The Michael Motivation Cards

64 Assimilation

64 Assimilation
What this card means... The fourth and last stage combines and digests the previous stages into a comprehensive integration of learning.

“It’s all just grist for the mill!”


All things reconfigure and assimilation as defined in The Michael Teaching

Card messages in the Illuminated position.

+ Inculcation

(Digestion, inclusion, transition, absorption, distillation, osmosis, )

  1. Inculcation is the  harvest of the fruit of wisdom. Replanting those seeds from a previous harvest begins growth anew. The germ of new idea spawns a bud of design, then produces the flower of attraction until it has grown through all stages of experience. Direct this cycle and become a garden in yourself.
  2. Digest what you need and excrete the rest. The Universe is profound simplicity. Is it time to clear your closet or go on a cleanse? Keep only what you immediately use.
  3. Perhaps it is time to chill-out and assimilate what has just happened. Wait a bit and let things settle out.
Quotation Illustrating this concept…
  • Pure truth cannot be assimilated by the crowd; it must be communicated by contagion. ~Henri Frederic Amiel
  • Every acquisition of accommodation becomes material for assimilation, but assimilation always resists new accommodations.  Jean Piaget
  • Great genius takes shape by contact with another great genius, but, less by assimilation than by fiction.  Heinrich Heine
  • Do you know how to digest your food? Do you know how to fill your lungs with air? Do you know how to establish, regulate and direct the metabolism of your body / the assimilation of foodstuff so that it builds muscles, bones and flesh? No, you don’t know how consciously, but there is a wisdom within you that does know. ~Donald Curtis

Card messages in the Shadow position.

– Disintegration

(Indoctrination, destabilization, indistinct, reduction, dilute)

  1. When all is finished and a form no longer needed disintegration crumbles assembled energy back into particles. Has your wisdom been dissipated by hardships? Find the golden lessons in the rubble of past experiences. Apply them now.
  2. Entropy happens to all things inevitably. When you see this card know that things are falling apart, rightfully so. Letting them unravel allows for the flow of natural processes, not failure.
Quotation Illustrating this concept…
  • “Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.” Character of The Borg,  Star Trek
  • A lot of people ask for assimilation. Assimilation means that you forget about your heritage.~ Thu Nguyen
  • We have pacified some thousands of the islanders and buried them; destroyed their fields; burned their villages, and turned their widows and orphans out-of-doors; furnished heartbreak by exile to some dozens of disagreeable patriots; subjugated the remaining 10 millions by Benevolent Assimilation, which is the pious new name of the musket. And so, by these Providences of God — and the phrase is the government’s, not mine — we are a World Power. ~ Mark Twain
  • “Reality is not protected or defended by laws, proclamations, ukases, cannons and armadas. Reality is that which is sprouting all the time out of death and disintegration.”~ Henry Miller

Relevance in the Michael Teaching

Assimilation or Neutral aspect is the 4th Axis and is both the ending of a phase and beginning of a new phase. Unlike the other 3 Axes, the Assimilation Axis is a sole unified, and undifferentiated energy which acts in a way similar to stem Assimilation is like rendering and blending ingredient ideascells. Energetic material, acquired during a lifetime, need to be digested and the separate elements merged into something useful. What is then learned and sorted may then become the catalyst for repair of some part that is damaged; or facilitate the emergence of some new aspect of the Self. This happens through the function of neutralization and the assimilation process concludes with the Personality (within a life) and the Essence (between lives) resolving the amalgamated material though a process called inculcation; i.e. the induction of the elemental qualities. One may think of it as extracting and sorting the nutrients from the food of experience for continued growth and maturity. Then, of course, whatever that is left over is discarded. However, deep within the Personal Unconscious, that which is collected by the Instinctive Center, is filed away as historical data in long term memory, but is no longer of further importance or priority.

The Overleaves under this axis promote digestion of ideas, emotions, and experiences. Any which fall under this Axis also have an innate stillness or absence of motion until something (one of the other 6 columns of Overleaves) acts upon it. When an Essence chooses one of these qualities in a life, it points to a desire for the Personality to act as if it had a clutch (to use an automobile for analogy) and each event one does not automatically engage, but rather chooses to shift into one of the 6 drive gears. Such events are acquire for the Essence a type of learning that is more trial and error, but can seem rather instinctively reactive.

Mosaic - Form from infinite patterns merged uniquely

The Assimilation Axis corresponds to one of the 7 planes of existence (i.e. separation from the TAO);  the one knows as the Akashic Record or Akashic Plane. Like the central characteristic of any Axis, the Role, which in this case is the Scholar; the Akashic Plane acts as a storehouse or historic registry of information for the entire Universe and all its inhabitants. Though there is no “higher” or “exalted” part of the Assimilative Axis, some speculate that in one sense, its “higher octave” is the TAO itself.   This conclusion spawns from the notion that its’ neutrality and its containment of the accumulated data relating to the existence of an Essence (called a Grand Cycle) from the moment of a soul’s creation to the moment of total reunification and reintegration with the TAO, a complete Assimilation.Thus, true inculcation of all Essence lessons, reaching complete neutrality and lack of attachment to anything related to existence, the doorway though which all must pass.

In the end, what returns to the TAO is a unique expression of an assimilated form: complexity from chaos. Overleaves mixed into an infinite set of relationships, assimilate into forms that are best analogous to a mosaic.

Cultural Meaning

Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination - Assimilation as Defined in the MIchael TeachingPerhaps one of the best dramatic character types ever formulated to represent the Assimilative Axis are the Vulcan’s enshrined within the Star Trek universe. A central credo of their philosophy so elegantly captures the Assimilative motif is that of IDICInfinite Diversity in Infinite Combination.

Systems Theory most certainly a postulate of a Scholar, see pronounces the interplay between two forces which exist within the third which is the Universe itself: chaos and complexity. The Earth itself is such a system. It begins with a raw mass of molten chaos in the form of lava, which flows in patterns of seeming random placement but which form the initial matrix from which all geology and life will proceed.  And in the end, perhaps countless eon’s of geologic time, land is reclaimed back to a molten state. And eventually, the process begins again. It is the alpha and omega of creation.

Assimiliation and the Alpha-OmegaScience designates this cycle of creation and cataclysm the inevitable force of Evolution. Christianity proclaims this cycle under the purview of Jesus. As the Son of God, he alone is responsible for creation and then the bringer of Judgement Day at the other end.  A war these two schools of thought, like the rational and the mystical or the mind and the heart, cannot find common ground, their is no assimilation and thus no growth just polarization.

When polarized, their can be no learning just reactivity and resistance, no advancement just stagnation. Yet, assimilation whereby something is included and a third way produced reflects the possibility of advancement. But there is another form of assimilation, one human beings have tended to favor through many cultures and points of history: annihilation – to render completely inert.

We stand at an Assimilative moment in the human epoch. Our choices are to learn and include -extropy, or watch the destruction of things to be – entropy. Either way, as another set of characters from Star Treks universe remind us: “you will be assimilated.”

by Stephen Cocconi © 2012

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