the lack of substance partly because it creates arrogance, and partly because it creates paranoia if you’re not successful. “ Peter Drucker, in Moyers’ A World of Ideas, p.404
  • “Accustomed to trample the rights of others, you have the genius of your own independence, and become subjects of the first cunning tyrant who rises among you.” ~ Abraham Lincoln – Speech at Edwardsville, September 13th, 1858.
  • “Pornography is about dominance. Erotica is about mutuality.” ~ Gloria Steinem

Relevance within the Michael Teaching

Dominance is a Goal of applying oneself to the task of responsibility. In the ministrations of that endeavor, one tends to feel/believe that they, somehow, should rightfully set the tone, choose the direction, or lead the pack. Assertion is a natural byproduct of this goal and is indeed one of the major functions of stepping into this frame of reference. Dominance wants to control its world. And, in doing so, will seek to control and in the extreme command the movements and talents of others. Like its paired complement, Submission; Dominance is about how to accomplish your sense of what is right, and perhaps even righteous. But whereas Submission may be more for group or other, Dominance strategies are a function of an inner need to accomplish a purpose for oneself. The choice of course is more than lead or follow, it is taking ones personal power and applying it from the position that most suits the objectives and ones capabilities. Tyranny, in the negative pole subjects others, and indeed occasionally oneself, to the forced and mismatched fit of capabilities and position. Favoring instead to tighten ones grip on control so much so that the persons beneath must be herded, bullied, and intimidated. Instead of inspiring leadership, as in the positive pole, threat, fear, and systematic intimidation are utilized to enforce obedience. Infamous examples of the 20thCentury were Joseph Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Mao Tze-Tung and Pol Pot.

Cultural Application

Dominance is at the foundation of all concepts of personal liberty and liberalism, of any stripe, including unrestrained capitalistic competition. It is to take action at the direction of  your will and implement your plan. Although the preferred forum of power is a totalitarian or authoritarian form of political control, many Democracies have contained within them the permissiveness which “created equal” means the same as “each unto their capabilities and each unto their need.” This is a tacit recognition that an individual is not identical to another, but rather some may deserve or earns his/her position in the hierarchy of a society. The Greatest - Muhammed Ali - Dominance embodied!The same is true within any group or aggregation of people. There is an innate tendency in nature for animals within the same species to assert dominance in a pecking order. This occurs as naturally as people live and breathe. But when the end points are so extreme or divergent, it lays the groundwork for upheaval and reorganization. In today’s world, you can see that the financially and materially dominant, referred to as “the rich” or “the elite” hold the balance of material resources to themselves. Even programs and processes designed to aid those of lesserstatus, each transaction still seems designed to have built-in payoff for those who at the top of the hierarchy. As the power and resources shift to fewer, then the likelihood for the breakdown of a system occurs. Nature tends to abhor the static. When change is delayed catastrophe moves in to make shifts for us…and humans are often the source of their own catastrophes. As the Mature Soul era emerges, one of the greatest leaps forward which will be undertaken by the collective human psyche, and resisted with terrific obstinacy, will be to begin to make choices that move away from the outlines of  animal instinctual unconscious behaviors and motives into an era where deliberate, conscious and cooperative intent supplants our reactions with right actions. If the Earth is to maintain its capacity to support the human animal, in the long run, provide a playground for Souls to explore life, incarnation, and evolution, then this paradigm shift away from a dominance hierarchy must be successful and a network paradigm of interconnectivity must rise to replace it.

Famous Persons

Mohammed Ali, Ronald Reagan, Katherine Hepburn, Napoleon, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Indira Ghandi, Werner Erhardt,

Dominance may be your Goal if:

  1. You notice that you are often called upon by others or your own inner nagging voice to step forward and take control of the situation.
  2. Winning is most important to my self esteem.
  3. When things get tense I feel my competitive nature kick in.
by Stephen Cocconi © 2011

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